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Thursday, January 27th 2005, 4:23pm

IRC | OGame IRC | OnlineGamesNet - FAQ

IRC | OGame IRC | OnlineGamesNet - FAQ

Table of content

Q1: What is IRC?
Q2: How can i use IRC?
Q3: Where do i get a client?
Q4: How do i use these clients?
Q5: Which IRC server is the server of ogame?
Q6: How can i connect to OnlineGamesNet in mIRC?
Q7: What is a channel?
Q8: How can I join a channel in mIRC?
Q9: Where are english channels on OnlineGamesNet?
Q10: How do I register a channel?
Q11: I heard of AuthServ. But what is it? How can i use it?
Q12: Can I hide my real hostmask/IP?
Q13: Is there a help available for all commands i can use on OnlineGamesNet / mIRC?
Q14: Cannot join a channel. It says I need to login to an authaccount.
Q15: Is there a way to connect to the IRC network without having to install a program?

Q16: How to install and configurate mIRC

Q17: How to configurate Trillian IRC

Q18: How to install and configurate X-Chat

Q19: How to install ChaZilla (for Firefox, Mozilla and SeaMonkey users)

Q20: How to get and configurate vIRC

Since December 22th 2005 the OGamenet isn't only a IRC network for OGame, it's a network for several online games of the GameForge GmbH.
For the new purpose of the network it got a new name: OnlineGamesNet.
For this we made new Network Rules and Registration Guidelines.
The old server address stays active and we added the new adress

checkout for more informations and news!

update: 15th of March 2006 by rotvicX
last update: 1st of February 2007 by Merlin

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Saturday, April 2nd 2005, 4:41pm

Q1: What is IRC?


Originally from Webopedia
a chat system developed by Jarkko Oikarinen in Finland in the late 1980s.
IRC has become very popular as more people get connected to the Internet
because it enables people connected anywhere on the Internet to join in live discussions.
Unlike older chat systems, IRC is not limited to just two participants.

IRC is a chat protocoll and the abbreviation for Internet Relay Chat.

Q2: How can i use IRC?

To chat via IRC you need a client. This client is able to connect to an IRC Server.

Q3: Where do i get a client?

The most famous client for Windows is mIRC.

Other Windows clients are:

Clients for Linux:

A client for MacOS is e.g. Ircle.

Q4: How do i use these clients?

For all clients except mIRC/Trillian: Please read the manual or search for help on the website.

For mIRC we offer support. The last question of this faq is a short illustrated guidance how to install and configurate mIRC.

Q5: Which IRC server is the server of ogame?

It's OnlineGamesNet.


check out for further details on our servers and which ports you can use.

(-> Q11)

Q6: How can i connect to OnlineGamesNet in mIRC?

Source code


(-> Q15/16)

Q7: What is a channel?

A Channel is like a chatroom on IRC.

Q8: How can i join a channel in mIRC?

Source code

/join #channel_name

(-> Q15/16)

Q9: Where are english channels on OnlineGamesNet?

The official ogame channel for english users:
The official support channel (only game related questions):
The official IRC support channel (please tell the helper that you want english support!): #help

--> Official IRC channels

Q10: How do i register a channel?

The first thing is to read the Channel registration guidelines. If your channel doesn't fit to these rules, the channel won't be registered.

The second thing is to auth yourself. (-> Q11)

And then join #help and ask for the channel of your demand ;).

Source code

/join #help

Q11: I heard of AuthServ. But what is it? How can i use it?

We also translated the Auth Help at

Here is the link:
OnlineGamesNet IRC - How do I register an AuthServ Account at OnlineGamesNet?

or checkout out our web based account registration:
OnlineGamesNet - AuthServ Account Registration

Q12: Can I hide my real hostmask/IP?

Yes, that's supported by OnlineGamesNet. After you authed (you can't use it without being authed) type the following:

Source code

//mode $me +x

To get automatically +x (=hidden ip) after you authed enter:

Source code

/authserv set autohide 1

Q13: Is there a help available for all commands i can use on OnlineGamesNet/ mIRC?

for mIRC type:

Source code

/help /

Then you will see a list of all mIRC commands.

for the OnlineGamesNet services:

mIRC / Channel Services basic commands list

In addition check out the help for some special features only supported by OnlineGamesNet:

Source code

/cs help 

and you can check here for a list and explanation of the commands:
NoradimNetwork Services Help

Q14: Cannot join a channel. It says I need to login to an authaccount.

This means that the channel has mode +r set and thus only allows users that have registered to an authserv account to join. Its for security reasons mainly, in fact to prevent botnets from joining the channel.

You will need to create yourself an authserv account. Check Q11 for how to and follow the instructions in your email. Once everything is set up you can login to it in the future with this command:

Source code

/msg auth accname password

Q15: Is there a way to connect to the IRC network without having to install a program?

Yes there is such a way provided that you have java sun installed. Just try
if this works for you:

See also: Official IRC Applet




Saturday, April 2nd 2005, 5:12pm

Q16: How to install and configurate mIRC

Important Notice: This Help will only be about how to install and configurate mIRC. No other clients.

A short overview on the Ogame IRC-Server (OnlineGamesNet):

Port: 6667

Or when the irc protocoll for your browser is enabled (mIRC must be installed):

Connect to OnlineGamesNet!

Let’s Get Started:

First we have to download mIRC. You can get the newest mIRC version --> here <--.

After mIRC has downloaded succesfully, you should see that:

Just double-click on it to start the installation process.

Click on "Next >".

Now read the terms of the license agreement carefully ;) and accept them by clicking on "I Agree".

Then select the packages you want to install or just leave it as it is and click "Next >".

Click on "Browse" and select the folder to which you want to install mIRC. After that click on "Next >".

Now press on "Install" to install mIRC to your system.

Check the "Run mIRC" box and click on "Finish".


Later you can start mIRC at the installation folder:

Or in the start menu (Start -> Programs -> mIRC -> mIRC).

After mIRC has launched, you will see this:

It tells you that you have 30 days to try out mIRC and then you will have to pay. But when the 30 days are over you can still continue to use mIRC without paying, you just have to wait a bit before the Continue field becomes active.

In the next window you see the dialog with your connection settings. Enter just anything for Full Name, then just some random Email Address, your Nickname and some Alternative in case your Nickname is already chosen.

After that change to "Servers".

First you click on "Add".

Then the following window will appear and you will have to fill it out, like it is shown on the screenshot.

When you are done, press "Add" and you will be back at the Server window.

Change to the Options window. Then you should see this:

Here you have to check the "Connect on Startup" box and remove the check mark at "Popup Connect dialog on startup".

Then press "Perform" and a new window will open:

Select "Add" and search for the OnlineGamesNet, then select it and press "OK".

Now put a check mark at "Enable perform on connect" and change the "All Networks" to "OnlineGamesNet" in the drop down menu.

After that fill out the Perform Commands as you can see it on this screenshot and adapt them for your use by adding the channels you want to join everytime when you start mIRC. For a list of all official channels check here: Official IRC channels

Select "OK" and you should be back at the Options menu. Press "OK" again.

In the next step, click on the symbol that you can see on the screenshot; you have to press it everytime when you want to connect or disconnect to/from IRC.

Now a lot of text should appear in the white window and the "mIRC Channel Folder" window will open.

Remove the check mark at "Pop up folder on connect".

When you see a screen like this, you succesfully configurated mIRC and connected to the OnlineGamesNet. Congratulations!


At the bottom you see the input line where you can type everything you want to say and every command.

Above the input line you can see the channel where you can see the messages of all the people in the channel.

On the right you see a list of all the people who are in the channel.

An '@' in front of their names means that they are channel operator and have the power to kick and ban people.
People with a '+' in front of their names have 'voice' and can talk if the channel is moderated (normal people with no @ or + can't).

In the channel window you also see join, quit and part messages. That means:
join = somebody entered the channel
part = somebody left the channel
quit = somebody left the whole IRC or server

When you are connected i recommend to register yourself and get authed: How to register an AuthServ Account @ OnlineGamesNet


(Global) Please use /AS Set Language C to set the Services language to english after you authed with AuthServ.

This Help was originally written byNeffe (Ex IRC-Admin @ OgameNet) on the german board.

Translated to English by rotvicX [2/4/05]
Updated by Merlin to fit mIRC Version 6.2 [26/10/06]

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Thursday, June 9th 2005, 11:47am

Q17: How to get IRC to work with Trillian

If you decide to use Trillian for IRC you probably have it already installed so we won't cover that part.

First of all you need to make sure that the IRC module for Trillian is installed. In order to check that
go to Trillian->Trillian Prereferences and change to Plugins. Here the IRC plugin should
be activated.

Once this is done go to Identities & Connections still in the Trillian Prereferences and create
a new connection by using the Add a new Connection button with choosing IRC.

Now you have to enter some data which could look like this:

Instead of you could also use and of course you can enter your
individual nickname instead of "Tuatha".

If you want to automatically connect on startup check the box and you are done with setting IRC up.

To establish a connection to the irc network press Connect.

It can take a while until the connection process is done. Meanwhile you can check your Trillian. Usually you
see icons in different colors for the different services. E.g. a yellow round ball for AIM, a blue one for
MSN, etc. The IRC one is white.

If you cannot see these symbols go to the right corner on the bottom of Trillian, right click and choose
attach to IRC or some other service. Now you should be able to click on the white Symbol for IRC:

Choose Join a Channel and there enter:

Press OK and you will join the flysis channel - Congrats!

For some additional information also check:…&threadid=18120
and of course the trillian help.




Thursday, June 9th 2005, 11:52am

(in work)


thanks to:
Dagoth Nereviar

Currently i work on the XChat FAQ (Q18)




Tuesday, October 24th 2006, 9:14pm

X-Chat IRC Client Walkthrough

Q18: How to install and configurate X-Chat

Download X-Chat from

You will be able to use it for 30 days, then you will have to register for
19.99 USD. Alternatively you can download one of the following XChat
versions who might not be as stable but they are free and work:

Let´s get started shall we?

First download and install X-Chat to a directory of your choice, usually
that is "C:\Program Files\XChat". Follow the steps and it should install
easliy enough.

Then, click on the icon on your desktop.

When you start up X-Chat, the server list will come up. Click "Add."
You then will have to name it. Lets just name it OGame for now.

Change the information next "Nick Name, your Second Choice Nick Name
and so forth just in case your desired one is already taken. Choose a user
name and input your name in the "Real Name" box. I suggest you put
only your first name.

Next, click "Edit" and you'll be shown this. You will see the server say
something along the lines of "new server/6667," Click "Edit" and change
the server name to

Click the check box next to "Use Global User Information".

Type in your desired channels to join. I suggest you type in

Leave everything else blank and click "Close." You should be back at the
"Server List".

Click on the network you named OGame, then click connect. It'll
connect for you and join whatever channel you desire.

For an article about XChat on wikipedia, check

Speical thanks to Merlin for helping me.



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Thursday, February 1st 2007, 5:41pm

Q19: How to install ChaZilla (for Firefox, Mozilla and SeaMonkey users)

Copy and past this URL into your Mozilla Browser:

An official Mozilla website will open, search for this link:
Install Now

Wait for the timer to change to Install Now and press it.

Then ChatZilla will be installed. After it is done, just close all your
Firefox windows and open a new one.

You will now be able to start ChatZilla by selecting Extras -> ChatZilla.

Once it is started go to ChatZilla -> Prereferences -> Add
Select the type Network and enter:

Select on the left side and fill in the
identification data.

For Description just put whatever you want, I would put Wizard
for myself, then your prefered nickname and the nickname you
would like to have when you set yourself /away. For username
you can put in your nickname again.

If you want to log what is said in the channels, enable Log this
view and specify the Log File name.

Then click this link to connect to the onlinegamesnet:

Now you will have to auth in order to be able to join the channel. Check Q11/Q14 for more information.

Once you are authed you will receive this message:


from(AuthServ) I recognize you.

Now you can join or the channel of the universe
you play in.

If you want to change your nickname, you can type:

Source code

/nick YourNewNickName

more to come later



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Tuesday, August 28th 2007, 2:14am

Q20: How to get and configurate vIRC

Download vIRC 2.0 from to your
computer and install it to a directory of your choice which would usually
be "C:\Program Files\vIRC".

Now download the newest update to your computer. You will need a program
such as or in order to open
the downloaded archive.

Make sure vIRC is not running and extract all files from the archive you
just downloaded to where you installed vIRC, usually C:\Program Files\vIRC
Just overwrite the existing files.

Now you are ready to start vIRC. USually a shortcut should be on your
Dektop. vIRC has a Setup Wizard that can guide you through the setup.
This tutorial however describes the whole setup so if you wish to follow
the tutorial choose "I've used IRC before. Show me everything!".

You can now fill out the required settings. I'd recommend to delete the
default nicks vircuser and virc2user and to add your own nick.

As ident you can put your nickname as well but any letters will do there.

Real name you can fill in whatever you want, you can be lazy and just put
your nick again.

Default Server should be

Once done it should look somewhat like this:

Press OK to come to the vIRC main window.

Now go ahead and press Start. A Server or also called Status window will open.

Here press this button to connect to the server:

Once connected you can join the channel by typing:


Congrats, you did it, welcome to our IRC Channel!