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Saturday, February 19th 2011, 7:01am

Gummy's Land: The Adventure of Gummy Bears

This RP is dedicated to Shadowpyre

Gummy's Land: The Adventure of Gummy Bears

On a raining sunny and stormy clear day, Gummy's Land was created along with magical and wonderful creatures, the Gummy Bear, there were many different kind of Gummy Bears. Red, blue, orange, yellow, all wonderful creature of Gummy's Land, until one day when the dark Gummy lord of the nearby Gummy island of Doom began his invasion on Gummy Land which causes many Gummy thing to melt and not become Gummy anymore. That is why the Gummy Bears not have to stick together and form the Gummy alliance in which they will hope to defeat the evil and sinister Dark Gummy Lord of Doom, will you join the fight as the Gummy Alliance Gummy Bear or the Dark and Doomy island Gummy Bear Land invader.

In this RP you are able to eat other player as you attack the other side or your own teammate, there is no actual law as to how you are to attack other gummy bear, you can create a gummy gun out of thin air, but the only actual restricted is that you cannot revive/respawn the moment that you were eaten.

Each starting will be with a round and a setting, there will also be a objective in which you have to achieve.

Rule 1: No instant respawn, you must wait 3 turn before getting back

Character Information:

Gummy Name:

Gummy Color:

Gummy Side:

Gummy Mental Description:

Gummy Physical Description:

Gummy Favorite Weapon:

Gummy History:

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Saturday, February 19th 2011, 7:14am

Gummy Name: Sargent Mike Cherry

Gummy Color: Berry Blood Red

Gummy Side: Gummy Alliance

Gummy Mental Description: After being brainwashed countless times from intense gummy interrogation training. very little remains of Sgt. Cherry. He is cold in emotion as if he came out of the freezer moments ago. Only those who have seen so much snack food being mauled as him can truly understand the terror that he feels.

Gummy Physical Description: Numerous scars are just one of the finer features of this veteran gummy's war-torn body. There is a gnaw mark on his lower left leg from a recent skirmish.

Gummy Favorite Weapon: trusty serrated knife.

Gummy History: the 34th son of Robert and Lismond Cherry, Mike had a pretty normal gummy-bear life. Often playing with gumdrops he found himself constantly winning the gummy games of king of the snack pile. When he graduated from school he entered basic training for the Gummy Forces. He quickly rose to Sargent status after being honored for saving 2 gummies in the pretzel conflict. He was enlisted into the special forces shortly after and his whereabouts were soon unknown. For over 3 years there was no formal appearance of Sgt Cherry until he was relieved of duty for his successful efforts in securing vital information. He is one of the few Gummy Bears to exit the military without needing rehabilitation though many question if he will ever truly be capable of being a citizen ever again.




Saturday, February 19th 2011, 7:24am

Gummy Name: Dark and Black Gummy Lord of Doom

Gummy Color: Black

Gummy Side: The Dark and Gloomy Gummy Invasion Gummy

Gummy Mental Description: Scary, Evil, Fanatic, and Scary. Never have been snack food before, only see others as his meal for the next second, friend or not.

Gummy Physical Description: Wear a Black Cape with a Black shoe and a Black tie with a Black Tux and a Black Shade

Gummy Favorite Weapon: The Black Stick of Doom

Gummy History: He became the Dark and Black Lord of Doom ever since he was born by Mr.Doom and Mrs.Doom, which he took his evil doominess from the Doom island to Gummy's Island and turn it into the Evil Lord lair of DOOM.