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Feared enemy...for some few :p

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Saturday, February 18th 2012, 6:26pm

Lamas (SRF) vs. kostal (INYEON) -> more than 56k damage!

It seems that in this Uni only things flying towards me are IPMs, bunch of DeathStars or the entire No.1 fleet (wheter its spy & fly, attempt to ninja, Blind Lanx etc).

As many times before, the story begins with another careless Korean player who just left a bunch of resouces unprotected, which I took ofc :squint: Since being a heavy turtle he decided to retaliate with IPM-ing, FOR 18 STRAIGHT HOURS! :golly: No-lifer? No, no, no, no... (Korean translation: this was sarcasm). Due to his high Deut mines (and nowhere to spend that Deut) I realized that I could say goodbye to my defence, but also decided to get even with him (the ammount of Deut spent on my IPMs is equal to what I took from him day before). :biggrin: In little less than 5 hours I managed to build 400 IPMs and launch on him (as you can see below) resulting with his 3 places drop on the Highscore list. Bashing of my planets continues...

During these few years in Draco I heard people accusing Turtles, others Fleeters for killing this Uni, but the truth is actually a mix of those two, called Koreans! :buckteeth: With more than 100 playing with same ideology to bash everything untill it quits (without any possibility to defend themself). You people have changed the way what many people think about your nation, to the worst and I havent meet a single one of you who could prove me wrong. I hope that at the end there is only you left here, chasing your own tails...


IPM Assault

Lamas (SRF) has fired 400 IPMs, costing 5.000.000 metal, 1.000.000 crystal and 4.000.000 deuterium.

Defender: kostal (INYEON)
Rocket Launcher...60.000
Light Laser...15.000
Heavy Laser...1.000
Gauss Cannon...800
Ion Cannon...100
Plasma Turret...390
Small Shield Dome...1
Large Shield Dome...1
Anti-Ballistic Missiles...50
Interplanetary Missiles...10

400 IPMs later

Defender: kostal (INYEON)
Rocket Launcher...59.946 ( lost: 54 )
Light Laser...13.880 ( lost: 1.120 )
Heavy Laser...983 ( lost: 17 )
Gauss Cannon...759 ( lost: 41 )
Ion Cannon...0 ( lost: 100 )
Plasma Turret...0 ( lost: 390 )
Small Shield Dome...0 ( lost: 1 )
Large Shield Dome...0 ( lost: 1 )
Anti-Ballistic Missiles...0 ( lost: 50 )
Interplanetary Missiles...0 ( lost: 10 )

After attack
The attackers have paid 5.000.000 metal, 1.000.000 crystal, and 4.000.000 deuterium.
The defender has lost 22.995.000 metal, 21.394.000 crystal, and 11.982.000 deuterium.
Converted by NikeJoshua's IPM assault converter


I'm one of the big boys now :D

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Saturday, February 18th 2012, 8:54pm

way to get em back lamas. It seems that to the koreans the few of us that make resistance are a nemesis. they only attack defense of course and we attack fleets but its nice to show em that we can when necessary do both :D


Feared enemy...for some few :p

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Tuesday, February 21st 2012, 11:22pm

Love it lamas all you really need to do is just get every non korean player to join you in the mass ipmage until the korean empire is just dust!