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Tuesday, July 21st 2009, 10:45pm

Intergalactic Research Network (IRN)

Intergalactic Research Network (also known as IRN, IGRN)
Ingame Description:


This is your deep space network to communicate research results to your colonies. With the IRN, faster research times can be achieved by linking the highest level research labs equal to the level of the IRN developed.

In order to function, each colony must be able to conduct the research independently.

Level 1 costs:
240'000 Metal, 400'000 Crystal, 160'000 Deuterium

- Research Lab (level 10)
- Hyperspace Technology (level 8)
- Computer Technology (level 8)

So what does this actually do?

Simply put, Intergalactic Research Network reduces research times by combining Research Labs on multiple planets. Each planet's lab must be at least the level required by the research to be linked into the network. For every level of IRN that many labs will be linked with the one at which the research is started.

It is of note that researching IRN higher than your current planet limit minus one brings no direct ingame benefit, only research rank and points.

Research times are calculated with the following formula (from Formula Thread v3):


Research Time, in hours:
(Metal + Crystal) / (1'000 * (1 + (Research Lab level)))

Say your empire looks like this:

Planet A: Research Lab level 10
B: Level 8
C: Level 5
D: Level 2

And lets say you want to research Weapons Technology level 10 (requires Research Lab level 4).

Here is how long it would take you to research without any levels of Intergalactic Research Network.

A: 1d 22h 32m 43s
B: 2d 8h 53m 20s
C: 3d 13h 20m
D: N/A (unable to research)

But, if we have IRN level 1, the times are reduced depending on where you start the research:

If on planet A, IRN links the next highest lab (planet B's) for an effective lab level of 10 + 8 = 18, and a research time of 1d 2h 56m 50s.

If on planet B, IRN links planet A's lab, for a level 8 + 10 = 18 lab, and a research time of 1d 2h 56m 50s.

If on planet C, IRN links planet A's lab, for a level 5 + 10 = 15 lab, and a research time of 1d 8h.

Do note that these connections are temporary and only last as long as you are researching. If you were to start researching at planet C, cancel it, then start the research over at planet A, it would still link planet A and B's labs for the research.

If you have IRN level 2, you would research at an effective level of 10 + 8 + 5 = 23 and take 21h 20m, no matter which of the three planets you start the research at. IRN level 3, at least for this example, would be useless until you build up another research lab to level 4 or higher.

Of course, this is only an example, any and all researches are affected by IRN, even IRN itself, with the sole exception of Graviton Technology, as that takes the minimum time of 1 second to research.

Coauthor of Cumulative Cost, alongside Crimson King.