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Wednesday, December 30th 2009, 7:02pm

Foxgame 2.0 Beta

Maybe some of you already know this but Foxgame 2.0 (Foxgame for OGame redesign) is near to be released after more that 2 years of development (I have not worked on it continously but OGame redesign continous changes also didn't helped).

I know AntiGame exists (Tarja you did a great work) and has also a lot of features in common with foxgame, it is up to you to test and use whatever you want.

The current release is beta so please send any bug you see, I hope to release the final version on early January but that will depend on translators work.

Due to this the current relase is only in english, I hope to have a localized version with just the new strings in english soon but not yet.

You can download the most current version always from:


You can see the change log on foxgame board:
and even subscribe to it using your favorite RSS reader:

Please leave any error you find here or at the board

Aditional notes:

+ Foxgame 2 is independent of Foxgame 1.X or Neogame so you can have both of them installed except that probably they will not work happily together, to fix that I have a unofficial Foxgame 1.5.5 you can download from ) it will work with Foxgame 2.0 without problem and has some fixes and a couple of new features (sadly some texts of those new features are only in spanish). I want to do a official Foxgame 1.X release sometime in the future but need some localization and one more fix to do on it.

+ Part of the fancy integration between Foxgame and GalaxyTool has been lost in this version so maybe you have to disable some features to get the correct data in GT.




Monday, June 21st 2010, 2:33pm

Any plans to update this addon ?
It seems to not be working since gameforge redesigned the login page on the redesign.




Tuesday, June 22nd 2010, 4:04am

I'm guessing it's a dead project then.. since there was no reply.
Is the creator of the script looking for help? I checked the forums on the site where this addon is developed and there is no activity. :-S




Sunday, June 27th 2010, 9:53am

Any plans to update this addon ?
It seems to not be working since gameforge redesigned the login page on the redesign.

Not exactly. You are confusing two different problems.

First of all, the add-on doesn't work for the "numeric" universes (uni*) - because it assumes that they are still with the old design. Since they no longer are (except, I have described here how to fix the add-on to work with them - but it should be done only if one is familiar with the internals of the Firefox add-ons.

But your personal problem is probably different. You probably play in a "named" universe (Andromeda, etc.). When GameForge changed the login page, they made a stupid bug there - they are setting the names of all universes to numeric ones. The game server doesn't care, but at the side of the player a bunch of things stop working - this add-on, the GalaxyTool plug-in settings, the universe-specific settings of Antigame and so on. If this is your problem, there are two easy solutions for you, either of which will work:

1) Enter from the portal, instead of from the login page. The portal sets the universe name correctly.

2) Install my script OGame: Fix Login Page's Universe Names - it fixes this problem in the login page.

The Human User Interface



Friday, December 3rd 2010, 3:31am

does this work on universe 40 because although i have installed it i cant seem to get this to work

The Human User Interface



Saturday, December 4th 2010, 9:09am

i take it theres no update?


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Monday, December 6th 2010, 11:11pm

in the future i would advise not to bump old topics such as this if there are any updates generally the creator will announce them
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Sunday, March 13th 2011, 2:11am

Foxgame moved to GitHub

I'm not new here, but somehow had to register myself again with my previous nickname (what? O_o).
Anyway... I'm here to tell you that Frisco won't work on Foxgame anywhen soon, thus he allowed me to move the project to .
If you're interested in this project you just have to know how to use Git (if you don't, then trust me, you'll not be able to help!) and visit

The repository is still empty as I'm awaiting for Frisco to approve my pull request where I moved all Foxgame files.
This will be the new home of Foxgame and Foxgame 2 if you want to help out. Otherwise, it's a dead project.
Just let us know, it would be a great thing to continue this project all together, I know there's great minds outta there, and if you have time and will, it's great to collaborate! :)
Hope this helps,