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Sunday, February 10th 2008, 10:08pm

.org's 3rd Short Story Contest ~ Rules and Entries ~

Welcome, writers, to OGame's 3rd official Short Story Contest! To get right into things, here are the parameters for your stories.

Main Theme: sci-fi/space
Minor Theme: travel, discovery, war, crime, romance

What this means is that the story has to be a sci-fi one, or takes place in space...but you can use any of the four minor themes in your story as well, as a guide for a plot, if you wish. So this time around, you have a bit more leeway, in terms of themes.

Min Length: 1500 words (not characters, words)
Max Length: 50k characters (characters, not words)

Submission Date: March 21st, 2008 5:00:00 Server Time

The judges: accessgranter, TheCrom and Cassandra Vandales

Just for kicks, I'll enter a story, and I'll let you guys judge it! Gotta love constructive criticism. Remember, you'll be posting your story here (as in, this topic) for all to see, so if you don't want that, then....well, you can't enter, but where's the fun in that? Good luck!




Thursday, February 28th 2008, 2:08pm

Okay, I didn't want to be the first one to post an entry but it since it might help things get moving. Its a continuation of the story I entered in the last contest.

Life on a Colony ship - The second letter

Hey mom, told you I’d write again (and before you ask, no I didn’t hack the data transfer feed). Quite a lot has happened around here since the last time I wrote, so I’d best get to writing if I’m going to get it all down in time.

First some good news, I got promoted! Well not promoted exactly, I mean I have the same title and all; I just got assigned more sections that to monitor. So I guess if you wanted to technical then all that really happened is that I have a lot more work to do. I’m responsible for four out of ships five M sections. The only one I’m not involved with is the Propulsion Core/Generator (PC/G) area. Heh, if I get into that one I’m pretty much going to have free run of the whole section (and idea that seems to fill the rest of the crew with dread for some reason).

And I heard Admiral Vandales resigned. I mean what the hell! She’s pretty much the heart of the whole Alliance fleet! Its hard to imagine the organization without her.. She didn’t give much reason for her resignation either. I mean, we’ve all read the official stuff about how she needs more “personal time” and things like that but come on, you know there has to be more to it then that. The latest scuttlebut seems to hint that the real reason for her departure was she that was fed up with how the high up political brass wanted to run the Alliance. They say the implement of the “Officers Protocol” was the straw that broke the camels back.

Speaking of which, have you heard of this new Officers crap? If not then here is the basic rundown. Some organization called “The Forge” cracked the secret behind dark matter. They figured out how to contain and store usable amounts of the stuff and now they’re selling of it to the highest bidder and are using the money to buy influence and plant enhanced “company friendly” people within military chain of command. And now they’ve actually managed to get the “Officers Protocol” bill passed which will allow (crocked) politicians to bypass the chain of command and put these new “Officers” in positions of power.
Now, I’m not saying they’re not skilled at what they do or anything (they can prove useful at times), but their complete disregard for standardised Alliance protocol will undoubtedly lead to trouble and forever change the way spatial matters are handled. I like the way the captain put yesterday: “This will forever change the way the game is played”.
Fortunately, most of the larger independents realize the implications here and utterly refuse to hire these guys. It’s mostly the new inexperienced companies that think that if you hurl enough money around things will turn out great when all that they’re really doing is just compensating for their own inability by essentially trying to buy some skill.
I can tell you this much, it will be a cold day in hell before you ever see me working with one of those technocrats.

A while back some of the guys from the M section decided to get together for an Organization Meet. I think it was the 4th one they’ve had so far but this one was the first one I had been able to go to. I wasn’t sure what to expect though I figured “Hey, these guys are all professionals I’m sure it will work out fine”. Oh how wrong I was. You should have seen it, the guys from the SB crew drank more in one hour then I have all year. I was planning to stick to the non-alcoholic stuff (aren't I just a big stick in the mud aren’t I) but then Tim brought some stuff he’d gotten out of the contraband section. Some yellow-like viscous liquid he called “Apfelkorn” or something. Tasted pretty good though. It got me groggy enough to loan him ten credits anyway. I haven’t seen him since..

I heard about uncle Daniel to. Is he still in a coma? I feel kind of bad about that joke I cracked in the last letter about the vid file and all. I mean why would he even try to start that thing up?! Any redneck that passed the third grade could have told him it would have blown up in his face. *sigh* How many times did we tell him to stop messing around with that thing?
I’m sure he’ll be fine eventually though. Heh, you never could keep that guy down for long. Though I guess that’s the end for the “mighty and powerful Wraith Mk. 2” Laser Turret. I’m sure Mack and the guys at the local fire department will sleep a lot sounder at night. That is until he gets out of the hospital and starts trying to build the “Awesome and ferocious Wraith Mk. 3”! Haha, I know I shouldn’t joke about it but you know you know he’s not going to let this be the end of it. You know what, if he gives you grief, just sick Fofo on him. That dog has some wicked sharp teeth for something that looks like a big ball of pink fluff.

Hey, remember how I talked about some of the guys are trying to earn their light fighter certificate on the S.C.S? And remember how I said that “I have no intention of getting into that whole mess”? Well here’s the thing..
You know they dismantle the colony ship on arrival for parts and housing and stuff right? Well since there isn’t that much time left until we reach our destination and I got to thinking. You know I’m no colonist. I’m a spacer! I like being surrounded by hunks of hull plating and plasma conduits. I mean I can hardly even sleep anymore without the low hum of the warpdrive tremoring down the hall. I like technology and the most advanced thing they have on new settlements are the damn hydropods. And I don’t want to spend the remainder of my time doing low level maintenance on secondary systems on some backwater colony.
So yes, I did start putting in a little time on the simulator. The problem here is that in order to earn certificate for the higher classes (I wanted to fly a recycler remember) you first have get the certificates for the lighter classes of ships (which makes sense I suppose, I mean you gotta learn to walk before you can run (or in this case fly, hehe)). So now, I’m actually a certified to pilot class 1 ships (with a 98 percentile sim score I might add) such as Light & Heavy cargos and both fighter ship types. And herein lies the problem..
With the recent trouble the Alliance has been have been having there has been a sort of “mass escape” of soldiers because few want to stay in service. Combine this with the fact that recruitment of new soldiers has dwindled to its lowest point in over 20 years and you can see why the top brass is worried.
So when the damn military weasels on the ship found out that I’d earned my Fighter Pilot certificate they tried to coerce me into enlisting in the military branch. They’ve even suspended my S.C.S privileges to try and prevent me from earning certificates for any the higher class certificates (you need get a class 2 to pilot recyclers). Though since they have no valid reason to do so, it’s pretty much just a stalling tactic to get me to sign the enlistment papers before the captain gets to this and reinstates my privileges.
So really, don’t worry mom. Like I said before I have no intention of ending up like some two bit piece of spatial cannon fodder.

And mom, when I asked you to talk to Chrysalin and tell her to stop stop sending me love letters I didn’t mean she should start sending vid files! I mean sheesh, reading the stuff was bad enough but watching it? With full audio!? That’s creepy on a whole ‘nother level.. So again could you please tell her to just get over me and find some other poor sap to latch on to. And if that’s to difficult then at least get her to stop calling me her “Studmuffin”. If the guys found out about that one they’d never let me live it down..

I think that’s about all I’ll have room for. If I do get full run of the M section I might even be able to secure a regular feed schedule and “call” back home more frequently. Otherwise, I’ll catch you up more in the next transfer. Give my best to the family will you? And tell Fofo I’ll try to capture him a new crunchy critter when we land. That way he can brag to all the other dogs about having gobbled down creatures from the edge of the galaxy. That might earn him back some of the cool points he lost when you gave him that lion cut..

Anyways, talk to you later!

Your son:

Henrik R. Zeddmore

The Punish-ed



Thursday, February 28th 2008, 11:11pm

"Bloody Expeditions" Muttered Herardo out loud.

From the observation post of the Flagship he watched as the other ships of the fleet pulled ahead. The assorted vessels spread forward against the black sky beyond them. No stars visible out this far; just the distant glow 1:12:15 behind them and 1:13 light years ahead.

A jarring Scottish accent broke over the communicator

"Co-ordinates 1:12:16, all units begin search; re-group here in 1 hour"

Barely ten minutes had passed when He noticed the blip on his scanner: Strange energy emitions from nearbye. The various dust particles and energy clouds that gathered this far from the Sun made sensors highly unpredictable. It was so dark that visual scanning was difficult. Herardo Squinted into the dark; and saw the glimmer of his fighters light reflect against a metallic shape...A ship!

"Herardo reporting in sir; I got an unidentified craft in visual range, dead in the water; slightly bigger than a cruiser...send over the rest of the squad and we'll attempt to board." Herardo had a bad feeling.

They boarded with little effort; soon had the area secured; the ship was fairly common in layout; bridge at the front, escape pods at the back, engines running along the sides and cabins in between. Herardo and his three squaddies stood now on the bridge.

"Geoff stop eating so loudly" Said Jim.

Geoff looked up from his wet sandwich to see the other three staring at him in utter contempt. "what?"

"Oh I'm sorry" Cut in Derek "Could you not hear him over the sound of your own EATING?"

Geoff Looked mildly taken aback; and resisisted the urge to gulp his current mouthful.

"Guys you're being...." He began, but Herardo cut him off mid sentence

"DONT talk with your mouth full, you small eared little git! Go. Go. GO - down the corridor and finish your damnable sandwhich down there!" Geoff wandered limply down the corridor "Further!", ordered Herardo.

"Big seat for the captain" Herardo began his report, "tactical station, navigation and communications...TELEPORT Four man ship....we could totally steal this" He smiled and fell into the captains chair. Before the smile had left his face the lights began to raise on the bridge. Consoles lit up and the main view screen burst into life. Upon the screen the four saw a bright purple cloud materialise ahead and then....another identical ship burst from within - damaged and lurching horredously towards them across the blackness.

"Sir Im getting a signal from them!" Cried out Geoff, who now stood by the communication console

"Bin your sandwich and put it up...." Responded Herardo " And all of you, stand in postion and look professional!" He added, and summoned up his most composed face - ready for whatever wierd looking alien wanted their ship back. "Remember this is OUR ship; so look professional...but casual." But the face that appeared wasn't alien. It was his own face, and these same three squaddies staring back at them.

The bridge was smashed; on fire and blood smeared this twin face; clearly these lookalikes were in trouble.....but then the double shot his eyes straight into Herardo's - Wild with terror

"RUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!" he cried, madness seeping out his terrified visage

"Second ship coming through the cloud sir!" Cried out Deek; who found himself at tactical despite being the best qualified navigator on the bridge "'s.....huge....its...covered in GUNS...its...its the winchester!"

Winchester. The myth. The Legend. Not the good kind.

"You heard the other me, RUN!" Commanded Herardo
Jim; who found himself at navigation - Despite being a highly skilled tactical man - hit the biggest, reddest button he could see; and as they watched; the image of the massive ship tearing out of the cloud and anihilating the twin alien vessel seemed to become translucent and start to fade; and expand until it filled the whole screen with a ghost like image - and then they seemed to pass through it...

"Oh crap!" breathed the crew as one, then everything went black.


Jim's head hurt, and hurt a lot. His slowly raised himself from the floor, where he lay, to his feet, where he then stood. The others were unconscious still, and he had no medical knowledge to assist them. He looked at the sensors. Co-ordinates 1:12:16 - but no other ships nearbye. Where had the fleet gone!? He ran to the communications and sent out a multi wave signal on the fleet frequency...nothing. He ran over to the main board and set the co-ordinates for home. An hour passed and still his buddies lay unconscious. By now he had attempted to rouse them but to no avail. Two hours passed and then the communications console started to bleep. Incoming signal from home CO-ordinates!

"Y U Atking me? Recall or Il Crsh U " came a monotone voice.

"Um...this is Jim Roper, codename 51NN3R, fighter pilot 4th class; clearance code ilovebigbrother" replied Jim.

"R U A Spy!?" Demanded a more animated voice.

almost at the same time Jim piped up "Wait - Did you say planet 'homeworld?'!? What the heck happened to Tigerless Earth!?"

"R U A Spy!?!?!?!?!" The voice became more insistant

"I'm not a spy! Look; you said this was homeworld, but these are MY co-ordinates. There should be a BLUE planet and a big moon."

"U got a Moon? Wanna Join my allince?"

"No I dont want to join your alliance.....I want to go home"

"I aint a Noob; Join us or Ill Crsh U"

And at almost the same time as this, the comms board lit up like crazy; and all the lights on the bridge went red. Jim turned to face the viewscreen; which was FULL of Destroyers.

"If Ur nt attcking me; can u help carsh this guy!? Snd Res Plz Plz Plz!" cried out the voice from 'Homeworld'.

"We're in another Universe...." Whispered Jim "That big red button jumps Universes!" The Destroyers were getting bigger on the screen and the alarms were getting more insistant. Jim hit the communicator..."this is the...uh...SS Tigerstabber.... I do not wish to fight you! Im here kinda by accident, and I want to leave.....can you....hang on a bit while I figure out the steering?"

The Viewscreen hummed into life and there stood the Destroyers Admiral. He looked at Jim and spoke. "IF he doesnt want to be attacked, he should learn to fleetsave."

"I agree" Agreed Jim, "Im not trying to defend him; we're in orbit by accident."

"If you want to ACS thats fine, but you're gonna die."

"ACS? What the heck is ACS? Look I'm new to this Universe and..."

"Save it; I dont care; I've heard all the excuses. If you dont want to be attacked, don't be profitable; and dont ACS defend people who ARE profitable. See you in ten seconds, and GLOTR buddy."

"Oh crap!" Shouted Jim, and he hit the big red button, and everything went black


Dereks head hurt more than Jim's had - since Derek had no hair to protect his head. He pulled himself to his knees and flopped onto the captains chair. His squadron buddies lay around him, Herardo and Geoff out cold; but Jim was barely conscious. Derek ran over to him; and Jim struggled to remain lucid;

"Big red button....jumps universe.....home...gone...." Jim murmered, before passing out.

Derek sat down to think. Jumped Universes? Home gone? Who could help them? Of course! Those friendly but mysterious aliens at planet ARAKIS; or any of the GO planets; there was one nearbye in 1:1:2, was't there? He laid in the course and fell back into the captains chair. It would take several hours to reach the destination, and Derek watched as he passed by earily quiet system after system; dead planets and empty solar systems. At last the ship arrived in system 1; but there was something between him and the planet he aimed for. The communicator buzzed, and Derek tentatively hit the 'open channel' button.

"Nice ship, Surrender it"

Derek checked the scanner; Deathstars. Hundreds of them.

"Zahl wants your ship, alien, and will spare your life IF you surrender it."

"I can't really do that - we're a long ways from home and need to be getting back; only this ship can take us" Derek felt his lip quivering "Sorree....?"

All the lights on the bridge went red; and the scanners blared what Derek already knew - the night was filling with Deathstars - but Derek had already turned the ship around and was fleeing at top speed - the man knew how to run away.

"wherever you go alien! However far you run! Zahl wishes your ship and his Deathstars will pursue you to the end of your days!" Warned the fleet commander.

As he fled through space; Derek saw the comms boards lighting up. Hundreds of messages. Terified cries 'Zahl is coming! Run!' the whole universe seemed to be in terror. As the Alien vessel sped onwards in flight; the Deathstars gave patient chase. More of Zahls ships joined with them; and every inhabited world evacuated. Every ship that could fly was flying; Derek, the inhabitants of this place and all of Zahl's fleet in pursuit.

All of this matter...all of this substance careering from one side of the universe towards the other was not without consequence. As the mass grew in size; it grew in GRAVITY. A mighty gravity tidal wave swept across the stars and the very PLANETS began to be drawn by it.
Shaken loose from their orbits, moons, debris fields, small and then large planets began to fall into the deadly gravity well; streaking like a fireball across the galaxies. Derek stared at the co-ordinate readout; 6:100.....6:300......6:400......7:100....what would heppen when they reach the far ends of the 9th Galaxy?

Ahead he saw the end of the Universe rushing in to meet the beginning of the Universe; the whole of reality collapsing in on itself 'The Big Crunch!"

"Oh crap!" he shouted...he smashed his hand down on the big red button, and - as a Universe collapsed in on itself under the immense gravitational pull of every fleet in it; everything went black...


Geoffs head hurt more than Dereks had, because Geoff was hungover AND space sick from the universe jumps. But Geoff knew he could get sacked for that, and so disguised his pain. He reached into his boot and produced a small hip flask and gulped greedily. Then it came flooding back to him; the expedition, the alien ship, the twin ship and....blackness...he looked around to see Derek flailing on the ground

"Saw into the event horizon......" He stammered "BRAIN HURTS!" he screamed. His eyes suddenly fixed on Geoff "You have such SMALL EARS" He cried, and looked away in disgust. "Big red button jumps universes and you eat really loudly! Legor! LEGOR!" ...he wailed, then fell silent and unconscious.

Legor. Geoff knew the name. The planet of the aliens. If we had, truly, jumped universes - that would be THE a place to go. The aliens would help. Surely. They HAD to... Geoff set in the co-ordinates and sat down. Within a few minutes travel a the communicator bleeped, and Geoff clicked the channel open.

"Greetings discerning customer, Jared's discount crystal merchants at your service!" Cried a friendly mid-atlantic neutral accent.

"Ah no thanks" Answered Geoff "We're just heading for Legor, thanks."

"I have a direct travel line to legor, my friend, may I offer you a faster trip? Im on my way there now." Offered the friendly merchant

"Ah....well...okay, I guess. Thanks." Said Geoff.

"You know..." started the merchant "I scanned you pretty easy; maybe you'd like to hire a Technocrat to improve your security...? I know a guy that could set it up for you, real cheap." The sales pitch was good, but Geoff was unimpressed.

"Look, I appreciate these officer types are great proffessionals and all that, but where I come from we have a code of honour that prohibits us from PAYING for things we can achieve with hard work. Our people have evolved beyond the concept of wealth giving people advantages. We work to better ourselves and each other, not just to beat the other guy as easy as possible."

"Do you use commander?"

"Um...yeah.." Claimed Geoff "But thats not the same thing

"come on." taunted the merchant

"Look when I say we evolved beyond the concept of paying I meant I haven't got a bank account."

"Oh, You dont need money!" countered the merchant "Nothing so mundane as MONEY friend; we trade in DARK MATTER. People can buy the stuff if they so choose; but it's highly valued! Some people look for it out in space, you know - at the edges of the solar systems. The officers all work for the GO's; and the Dark Matter they get 'paid' in is all taken back to the main worlds for study and use in their advanced economy."

Geoff had to interrupt. "Smells fishy." He suddenly became a little uneasy, "You say ALL the Dark matter gets taken back to the GO's?"

"Yup, it's all stored on Arakis." Answered the merchant

"Is that safe?" Asked Geoff

Before the Merchant could speak, Geoff was answered by a phenomenal shockwave that sent both ships tumbling out of the hyperspace fast channel. An enormous black field of buzzing and crackling energy was speedily erupting from the planet Legor; far ahead of them; and the field was RAPIDLY closing in. Geoff wasn't an expert on anti matter or dark matter explosions or anything of the sort; but the general rule of thumb, he racalled, with any explosion was NOT to be in the blast radius. The blast radius was SWIFTLY filling the viewscreen.

"I knew officers would be the death of us" whispered Geoff "Bloody cheats"

"Don't blame the officers" Despaired the merchant "Bloody whiner!"

The black now enveloped all before them both and black forks of dark lightning licked at the hull.

"Oh crap!" Shouted Geoff; and he slapped the red button - wettly - and everything went black.


Herardo's head didn't hurt; he felt good, He was an obsessive type - constantly out raiding; and, truth be told, the last few hours unconscious was a welcome rest; he hadnt slept in days, like all good Raiders. He leaped up "Fleetsave!" He cried through force of habit.... and then saw Geoff collapse to the floor nearbye. He ran over and grabbed his mate by the shoulders.

"Big red button jumps universes!" Stammered Geoff "my ears are NOT too SMALL!" He cried out, and fell still. Herardo stood up and looked down at Geoff.

'Oh yes they are, you little git', he thought.

The others were unconscious too. He strode over to the navigational controls and checked the logs. Homeworld; gone...? Space armada.....sector 1....deathstars.....anomoly,,,,merchant....dark matter... his crew had already tried everything he could think of....except.... Solemnly Herardo punched in the co-ordinates...

"Bloody Expeditions" he muttered out loud. On the main viewscreen he watched as the black sky spread out beyond them. No stars visible out this far; just the distant glow 1:12:15 behind them and 1:13 light years ahead. No sooner had the ship come to a halt than the communicator buzzed. 'On' he thought, as he flicked the channel open.

A hoarse, energetic voice filled the bridge. "Alien; I know not how you came to be in possession of our craft, nor why you brought it here - what are your intentions?" As the voice finished, three similar - though smaller - ships came into view. Herardo stood up to speak.

"We found the ship, and it's totally ours now... but were attacked while on board. We fled by accident....from another Universe.....we'd like to keep it, though" He trailed off, realising how stupid this must sound.

"Confirmed" Came the short reply. "A Gift" It continued. Herardo's head spun an he felt his brain warming. Something WIERD had just happened, his head stopped hurting and the strange markings all over the controls started MEANING things. "Our language. You can use it to go home. Safe journey - keep the ship" the message cut off and the ships sped out of sight.

Jim suddenly reared up. "This a....type 3 Scimitar!" He declared. Before he could add to this, Geoff was on his feet.

"Its capable of Blowing a Deathstar to pieces!" Geoff exclaimed, as Derek joined the standing.

"I though that was a Dead End ship? Forbidden technology?" Derek looked to Herardo in utter disbelief.

"Guess our alien friends dont respect the rules. Ludicrous weaponry, Universe hopping warp drive and - I do believe - TIME TRAVEL. This is a dream, and they totally SAID we could keep it; you all heard them!" Herardo was THRILLED. "Set a course for HOME!" He cried.
Jim and Derek swapped positions, and began to press stuff.

"Spacial co-ordinates locked." declared Derek

"Temporal co-ordinates set" claimed Geoff

"Engage!" Cried Herardo, and everything went black.


These were the co-ordinates, but this was not the tigerless earth, and something was very wrong. Through the migranes they were fast becoming accustomed to, they could see space filled with ships; but they all seemed to be moving extrordinarily FAST.

"Report?" Asked Herardo, looking towards Geoff hopefully.

"Some sort of wierd, faster moving universe - the planet activity is faster too; check it out." He pointed at the viewscreen. On the purple planet below, they could actually SEE buildings rise and fall, and continents shifting slowly. The moon span in orbit so fast it seemed impossible that the flow of ships to and from the planet did not collide with it!

"Bugger THIS! " Erupted Herardo "Geoff; fix this NOW. You are one mistake away from being beaten to death."

"Oh crap" Mumbled Geoff, as he flopped his damp hand on the big red button, and everything went black.


The TIgerless earth filled the viewscreen with blue and the crew with joy. 'Home!' they sighed as one, despite the headaches.

"Geoff, open a channel; Derek, plot landing. Jim, scan 1:12:16 for....anything." commanded Herardo.

"Channel jammed!" Exclaimed Geoff

"Landing jammed!" Exclaimed Derek

"Bloody big ship inbound!" Cried Jim

"Incoming communication!" Added Geoff.

And then came the VOICE.

"Herardo; This is the GO" It boomed. "You are both HERE and in 1:12:16 - and thusly guilty of violating Multi Account Directive 1 section 1 paragraph 1. How do you plead?"

"Geoff you small eared GIT!" Cried Herardo "You've brough us back too EARLY!" He turned to the communicator "It was a MISTAKE! you hear? a MISTAKE! Geoff was in charge of the temporal co-ordinates it was HIS fault!" he pleaded.

"Herardo; This is the GO" It boomed. "You and Geoff control co-ordinates - and thusly guilty of violating Account Sitting Directive 1 section 2 paragraph 4. How do you plead?"

"Geoff you small eared GIT!" Exlaimed Herardo "I told you to Email them about this!" He turned again to the communicator "Look its been a big mistake! We've broke the rules, but it was an honest mistake! We havent profited from it; can't we come to an arrangement!?" he pleaded.

"Herardo; this is the GO" it boomed. "You agreed to the terms and conditions before you flew your first mission. You have violated the rules. You now plead from leniency from ship that has been lifted from the Dead End forbidden technology vaults. Additionally, Geoff has lodged an official complaint against you for the abusive spam and real life threats. This is the end for you. Lower your shields and surrender to the trial."

Herardo glared at Geoff. "small-eared kite flying Git" He mouthed. "Guys" He whispered..."They say that when you are perma banned, you remain conscious. Frozen forever, but CONSCIOUS. We're gonna be banned or killed, and pesonally I'd rather burn out than fade away; will you stand with me on this?" He implored them.

"Sir" Jim stepped forward "I would rather die than be perma-banned."

"Captain" Derek stepped forward "As long as Geoff dies too, I'm in."

Herardo span on his heal to face the viewscreen. "What if we offer you Geoff in exchange for our lives?" The GO growled in a negatory manner "Jim....mess him up." gleamed Herardo

"Aye Aye, Cap'tain, SIR!" Exclaimed Jim, as he hit a whole bunch of buttons. A fantastical array of small globes of light shot towards the GO vessel; and the communicator resonated with the GOs fury

"Are you MAD? Don't you know what will happ..." The lights had hit the GO vessel; and the GO vessel was dust.
From the dust an ominous glow began to manifest in the space where the vessel had been. The glow became brown, then red, then purple, then clouded, then huge...and a familiar, enormous hulk loomed out of the glowing cloud. the Winchester!

"Oh crap!" Shouted Herardo, but Derek had already hit the big red button, and everything went black...


This time Derek held the button down; and the craft lurched through a swirling vortex. Winchester followed behind. The vessel rocked as the mighty Winchester started to blast at them.

"Damage report!" Cried out herardo; as sparks erupted all around.

"Shields at 78%, minor hull damage; Ions burned out a few systems; but the engines sir! They cannae take much more of this! If I push them any harder they'll Blow" Shouted Geoff

"Bloody Trekkies! I HATE you, Geoff!!!" Roared Herardo

The ship rocked again as more shots rained in. The navigation console reonated with energy discharge; the viewscreen cracked and hissed. A roof panel collapsed and smoke billowed from the cooling vents around the bridge. Another volley hit home; and the vortex vanished. With a screaching roar they careered back into real space / time.

"Sir! I just checked the escape pods; they're GONE!" screamed Jim from the tactical controls; then he looked up aghast "Vortex behind comes winchester...." He trailed off

"I know....I mean....I guessed" Herardo gazed at the viewscreen resolutely. "Viewscreen on." He growled. "Signal that ship" He indicated a small blip that they were bearing down on. The screen groaned into life; and there the crew saw themselves, staring back in mute confusion. Herardo stared at his mirror self; as yet an other roof panel collapsed in a shower of sparks. Then he opened his mouth. "RUUUUUUUNNNNNN!"

The screen went black and another shot impacted on the ship. The lights went down; and the alarms stopped blaring. The sparks ceased and only a low hum indicated any power at all on the ship. A final volley ripped into the hull; and the alien vessel disintegrated, as the mirror alien vessell tore off into space and time; and the mighty Winchester turned to give chase....


In the back crew cabins the four crewmen sighed and collapsed in relief. The teleporter had worked and they were aboard their past selves ship, heading towards another universe.

"This is why the escape pods were gone" Beamed Herardo "We escape along the journey throughout the universes we visited, and HIDE. I say every man for himself; or go in groups, whatever, but we shouldnt all go to the same place."

The crew murmered their approval. The four men stood and looked at each other solemnly. Then Herardo, Jim and Derek turned to Geoff...and beat him to death.


The Punish-ed




Saturday, March 1st 2008, 6:11am

I wonder if she remembers...

A man in his early thirties, tired eyes and disheveled hair, stepped off of the flagship Irndor, robed in a tight military jacket, black and well polished, two silver medallions above his heart, one with two blue stripes, the other with a single red star, denoting his rank: Flight Technician. He was of medium build, a thin moustache crawling along his upper lip, and the faint traces of a 5 o’clock shadow, despite it being before noontime. He smiled slightly as he breathed in the recycled and re-filtered air of the starport, grinning slightly at the bustling of the ground technicians that had to resupply and refuel the ship and the thousand others of the Armada before the week was over. He, although, was free to wander the capital city and the sprawling metropolis that surrounded it, to return to his home, to greet his parents, and to adore his wife. If he had one.

He wandered out of the line of technicians and into the silicone-encased depths of the starport, winding his way through a maze of doorways and hallways, taking each step with a brisk confidence that shone through his eight years away from his home. He appeared in the open air, the city itself a few miles away, and then his home, another twelve. A bus pulled up and the doors opened. Empty. He stepped on and twenty or so other crewmen followed him up the three metal steps and into the worn seats, that offered a hundred times more comfort than the hard, non-conforming seats of the flagship.

The driver wore a dark frown as he closed the door and pulled away from the station, the old bus’ engines whirring tiredly to replace the softening clamor of the starport.

The ride was silent, the four miles, tedious, and the final stop, breathtaking. He stepped off the bus, a hundred times more eagerly than he had at the station and looked slowly around the downtown plaza with its massive throngs of shoppers and sellers, purveyors and spenders. He took a deep, dramatic breath and hailed a taxi, his arm waving silently at the passing car. It slowed to a stop and the door popped open of its own accord. He stepped in and took a seat in the tattered chair that was so much more comfortable than those of the bus, that he might as well have been sitting on clouds.

The soft whistling of some song on the radio replaced the bustle of the plaza, and the deep voice of the driver asked, “Where to, boss?”

He replied while fingering the brass button on the cuff of his left arm, “1433 Lincoln Ave.”

“Sure thing.”

The click of the running meter began and the fluorescent red numbers began to climb.

He looked away, out the window, and watched the radio play a perfect symphony for the passing scenery, the breaks between skyscraping department stores beating in time with the song.

The clouds slid across the sky, moved by the all-too-frequent gusts of wind that turned the world on its side, beating against buildings and people alike. He looked tiredly out from the scuffed window as department stores turned to rolling hills, turned to small residential houses.

The car turned its way down streets marked with unoriginal names, traveling alongside cookie-cutter houses born from the dreams of some lazy architect.
He hated this place.

The rumbling of the engine faded to a murmur as the door slid open and he stepped out into the mid-morning sun, stepping into the billowing wind and feeling the familiar heaviness set itself upon his back. He threw a pair of bills onto the seat and the door slammed itself closed, half from manpower, half from windpower. He found himself staring at a disheveled lawn, any plant foolish enough to peak its head out from the dirt almost invariably tossed away by the raging wind.

He took slow steps up the concrete path that ran through the grass and towards the overhanging awning, the unmarked house that he knew from memory to be 1433. There was a small potted orchid in the window next to the wooden door, right next to which a ceramic doorbell and a plate of gold weave. He scuffed his feet along the small “Welcome Home” mat that was weighed down with earthenware pots, filled with dirt and long-forgotten seeds that had never sprouted.

He pressed his gloved finger against the worn ceramic and rapped against the door, twice, as he had always done, both actions deafened by the roaring wind that somehow muted the entire world.

He imagined the socked feet falling from their place on the couch and diving into a pair of fluffy slippers. Those same shoes shuffling along the carpet and onto the linoleum floor, cascading down two stairs into the miniature entrance where an empty shoerack stood, eagerly awaiting any visitors. He imagined a soft hand reaching out slowly and grasping the cold doorknob and tip-toed feet bringing eye to eyehole and knowledge to acceptance. He imagined a cautious sort of waiting, an anxious sort of longing; and he rang the doorbell again.

Another soft hand threw the door-latch aside and the first twist the knob around far too quickly, pulled back the wooden door with a soft swish.

She smiled, “Welcome back, Jonathan.”

Jonathan returned the smile and slipped off one of his gloves, grasping her hand in his, the smoothness of her skin resonating in his ears. “How are you?”

She pulled back and slid the door shut, her left hand still feeling the old roughness of his. “A lot has happened in eight years,” she withdrew into the depths of her home, greeting the softness of the carpet with her own, distinct brand. “I don’t know where to start.”

“Start at the beginning.”

“You always say that,” she looked away and her hand slipped free of his. “And it never helps.”

“Then tell me what you remember.”

“It’s all too much.”

He took a seat on the plush sofa that seemed to mould to his form, reclaiming the spot that he had sat in eight years ago. “Then start with something light.”

“I… don’t know,” she slid into her usual spot, the sunroof catching her russet brown hair as it always did.

Jonathan felt his muscles relax as he leaned heavily against the couch, slipping off the second glove and placing it on the table, balancing it on an open water bottle.

They looked at each other for a minute, the loud television muddling Jonathan’s thoughts.

She said, “Mother died.”

He looked gravely down at his open palm and put a hand on hers.

“It was grand and all, you know, Mother being herself till the very end. She still doesn’t want me to marry though,” she chuckled. “Not like she could really stop me now… Oh well, I guess time will tell, as always.”

“What about Father?”

“You got my letter.”

“Yea, I did. I just don’t want to believe it.”

She was quiet again, and the television resumed its shrieking.

“So, what’re we going to do?”

She smiled softly and slipped her hand away, picking up a ceramic vase with a rose growing out of it, genetically modified to not have thorns.

“She didn’t want to be cremated.”

“But Father did,” she smiled at her subtle defiance, “and I thought that they should be together.”

Jonathan laughed and took off his formal coat, “Always the kidder.”

“Well, I can only guess that they’re happy. I mean, it grew.”

“A lot of things grow, like that fish we threw into Ms. Bellard’s pond.”

She laughed outright this time, smiling widely and brightly, her blue eyes shining in the synthetic lighting that adorned the room. “Still would have liked to see what happened to it.”

“It’s probably tucked away somewhere with its family.”

“How would another fish get in there?”

“I dunno, magic maybe,” he turned away and fingered the button on the cuff, “or maybe I threw another one in to keep him company.”

She put the vase back on its shelf and shut off the television, “She didn’t catch you?”

“Of course not, I’m harder to catch than that, you know that.”

“It’s why you became a pilot.”

“It’s why I tried to become a pilot,” he corrected.


“Yea, I’m just a techy now. Apparently I’m not good enough.”


“It’s true.”



“It’s because of the metallic knee cap isn’t it?”

He stared at the weave of the glove and followed the strands with his eyes. The whistling of the wind filled his ears. He got up hastily and slid shut the only window in the room, a small rectangle along the back wall.

“I’m sorry.”

“You’ve already apologized enough times, there’s no need for another. It’s no problem. I’m around the ships enough, and I actually get to put my brain to use.”
A second pause and she looked away, fiddling with a small bracelet.

“Yea, I know, I always hated thinking. But you know, I was good at it. And this way, I get to come home more often. Everything turned out for the better.”

She turned towards kitchen and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

“Well, even if you could take it back, I wouldn’t let you. Without this thing I would have never been where I am.”

“You’d have gone further.”

Jonathan slid in behind her and put his arms around her, kissing her on her luscious red lips, “I’d have nothing to live for.”

She felt the wet of his lips touch hers and she pulled away, “No.”

He fell back, the pattering of her dulled footsteps ringing in his ears, fading away into the distance, his mind wandering.

Did she really forget?

A sharp click and the roaring of wind resumed, “Jonathan, let’s go greet your folks.”

“How about we go shopping?”

“They’ll never let me marry you if they never see me.”

He sighed and grabbed his coat, throwing it over his shoulder and smiling, “Let’s bring them a cake.”

“Or a cherry pie.”

“Oh no, never. They’ll kill me. And I don’t think you’d want to marry a corpse.”

She laughed and clicked open the locks of the car, slipping into it and driving away, leaving two gloves and a locked door behind her.

He smiled, “Come back.”

She shook her head and turned on the radio.

“Everything comes in pairs. I’ll be your techy.”

“I can’t be a pilot again, who’ll watch the house?”

“Your sister will.”


“She’s the same age as you.”

“Yea, and I’m supposed to expect that Rob will come and help?”

“He’ll never come, my brother is a lazy a--.”

“I can’t,” she reaffirmed.

“You know you want to feel it again. Hell, even I want to. But unlike me, you have a chance.”

She let go of the wheel and smiled widely at the distant starport that was still visible miles away, “God knows I do.”

Quiet overtook the car and Jonathan counted the seconds pass as they sped towards the monolith of steel and carbon.

“Tell me a story, Clare.”

“I love you,” she kissed him on the lips and parted his hair, running her finger along the stubble of his chin, “Tell me when you’re back again. We’ll do this again.”

“You know how to reach me.”

“I love you.”

Jonathan smiled and waved as he dashed towards the staff-clearance tower, looking back towards Clare while rebuttoning his coat, blinking as a ray of sun broke the overcast and reflected off of the wheelchair.

I love you.

[EDIT: OOC: Wow, that was depressingly rushed. Had a whole story/plot planned out. But I had to do it in 2 hours because I wasn't actually planning to do this. But seeing the saddening amount of entries, I guess... yea... Sigh.]

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Hmmm. My definition of Sci-Fi, might differ to yours, but I've always been under the idea it's just yeah, Science Fiction? Which I can relate to Fantasy in ways? Sorry if this isn't appropriate to the Genre as such we're meant to be writing for.

I did this a while back, for an online Newspaper I used to write for. I can write something up if this doesn't suit?


The streets of Malador were bustling with business during the middle of the day. The grey clouds split open, allowing the sun's rays to bathe the village with light. The villagers rejoiced at the sight, as it had been extremely dark the last few days. This seemed a sign that a sense of normality had once again returned, but they were terribly wrong.

In the afternoon, Malador was as busy as it would ever get. The sounds of coins tinkering and children laughing gave the markets a relaxed atmosphere. Farmers would sit down during their breaks to enjoy a fine lamb, and people could haggle for items. Surely, Malador had it all.

It was exactly half passed one when it happened. The southern Maldorian gates were flung open and a band of men came trotting in. Their horses were perfect, well groomed and perfect in posture. The riders on them demanded utmost respect. They were huddled in a tight group, appearing to be surrounding someone on the inside. The man leading the pack was instantly recognizable; he was Elthain, Elven prince of Thrinillin. He was tall and middle-aged. His face had seen many winters, and showed signs of ageing. Even for an Elven lord he seemed extremely old. He had a white beard and cold icy blue eyes that demanded silence.

He pulled his horse to a halt as the Mandalorian guard formed a line in front of his party. The streets had been cleared in a matter of seconds and everyone had returned to their houses.

"There has been no arranged meeting for you to be here," the lead guard said sternly, "you Elven folk aren't welcomed lightly around here." Elthain forced a slight smile "I'm sorry for our sudden appearance," he said, not sounding very apologetic at all, "but there is something I must speak to your king about, and immediately at that."

The guard still did not want to let them any further. "Unless a visit has been scheduled you're not going to be allowed in," he protested. Sanubis climbed off his horse, the guard slowly moved his hand to his hilt, "If you continue to pester me, I will cut you down where you stand. Unless you have some sort of death wish, I will continue riding." The frightened guard swiftly stepped aside, letting the horses through. Elthain trotted past locked eyes with the guard and smiled.

The main keep of Malador had been around some 250 years, built by the early ancestors of the lands. It was made of rough hewn stone and was due for repairs. Elthain dismounted, and gestured for one of the elves to follow him. He quickly conversed with the door guards and was allowed through.

An old woman hurried up to them in shock. "What business do you have here?" she asked. "I have been through this already and don't wish to do it again," Elthain said menacingly.

"And what is so important that you cannot arrange to see me prior to," a voice boomed, making the room suddenly darker. The king of Malador had emerged from his small throne concealed behind a Royal Standard. Elthain ran over to him, his age bearing no hindrance. He bent over, and whispered into the king's ear.

"They are coming."

EDIT: Please ignore my above entry. I further read the guidelines, and I see it doesn't suit. Please accept my apologies.

I'm currently in the process of writing another story.

Kind regards,
And please, still read and enjoy what I did post! :)


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RE: .org's 3rd Short Story Contest ~ Rules and Entries ~

Well, itsn ot really sci fi or space, buts its crime.

Evil Adolescence

Drip, drip, drip, went the bathroom tap, just two doors away from Seth. He could not sleep in this hollow of a home. He thought to himself silently whilst the rats pattered over the floor boards. He had lived in this house for seven days now, and not one day has he slept a full night but it was not always like this. Seth was a good little boy when he was at the tender age of eight. He did anything his mother and father wished him to do. He was always smiling, always laughing never had an evil look in his eye. If he had a fault, it would be that he was too generous, too kind, and too innocent. However when he reached the age of sixteen he changed. And it wasn’t a gradual change either. It was sudden, violently sudden. He turned into an evil boy, was thrown out of his home and forced to live in a shack in the middle of nowhere.

Seth was about six foot four and weighed two hundred and forty pounds. He was a good looking boy, and his hair was as soft as silk. Looking at his facade you wouldn’t guess that he was evil. As Seth monotonously paced around his shack, he wondered what he had done wrong. Suddenly he had realised the truth; it wasn’t his fault. It was the people around him. They were at the heart of his problems, they were why he was hurt, and they were why he had turned evil. They were why he had to live in a shack in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t till a few days later Seth realised what he had to do.

People would say, “Hey that’s the Mac Royals boy, he’s a good one isn’t he?” How wrong they were. As the rage built up in this boy’s heart he was showing somebody else to the outside world. Not the real Seth, someone to cover up for the real evil that was inside him. He did not think that it would come to this. He did not like people coming up to him and looking at him as if he was strange, however his behaviour said otherwise. He was a very strange kid, a genius but a strange genius, he could give you the day of any time in history, and the bizarre thing about him was he was autistic. He didn’t know how he did this but people thought it was strange, so his anger built, and built until at the age of sixteen he just snapped.

The boy was demented, he was thought to be the son of the devil. The crooked smile on his face, the swinging arms from side to side, the shallow footsteps he took inside his room, clunk, clunk, clunk. There was nothing to blame but his harsh childhood, he had no friends, no memories, no fun. This must have turned him insane to all humanity.

He always remembered the feeling of that morning. The cold air piercing his flesh, just as the knife would pierce his victim. From the moment he saw her waiting at the bus stop he knew she was the one, his first kill. She was a posh looking woman; tall, bright blonde hair, black pinstripe heels, and a suit that would make anyone look good. She was probably important. Probably. But even if she was, she wouldn’t be after today; she would just be a corpse, a corpse with pinstripe heels.

As Seth approached her, he knew he had to engage her in conversation. What better way to make a friend than to have a common enemy? “This bus is always late”. She glanced back round and smiled slightly. “But when it does come you get about three at once”. She let out a hearty laugh. What an innocent laugh. The thought brought a smile to Seth’s face, which she mistook for a friendly smile. How wrong she was.

“Isn’t that the truth?” She managed to say whilst laughing.
He offered his hand out in a friendly gesture “The name’s Seth.”
“Seth. That’s a nice name, mine’s Emma.” She shook his hand. Emma. The name of his first kill. The subtle knife that lay asleep in his pocket as he cautiously wrapped his fingers around the brown wooden handle, griping it tightly as if to wake it up.
“So do you catch this bus often?” asked Seth wonderingly. She nodded.

The bus would be arriving any minute; it would be now or never. He reached out and grabbed her, pulling her into the bush by the side of the bus stop. He heard the screech of the bus tyres as it came round the side of the street. It was funny because Emma looked as though she would be screaming if she could. It was as if the bus was screaming for her.

And that was the first of many kills to follow. But he would never forget her, Emma. The name of his first kill.




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Nightmare : The Saga Begins


Nightmare: Chapter 1 - "True Illusions"

It was a crisp morning in late winter. The snow had recently fallen, the air despite the torrents of frozen water that had fallen only moments ago, seemed to be stacked in bricks, dry and frigid. The sun lay like a special forces solider behind a mountain peering out watching closely his target. The birds in the bare maples just a few yards away sung piercing notes through the chilled air. It was quiet, lonely; there was not another soul for a hundred miles. I wanted to yell out my name and hear it echo against the abandoned roadways, but my mind somehow fought the impulse under the ridiculous notion that some... ghost or creature might chance to hear my outburst and come upon me for sure.

It was very strange indeed. I'd checked into an inn the night before. The town I'd chosen for my lodging was not well known; it was small, quiet, and seemed to suit my needs just fine. The simple unassuming caretakers of the inn were pleasant and offered me sustenance and an agreeable price for my stay. They seemed eager to have me, as though there hadn't been a customer in years. It was a bit of an odd feeling I got from their bright genial eyes. One that I attempted not to show in my face. Why did I feel something was not quite right? Something was out of place. I'm not quite sure, but I sensed it the moment they laid eyes upon me. I gave them a down payment; I refused to pay with any type of traceable monetary convenience, it was not worth my neck to save a few minutes. The little inn was cordially decorated. The first floor was an open room that had the distinct smell of pine. I thought at first of the little green tree air fresheners so many people keep in their vehicles these days. The walls were of course of pine wood, but it seemed so overwhelming... as though the smell was being sprayed through the ventilation system and vacuumed through the air on the first floor only to recycled through the upper floors again. The pine wood was polished and shining, and the overbearing bronze chandelier cast an intended golden brazen finish upon those walls. It was meant to be cheery I suppose, but something about it said to me, this is fake. It's too nice, showy... for this kind of a town. I kept my thoughts to myself and agreed to follow the caretaker's wife to my room on the second floor.

She smiled a decadent smile and led me to the door handing me a key and a padlock. She smiled and said, "You may want to lock your door in the evenings." I stared at her for moment wondering what she meant. After all who would come to my door in a tiny village on the second floor of an inn that looked to be as old and dilapidated as the people running the place? I shrugged off the odd feeling of foreboding her words had showered over me and smiled, nodding, and dropped my duffel bag on the empty wooden chair next to an old school desk that had been converted into a night stand. I looked at the lock and then at the door...I rolled my eyes...Why take the risk? I placed the lock on the door in the metal slots provided for it. The desk was a pitiful work of craftsmanship. I settled down on the bed and looked around my new quarters. The room itself was a bit gloomy; I think it must have been the lighting. At the entrance to the building the chandelier's verbose light emblazoned a warm golden varnish upon the walls, in my room the dull shine of the antique lamps cast a shadowy iridescence about the room which painted it in a gloomy yellowish brown. As the night drew on, I found I had no desire to get up from my bed; I simply slipped under the blanket, a rough, somewhat scratchy wool comforter, lay back on the down filled pillow and closed my eyes.

I had a strange dream that night. I was running blindly through utter darkness. This darkness surrounded me completely and seemed to be closing in on me as well... I felt the presence of another around me but couldn't quite make them out. I looked around but saw no one, and still I ran to I don't know where, and I don't know why. Suddenly, I was face to face with something soft. My eyes had closed while I was running. I forced them open felt the brush of short wisps of hair against my face. I regained the focus in my eyes and found myself staring into the eyes of a menacing black member of the canine family. I'd like to say it must have been a dog, but this dog was more the size of bear, and its eyes glowed blue. Its fangs were bared and looked as though they might tear my throat. I took a step back instinctively, and the dog charged me. I kicked at it, but fell over. I smashed it over the head with my left fist and struggled to get away. I felt a sharp piercing pain in my right arm just below my shoulder; the dog struck and bit again hard, deep; I felt the blood flow. It snapped and bit me once more so hard I felt my body go into shock.

The pain was so great that it forced me back from dream land. I felt my consciousness. I smiled, it was a dream; a simple dream that was over. It had been so real though, and that pain in my right arm I can feel it as though it were real. I opened my eyes and turned my head to convince myself that I was now awake so that the fake pain could go at any time it felt obliged. I looked up at my arm and stared, horrified for a moment. There was reason for that pain. The piercing pain was the result of a needle that was stuck into my arm. The top had been pushed in...Something had been injected into me. I laid back and pretended to feel dizzy for a few moments, until I realized... I was just pretending. I didn't feel dizzy at all. In fact my vision was perfectly fine. I opened my eyes and was blinded. I slammed my eyes shut. They burned and I felt the tears forming in them from that brightness. It had been a flash of pure white. I decided to try again. Slowly, very slowly, I opened my eyes just a hair. The room was surely bright. Everything shown in pure unmarred virgin-snow white. After a few moments of this filtered squinting, my pupils adjusted as best as they could to the level of brightness. It wasn't the room I had gone to sleep in. The pine wood was replaced with concrete walls. The ceiling was white; the walls were whitewashed; everything I could see was the same color. I looked to the ceiling and closed my eyes just in time as I stared directly into the source of light. The dazzling array of blinding light was the purpose of the room’s layout. The walls and ceiling and floor were painted a bright pure white, and I noticed there were random curves in the walls and the corners where the floor met the walls that served to reflect the light and bend its highest of frequencies back towards the center of the room where I appeared to be.

I tried to look around and see what else was in the room, but there was no way, the light obviated all but the outlines of the objects in the room causing everything to appear as silhouettes just feet away. It occurred to me I might try to get up out of the bed. Moments later I chided myself for not agreeing with my first instinct; of course I would not be able to get up. I was paralyzed. And my movement restricted from whatever had been injected into my body and now coursed through my veins on its way to my heart.

Someone was coming... I could hear sounds coming from the front left side of me from the foot of my resting place. A door opened and I heard voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying; the brightness of the room was so great that it seemed to overshadow my other senses. It was literally so bright that I could not hear. I did hear mention of something about a timer and an assassin but all intelligible sentence structure was completely drowned out. Echoes of laughter filled the air for a moment. They seemed so loud that they hurt my ears. Footsteps drew closer. I looked up into the face of someone I'd recognized. I stared in disbelief and blurted: "Hey, what? You! What is goi..........?” There was a loud crack and something hit my forehead so hard I thought it would split in two. The light vanished, and though I struggled to keep my consciousness, I could feel it being ripped from underneath me. I tried to reach out and touch something solid to hold onto.......anything.

I was in dream world again. I cursed myself for being unconscious. Worse than being unconscious was knowing that I was so. What was happening in reality, was my body okay, how could I help myself... I stopped and looked around at what was happening in the dream. I was in a battle... A massacre was more what it looked like. Ships were exploding everywhere. It took only a few moments to realize the enemy was out-gunned, out-teched, and stood no chance of winning at all. I was the attacker. I didn't know where this dream was going but figured I might as well play it out. I took my battlecruiser (which I'm partial too, I love agile air-to-air ships) and laid into the nearest ship decimating its hull; it went down in a dazzle of swirling flames. I swept low to the ground and eliminated row upon row of defenses. It was a simple and easy battle that was won without the loss of a single ship... until...A loud explosion rocked the air. I turned my ship around and searched for the source of the explosion. I couldn't find it...there was an odd heat trail in the air; I couldn't quite make it out. All ships leave a heat trail behind and with certain scanners you can see the exact path of the ship. The emissions of the hyperdrives are like exact trails you can follow on radar. This signature was unlike anything I've ever seen, it seemed to be moving at incredible speed; a shock wave of some sort was left in its wake. Seems that ship's pilot realized his side had lost and disappeared, and then......... my ship went down....

The ship tail-spinned out of control and upon impact, I was transported from my dreams back to reality. They say if you die in your dreams, you die in reality; I guess my will to live is strong.......

Nightmare: Chapter 2 - "Déjà Vu: Reoccurring Dreams"

When I looked around, my place of residence had changed again. I was... in the inn that I had been stolen from so long ago. The padlock I'd put on the door was still intact. The room was peaceful, quite entirely different from the harsh world of kidnapping and espionage I had been in just moments before. What had happened... was it possible it was a dream? All of it? Had I woken up? I've heard of people "waking up" in their dreams only to have been in a deeper form of dreaming, and they had never woken up really at all. Everything looked fine... A very eerie sensation of a division of realities hung in my mind. I looked around and took a deep breath... and then lifted my arm. I breathed deeply and smiled. My arm had moved when I told it to. I wasn't paralyzed. That was the first good thought I had. I wiggled my toes, and then bent my knees. Fully satisfied that I had regained my mobility, I rolled out of bed, when my feet hit the floor; the pressure of my own weight on my feet was good. I could feel my blood running through my veins, I felt alive and happy.

I stood up and pulled on my shirt. I grabbed my jacket and swung it over my shoulders, grabbed my bag and headed for the door. I didn't care about much else; I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I slipped my shoes on, double-knotted them, unlocked the padlock and pulled it from the ring and slipped it into my pocket. I opened the door, took a step forward and was thrown backwards off my feet onto the floor with such a force that I never saw it coming. I hit the floor with a hard bang and my head slammed against the hard wood as well. For a moment, a thousand tiny dots filled my eyes. I looked up to see what the heck had happened. I had seen a blur before I went flying, something had lunged at me. Then I saw it... A large, short-furred, pointy-eared dog about the size of a great dane. Its teeth were bared, saliva dripped between its teeth; its eyes looked murderous. For a moment, we just stared at each other. I was in shock a bit still; and my head hurt, I felt myself starting to get dizzy. I shook my head; this was certainly not the time to lose control or consciousness...I might end up as underdog's lunch! A low, deep growl emanated from the dog's mouth. It was watching me closely, waiting for me to make a move first. The idea that the dog could think that far ahead kinda scared me, but this was no time for that. I had to think fast or else this was gonna be a hell of a morning. My bag had fallen onto my bed and rolled forward a bit and some of the contents had fallen to the ground beside me. Most notably my knife was about eight feet away. It was a balisong (for those that don't know), one my father had given to me long ago that I always kept on me. Problem was, there was no way I could get it before the dog got to me. And then the dog lunged at me...

I saw the movement out of the corner of my eye and dived out of the way. I eluded the canine's kill-attack, but he managed to sink his teeth into my right shoulder. I grabbed one of my shirts that had fallen to the ground by the sleeve and twisted it up as fast as I could. The dog released my shoulder and prepared to attack again. I was ready this time. As the murderous devil lunged for me, I moved and slipped the sleeve beneath the dog's neck and crossed the ends behind it and pulled tightly. It struggled violently; and I thought any moment it would break free, and I would be finished. I got angry; Finished... by a mutt!!! The thought screamed through my mind. I looked at the dog as I held it as tight as my muscles would allow and I screamed at it enraged: "OH HELL NO; A DOG IS NOT TAKING ME OUT!" As we struggled I dragged the beast with me towards my bag. As the dog ran out of air, it became more frenzied, but I wrapped my left arm around it as tightly as I could and reached for the balisong. With expert precision, I performed the graceful movement that put the blade in place and locked it in position. I held the fiend tightly and reaching underneath it stabbed hard and deeply into its chest. It let out a surprised yelp of pain. I pulled the knife out and stabbed again hard into its stomach, I felt my hand covered in a thick, sticky liquid. It would not be long now. The dog's struggling got less and less powerful as its strength left it. I watched as its murderous eyes glazed over, and I laid it on the floor softly as the last of its life ebbed away.

I stood to my feet, my hands shaking from the mix of screaming adrenaline and exhausted muscles. My harsh breathing drowned out the sound of all else, and I wondered where on earth this d*** dog came from. I slammed the door shut, and looked back at my friend on the floor just to make sure he was really gone. I turned and went to the bathroom and washed my crimson red hands. The water going down the drain turned an ugly rose color as my hands turned their normal one. I looked back at the dog and said sarcastically "Ya know, I hope you're happy, you got blood stains on my favorite shirt!" The dog made no response. I shook my head and muttered to myself "The nerve of some people." I grabbed my bag again and held my knife in my hand the blade now drawn and ready by my side. I took to the stairs and walked down them slowly searching this way and that for signs of some other menace. None came, however; everything seemed quiet...too quiet; deadly quiet...

I hit the first floor and looked to the front desk; it was empty. I walked behind the counter and discovered it was not so empty as I first thought: the body of the caretaker lay in a pool of blood. I wondered what had happened, and how on earth I'd slept through whatever happened. I took a few steps closer and saw the COD, the poor man's throat was torn. It was ripped not cut; probably the same fate that was meant for me. "Not a great way to go." I muttered to myself. The caretaker's wife was nowhere to be seen. I called her name 3 or 4 times but heard nothing. I reached into my bag and pulled out the ion phaser wondering why I hadn't taken it out before I left the room... nerves screwing with my head I though. Clutching it tightly I did a room by room search, but came up empty the entire inn was deserted, and the Mrs... She was MIA still.

I walked outside into the crisp morning air and looked around. The entire town seemed deserted. The ravens gave a piercing cry; the snow crunched under my feet as I walked. Certainly, the previous night had been a hell of an experience, and this morning was no picnic either. I set off through the ghost town to get out of here and back to my ship. As I walked I felt again a strange sense of foreboding in the air. Each crunch seemed to echo far too loudly for my taste. Each breath I mustered released a mountain of water vapor that I was sure any surveyor would see from miles around like a smoke signal. I couldn't help but feel I was being watched, and it heightened my every sense; I could feel the adrenaline funneling through my body again. I pulled my cell phone and dialed the number of my Fleet Commander. He answered, and after a quick, explanation, he agreed to meet me in a battlecruiser at the edge of the town and put my men on standby ready to launch at a moment's notice.

It was just a couple miles to the edge of town, but still I walked them slowly, carefully, straining to see what might cause me harm. The wind in the tree branches played tricks on my mind. Every whir of wind drew my attention, and every branch that collapsed under its load of snow and ice caused my heart to skip a beat. Approximately twenty minutes later, I reached the end of town where my Commander was waiting for me. I had never been happier to see a flying hunk of metal alloy fueled by a nuclear bomb in my life! I sprinted the last hundred feet and met my smiling commander with a handshake and a slap on the back. I thanked him for coming to meet me on such short notice. He replied, "Of course, sir. Whatever you request, sir." I smiled and climbed into the ship and strapped myself in. My commander turned and stepped his right foot into the ship...and then vanished from sight. I stared for a moment, quite unsure of what I had just seen transpire before my eyes. The man had taken a step into the ship and then I'd felt a whir and heat and then my commander's form disintegrated into a billion minute particles and evaporated. I was in shock for a moment, and then my basic survival training instincts took over. I closed the cock pit and jumped into the pilot's seat. I strapped myself in and took off into the air at the same time. I hit a button on the console and radioed in. All units, repeat all units on standby "All units, repeat all units on standby converge at coords 88 south west 31 Immediately! I am under attack and need assistance. Repeat under fire, please launch now!" I tore into the air and switched my scanner on hoping to pick up the heat trail from the ship that had just vaporized my commander before my eyes. I saw the trail and followed it to its origin... but there was no ship in sight. The heat trail was that of a large ship, maybe a destroyer... but destroyers couldn't move that fast, how'd he avoided me even seeing him?

Then it hit me. This was exactly what I'd seen in my dreams. The dog.... too. The bite on my right arm even the details were good. The running through the darkness sorta a symbol of uncertainty and lack of life; the battle, the heat signature of the ship I couldn't see. My eyes lit up; what the hell is going on? I asked myself. Then I saw it; an enemy ship right beside me. I put aside all my inhibitions, I needed to win this war. I turned after it and decimated its hull in 3 quick shots. I turned to the ground, lines of defensive guns had appeared seemingly from nowhere. I turned and leveled line after line of defenses. Then I remembered the needle and the paralysis again, and I wondered why I hadn't checked for that earlier. I pulled up my sleeve and sure enough an inch below where underdog had bitten me was a small precise dot of a mark where a needle had punctured my skin. I wondered what I had been injected with. I thought for a moment, and then TSRRRRZZZZZ! I was hit. That same weapon that had literally vaporized my commander had just hit my ship. I felt a huge temperature increase. The console began to short out and then caught on fire. I felt the waves of heat and energy pulsing over me. I felt a piece of me long forgotten spring to life. I didn't have any control over what would happen. My body lost control. My mind emptied, my thoughts became that of another's. My ship turned and fell to the earth in a swirl of hazy flames and tie-dye colors. There was a loud crash............................................

Hope you all enjoy, and yep that's all you get for now :P sorry ;)

Ifulna Uni 3, Uni 11, Uni 25, Uni 31




Saturday, March 8th 2008, 3:49am

Might as well try for this - you might find it excellent or rubbish!

Fatal Error

It had just been one of those days. Commander Cloud looked up again after having spent the past fifteen minutes with his head buried in his hands and hoping it was just a dream.

It wasn't.

He was still in the ship. His ship. The Battlecruiser4.1. One of the greatest battlecruisers in existance. Until it came.

The mission was simple. A small band needed showing who was boss. Cloud had been looking forward to a good battle - he'd not had a decent one in years. Naturally, as soon as the order came in, he was already halfway to the ship. He took off and did the regulation diagnostic. Everything was fine. The Impulse Drive hummed and began the acceleration process while the Hyperspace Drive warmed up.
A small light caught Cloud's attention. Way off in the distance, probably several light-years away, though it was impossible to tell. He switched on his favourite heavy-metal music and watched the Hyperspace thermometer, thumbing the joystick in anticipation. Just a few more degrees...
Cloud hit the button, and something hit his ship. Very hard. The ship lurched into hyperspace, rather than the gradual acceleration that was normal. Cloud ran another diagnostic, but strangely, nothing abnormal showed up. The Hyperspace Drive had overheated slightly, but the cooling system was doing its job efficiently.

The journey through hyperspace passed without incident. Cloud eased the ship into normal space and, just to be sure, ran a third diagnostic. Everything was fine, except the cargo gauge which seemed to have been knocked a few units higher. He'd fix that later. He now needed to locate the band he'd been sent to... take care of. Cloud liked that term. It had a vicious irony to it. He began to scan the environment but found nothing in the quadrant ahead of him. He turned the ship and saw nothing there either. Most unusual. He tried to contact HQ, but some form of electromagnetic interference appeared to be blocking the signal.

Then Cloud saw a light. He looked closer. Yes, it was the same one as before. It must have been following him. He shook with fear, then was surprised at himself. Fear was for the weak, not him. Commander Cloud was never afraid. But that light had something about it... something eerie. Cloud couldn't quite put his finger on it. So he put his finger on the thruster instead. He wanted to find out more about that light.

As he approached, the light got slowly bigger. Obviously. He pointed the scanning device at it, but all that came out of it was a meaningless string of characters. Bizarre. The scanning device on his ship was cutting-edge; there was nothing it couldn't scan, or so the makers had claimed. Oviously, this light thing has never before existed in this universe.

The light was moving perpendicular to Cloud, but then it suddenly veered around a flew straight towards him. He managed to avoid it, barely. But the light was more efficient than any homing missile. It turned around extremely fast and collided with the ship's shield. The shock sent Cloud flying from his pilot's seat. Cloud got up and sat back down. He turned the ship in all directions, but there was no longer any sign of the light. He began to feel extremely afraid, and ran another diagnostic. The program scrolled through all of the functions, and everything was at green: engines, shields, weapons, cargo... ERROR: SCAN CANNOT CONTINUE. DIAGNOSING CAUSE OF ERROR.

Of course, since it was the diagnostic system that had the error, it crashed again and started to loop. Cloud quickly hit the Escape key and the loop froze. The computer seemed to realise that what it was doing was completely futile, and placed the diagnostic program under quarantine until it was debugged. Cloud would have to find the cause himself.

He called up the log and scrolled up to the beginning of the last diagnostic. The error occured during the scanning of the cargo bay. The gauge was off. Two and two make four. He left the cabin and made his way to the hold.

It was in ruins. All his emergency resources were scattered all over the floor. There wasn't a single box that hadn't been destroyed. Cloud walked to the local computer terminal, and the cause of the problem was all too clear. The light thing was connected to it, and appeared to be draining power from it. Cloud drew his pistol and shot it, but the bullet went straight through. Of course. Light was unaffected by solids. Cloud unholstered his laser rifle and shot a burst or two into the thing. It sparkled and grew brighter. Electric energy crackled around it. Cloud retreated to the door and sealed it shut. Whatever it was, it could stay there.

He returned to the cockpit and saw that things were getting worse. All the screens were displaying static. One of them would occasionally display some sense, but there was no constant signal from anywhere. Cloud shut down the power. Everything except the air filter. Below he heard crashes, and then the light was zooming away at tremendous speed.

Cloud recalled the diagnostic program on a mobile computer and set it up to scan everything but the cargo hold. All the screens went blank and two big, red words flashed upon them.

Fatal Error




Sunday, March 9th 2008, 10:08am

First Encounter: Part 1

First Encounter

“Shields are down, the gauss just got blown apart and the light lasers are shutting down sir!” cried Corporal Perez. Admiral Sam Loxley whirled from the command center window and marched to Perez’s console. “Shut the lasers down; reroute the power to the ion cannons, Ensign Banks, what’s the status of those fighters?” “They’re inbound sir! But it won’t be enough!” Banks replied to the Admiral. “Listen to me, I’m here to say if we make it or not, follow my orders and we may live long enough to see you demoted!” he yelled. Miles above them, lasers fired and interplanetary missiles rained down upon the planet. Suspended in the sky were a mass of ships, clumped so closely together it was impossible to distinguish one from the other. Silence fell upon the bridge as they watched in horror as one particular ship came into view.
“Deathstar!” shouted Perez and Banks in union. The Admiral glared, with steel in his eyes and ice in his veins. “Maintain your posts!” he shouted, and then muttered under his breath, “And pray the fleet makes it back in time.” Almost in answer to his silent wish, the sky east of the attacking fleet lit up, as explosions of hyperspace warps erupted across the horizon. The Deathstar slowly started to maneuver to face the new threat. Thousands of battleships flew forward from the east, their bows lit up with light from the weapons. The Deathstar was too late; the barrage had ripped apart the entire right side of it, exposing the graviton cannon.
Sparks flew down its length and a massive explosion blew out from the center of the Deathstar. The wave of plasma and white hot debris raced forward, threatening to engulf the battleships, but right when it seemed ready to consume the eastern fleet, the wave stopped, frozen in space, and spiraled backwards into the gravitational pull of the unfired graviton.
The attacking fleet’s ships were ripped in half, pulled from the sky like a bird tied to a cinderblock. The Deathstar collapsed around itself, distorted and bent, until finally being sucked into the vortex. The vortex shrunk and grew smaller, until it no longer existed, its thirst for metal and energy quenched.
The Admiral stared in disbelief, looking out over the now Deathstar devoid sky, watching the 1st Battalion’s battleships combing the skies for remainders of the now subatomic fleet. A comm. console buzzed, startling the three soldiers from their private reveries. “Sir, it’s the 1st Battalion’s Flagship, the Guardian,” stuttered Banks. “The Admiral’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “Punch ‘em through,’ he answered.
“Hey Cap, how’s the weather down there?” came a joking voice on the comm. link. The Admiral’s fierce features softened, and broke into a knowing look. “How many times do I have to tell you, John, I was promoted! I’m an Admiral now, and you’d better get it straight because not even that shiny battleship of yours is gonna be able to save your ass!” shouted the Admiral hoarsely. The voice came through again in mock surprise, “Well, I’ll be damned; I could swear I just saved you from becoming ionized dust stuck to the afterburners. A “thanks” would be nice, you know. Anyways, HQ wants a full board meeting, as in you, me, and the techies. And you owe me a beer!”

Commander John Ducey clicked off the comm. console and smiled. He’s still the same stubborn head case I met in training. “Okay boys, let’s bring it in, land her at HQ, the Directors want a full report. Have the rest of the Battalion continue patrols,” he ordered. He swept up an ancient black leather jacket off his chair, threw it on, and walked off towards his quarters, the grin permanently plastered to his face. Perfect, was the last thought to float through his mind.

The Commander opened his eyes to stare at the metallic ceiling tiles of his 8ft by 8ft box, wondering what woke him up. “We’ve arrived at HQ!” shouted a voice through the intercom. Ah yes…that’s what did it, he thought. Slowly he sat up. He rubbed his eyes and walked to the door. It slid open with a hiss, and closed behind him as he stepped through and came face to face with a Techie. Just what I need, the Board cutting in on my sleep... He yawned as the Techie motioned to him to follow. “I know where I have to go, I’ve been sitting in there longer than you’ve been counting deuterium usage,” spat John. The frightened Techie said nothing as they walked down the florescent lit corridor.
“I’m just a Corporal, but, what does that bar on your chest mean?” asked the Techie in a small, wavering voice. “That well, uh…Here, I’ll give you an over view explanation. The entire government is divided into four branches. The Chairman and Board of Directors are in charge of everything on a colony and also report directly to the Emperor on the homeworld. The other three branches, including the Defense Division, the Combat Division, and the Intel Division all report to the Board, which in turn goes back to the Emperor.
“The Combat Division uniforms are black, the ranking insignias done in yellow, and a single yellow bar for the Commander, leader of the Division. That’s me. The Defense Division and the Intel Division are done the same way, with the exception of the colors. The Defense Division uniforms are red with black insignias, and the Intel uniforms are grey with blue insignias; that’s you. The leader of the Defense Division is Admiral Sam Loxley, and the Intel leader is…I don’t know actually. But do you think you’ve got that all down?” finished John. They turned down another corridor, this time accompanied with a set of six heavily armed guards; all garbed in red battle suits. “I think so, sir,” replied the Techie, slowly absorbing the entire speech.
They continued on in silence, until they reached the end of the corridor. The guards halted, leaving the Commander and his escort to continue on. A dual set of thick, iron clad doors whisked open, giving a panoramic view of the curved desk of the directors.
“Finally, you’re awake! The Board has been waiting for you!” said an old man seated in front of the center of the large desk. A similar set of eight other old men glared at him. The Commander merely smiled. He walked slowly towards the smaller desk on the other side of the room where the Admiral was already seated.
“Commander Ducey, you are aware the Board Meeting started 15 minutes ago? No matter, now that you’re here we can sort this whole mess out,” said the old man, ruffling a folder filled with documents. “Mess?” muttered John to the Admiral. The Admiral looked at him and huffed. “There’s no mess, these idiots-” started Loxley. “What were you saying?” quipped the old man. “Nothing? Good. Commander Ducey, first, I would like to congratulate you on your triumphant return. However, your amazing display of force cost us millions in resources!” the old man shouted.
“Cost you millions?” asked John as he stood up. “How in the Scythe do you reason I lost millions? I saved everything! They didn’t even get to go home defeated, you’re out of your-” “Mind!?” yelled back the old man. “No Commander, you are! By imploding that Deathstar all the valuable resources our recyclers could have scooped up are lost to the void! Who told you to give that order!?” “I didn’t give any order!” shouted John, the heat flaring up past the collar of his jacket. A Techie stood forward from another table in the room that John hadn’t noticed yet.
His standard grey uniform was covered in blue stripes across the shoulders, and a solid blue bar was placed above his left breast. His voice quickly rang out in a crisp, sharp tone.
“Commander Ducey, according to the ships’ logs on every one of those ships, including the Guardian, there was a priority one message, issued by you, giving detailed co-ordinates on where exactly to fire at the Deathstar. You timed it perfectly. Every shot tore through the weak wing section and exposed the cannon, effectively destroying it and the entire fleet arrayed around it. You’re guilty, as charged,” finished the Techie. John stared in shock, and slowly lowered himself into his chair. “Who is that?” whispered John to Sam without taking his eyes off the clean cut Techie. “That, is the latest installment of the Intel leadership. Following the death of our good friend Mitchell, they voted for him. Goes by the name of Tom Delk,” replied Sam.
“Chairman and Directors, I do have to say one thing though,” continued Delk with a slashing glance at John. “If Commander Ducey hadn’t reacted the way he had, there would be no recyclers to retrieve the scrap, nor men to pilot them. According to the tactical readouts, and the proof of Commander Ducey’s well coordinated attack, it was the only way Sar Mara would have survived the attack. Any deviation would have cost us our lives. And for that, Commander Ducey should be celebrated. I have other matters to attend to now, including finding out who attacked us. I bid you farewell,” finished Delk, and he calmly walked through the double doors and disappeared from sight.
The Chairman and the directors once again shifted their attention to the Commander. “Well Commander, it seems we owe you…not the other way around. This meeting has been dismissed…” said the Chairman with a defeated sigh. John stood and turned to Sam. “Well, that was fun. Now how about that beer?” he asked. “For Mitchell?” asked Sam. “For Mitchell,” replied John.




Friday, March 14th 2008, 8:04pm

Donovan was beginning to regret his decision. He had first met Jessica at a bar on Front Street after class. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She sauntered over to him through the crowd, with every eye in the place watching her. She seemed oblivious to everyone but him. Donovan had barely been able to sputter out “hello” when she introduced herself and asked if she could join him.

She had a way of talking and gesturing that loosened his tongue and put him at ease. Before he knew it he was telling her every idea and dream he had ever had. She was so attentive, ignoring all of the popular guys in the bar who tried to lure her away. She laughed at his jokes, complimented him, and smelled like fresh flowers in spring.

They spent every minute of the next few days together before she told him that she had to leave. She was part of the crew of a colony ship bound for the Rim. Donovan was sure that she had never suggested that he join up, that it was entirely his idea. But looking back, he was now just as sure she had manipulated him from the start. When he volunteered to join her, Jessica’s eyes had misted up and she had given him a big hug.

They walked to the Recruiting Station and he signed all of the forms, without looking too carefully at what he was signing. In the morning, they walked together to the S.S. Kliney Burns, her in her uniform, him in his civies. When they got to the ship, he went to intake to get his uniform, kit, and assignments, and she went to her quarters. They had planned to meet in the forward dining room for dinner after orientation, but she had never shown up.

Donovan spent several days trying to locate Jessica, but the more people he talked to, the more Jessicas he heard about. It quickly became clear that most of the volunteers had been hoodwinked by one Jessica or another. They would pay for their romantic spontaneity with hard labor, cramped quarters, lousy food, and desperate loneliness for the next two years as the Kliney Burns slowly plodded its way out to their destination, some desolate nowhere ten-thousand parsecs from the middle of nowhere.

- - - - -

Donovan sat in his hammock rereading Mandevez the Red: Space Pirate for the twentieth time. He had seen vids of space fleets at the vidoma, and it had always seemed so exciting. Tens of thousands of ships, whirling and diving, banking like a hovercraft, exploding into a billion shards when hit by a laser and huge glass windows on the bridge, looking out on countless stars that blurred past the streaking ships.

His own real-life experiences had been far more mundane and trivial. The Kliney Burns did not have a single window. To maximize space, the ship was a sphere, which rotated to create artificial gravity. This had the result of varying levels of artificial gravity depending on the section of the ship. For the most part, people remained in similar-force gravity zones to prevent disorientation.

As for turning, the ship flew in a straight line from start to finish. For the first half of the journey, the ship’s rear thrusters were on full throttle, sending the ship faster and faster. Then, one day, the klaxon sounded, all equipment was stowed, all personnel were ordered to emergency stations. Then the rear engines were slowly shutdown and the forward engines were slowly engaged. For the rest of the journey, the ship slowly lost all of the speed they had attained during their first year.

Because there were no windows, and Donovan was not privy to the ship’s orders, he did not know that in fact the Kliney Burns was part of a vast flotilla of ships. Nor was Donovan aware that they were not on a peaceful colonization mission, but in fact were attacking a distant fleet, a fleet that was totally oblivious to the fact that some four thousand ships were going to be colliding just outside of the atmosphere of a small planet that circled aimlessly around a non-descript orange star on the rim of the galaxy.

What Donovan did know was every square inch of the #B5R Boiler Room. It was Donovan’s job to keep the room spotless. Twice a day he swabbed the floor. Every other day he polished all of the gauges. Once a week he re-calibrated the timing mechanism and verified the output meter. Every month he swapped over to the auxiliary boiler and stripped down and refitted the primary. In addition, he was responsible for monitoring the temperature in the core, fuel and coolant levels, and responding to any alarms. When he was not doing anything else, he would repaint, fill out the log book, or clean and dust the equipment.

During his few off-duty hours each day, he read and reread the ship’s compliment of pulp fiction. For a while he had hung out with the other workers, played cards or dice, swapped stories about women he had never known, and drunk what little pay he did not lose to gambling. But he tired of this after a while and spent his time reading what was available, and thinking back on a few glorious days when his life was full of warmth, love, and . . . well, Jessica.

- - - - -

The Kliney Burns was part of an armada of attacking ships 2000 strong. But what was unusual about this fleet was that it was comprised entirely of colony ships. Not known for their speed, maneuverability, fuel economy, fire power, or general combat worthiness, they were nonetheless effective in large numbers. The Admiral had been planning this attack since long before Donovan was born, or Jessica began her recruiting career, although the specific quarry had only been spotted immediately before launch.

The Admiral had been watching members of a rival alliance for a long time. When he saw activity on this particular planet he requested that his Sensor Phalanx operator isolate activity there. He had seen incoming ships clearly hoping to create a moon around the planet. The attempt had failed and the Admiral had intently watched activity on the planet and eventually saw a moonshot fleet and its attendant recyclers and cargos going on a slow recycling mission to a debris field around one of the outer planets in the solar system.

The Admiral immediately mobilized his forces across five galaxies and began shipping resources, support ships, and combat ships to his near moon. Meanwhile, on the planet surface, anti-ballistic missiles (ABMs) were removed from silos and Interplanetary missiles (IPMs) were hastily built. A call went out for additional fuel to an ally, who responded with military precision.

In all, six waves of ships streaked toward the unsuspecting victim. The first, comprised entirely of colony ships would cripple the enemy. The second, comprised of capital ships and cargos, would finish off the remains of the victim’s fleet, and the final four waves of cargos would strip the fleet and planet of its resources. Finally, a wave of recyclers would collect the debris from the victim’s fleet.

Contrary to the stories seen in vids, once launched, ships relied almost entirely on computers. Humans were far too slow to provide any useful guidance. Ships in combat were too far away to be seen with the naked eye, assuming that there were naked eyes that could even see them. Experiments that allowed human control and decisionmaking into the process had resulted in utter failure. In the end, the only human involvement was ordering the ships to specific coordinates at a specific time. Everything else was done by computers. Even human decisions on which ships should attempt to engage which other ships had resulted in dismal failure. Instead, fleets were deployed randomly and attacked opposing ships just as randomly. In large numbers the results became very predictable and did not require ships to attempt to relocate and waste time searching for “premium” targets.

- - - - -

Donovan had almost forgotten that they were soon to land at some far-off planet to begin a new life colonizing some piece of rock for the Emperor. Although this was his first voyage on a colony ship, or any ship for that matter, it quickly became apparent that this was no ordinary mission. Two weeks before the forward engines would completely halt the ship’s progress, the crew were made to repeatedly man battle stations, practice a number of seemingly random maneuvers, and maintain an especially high level of uptime for all machinery.

In fact, when it came to the battle itself, Donovan was barely even aware of what was going on, much less the results. The computers guided the attacking ships to a halt just within range of the enemy fleet, arriving right on their tails. The main guns on the colony ships fired into the light fighters, cargos, recyclers, and probes of the enemy fleet, as well as knocking the planet’s solar satellites out of orbit. Although each blast sent a slight jolt through the ship, and the enemy’s weapons caused the colony ship to shudder as the energy was dissipated by the shields and armor, it was hard to feel the movement over the normal thrumming of the machinery all around.

As quickly as it had started, the fighting was over. The fleet exchanged pods filled with books, vids, and homemade items for the trip back while the computers calculated their return. Soon, the engines slowly began a year’s worth of acceleration back toward their home world.

- - - - -

On the enemy planet, a very different scenario occurred. After the failed moonshot, the Planetary Commander had sent his fleet off to a nearby debris field and gone to sleep. Not long after, the Watch was alerted to inbound IPMs. ABMs were launched to intercept the incoming missiles, but the IPMs kept streaking down upon the planetary defenses long after the ABM silos were empty. As this was a common occurrence in this part of the rim, the Watch followed standard protocol and left a report for the Commander for the morning.

As the moonshot fleet and support ships turned toward home, an even stranger thing occurred. The deep-space sensors detected a shadow fleet right behind the returning friendly fleet. At first it was thought that the mass of the returning fleet, enhanced with debris from the failed moonshot and the debris field was simply double-reading. But soon it became apparent that in fact it was another fleet.

The watch notified the Duty Officer who spent a long time trying to determine the meaning of this strange occurrence. The first thought was that in fact this was a friendly fleet being towed back by the moonshot fleet. A new protocol had recently been added concerning expeditions outside of the galaxy. On several occasions fleets had been sent on expeditions and perhaps there had been a screw-up and these ships had been sent out with the wrong orders and had found additional ships.

The Duty Officer reviewed the original commands and orders and came to the conclusion that in fact the orders were all properly submitted and executed and that the following fleet was definitely not in tow. However, none of the following fleet were war ships. In fact, the Watch had run a preliminary simulation which indicated that any battle would result in a draw. The obvious conclusion was that the following fleet had been driven off course or perhaps was another moonshot fleet from an ally.

As the Duty Officer checked the coordinates of the originating moon, he glanced over and saw the IPM report awaiting the Planetary Commander’s arrival. Scanning quickly through the report, the Duty Officer exclaimed, “What is this?”

The Watch replied, “we saw incoming IPMs from a large moon and launched ABMs to intercept, Sir.”

“And why was I not informed?” shot back the Duty Officer.

The Watch sputtered out, “well, uh, the protocol says, umm, to write up a report at the, I mean for the Commander, and . . .” his voice trailed off at the dangerous look in the Duty Officer’s steel-grey eyes.

“The IPMs are coming from the same coordinates as the incoming fleet, and this” he threw the preliminary battle report at the Watch, “only indicates that the battle will be a draw, but without the defenses, that incoming fleet is going to devastate our returning fleet.”

Storming over to the deep-space sensors the Duty Officer pointed an accusatory finger at the screen, “and those other waves are not only going to finish the fleet off, but clean this planet out of resources and energy as well.”

The Watch began to sputter an awkward apology “but, with, you know, well I . . .”

OUT!” screamed the Duty Officer to the Watch. Turning to the

Command Center the Duty Officer yelled, “Battle Stations! Get the Planetary Commander here immediately!”

By the time the Planetary Commander was awakened and brought up to speed, it was too late to do more than watch the drama unfold. Additional defenses and ABM were built and the incoming fleet warned. But it was all for naught. Seconds before the fleet returned, a salvo of IPMs flattened the newly-built defenses and before the people in the Command Center could react, the returning fleet had been destroyed and the debris recycled, and most of the resources remaining on the planet and from the earlier moon attempt were already on their way back to the enemy moon.

- - - - -

Back on the Kliney Burns, the intercom clicked on and the Captain made an announcement. “Congratulations. Today we have won a great victory against the ignoble enemy. We took no losses and destroyed twenty-two hundred enemy ships, some half of the enemy fleet. We head home now as victors. All crew will receive a combat bonus and three free-time credits.” In the background the cheering on the bridge could be heard before the intercom clicked back off.

The trip home was far easier than the trip out. Perhaps knowing that he was returning to the only planet he had ever known, as well as to his family, friends, and who knew, perhaps even Jessica, made it more manageable. In addition, heading back along a worn path is always easier than forging out into the unknown. There was new reading material, and some fresh food from the cargos, and a week after the turn, Donovan was presented with his combat medal. The extra pay and the free-time credits also made life a little better.

Eventually, the Kliney Burns made it back to the atmosphere of Donovan’s home world. After long years in space, the sunlight almost blinded him as he stepped down the gangway and back onto terra firma. His nose was assaulted by the many smells that he had long ago forgotten. The sounds of the space port were a welcome departure from the never-ending thrumming of the Kliney Burns's boilers.

With his rucksack over one shoulder and his freshly-pressed uniform, he headed toward the exit of the space port. Although as a small child he had once dreamed of returning from space a hero, he had never really expected what came next. As he and his fellows opened the space port door, they were nearly bowled over by the cacophony of sound. There must have been a million people awaiting their return. Banners and flags waved, bands played, loved ones screamed, and it was all they could do to press forward and out of the way of their fellows following behind.

After reconnecting with his family, Donovan spent a few weeks just lazing about. The freedom of doing as he pleased and not taking orders or scrubbing oil out of crevices was almost too much. And all of the fresh foods, long showers, books, and vids, and, and, well, and everything that was missing during his existence on the Kliney Burns.

Eventually, Donovan headed back to school to finish his studies. But it was a very different Donovan. He was more confident and mature. Although the lack of sun had bleached his skin, the constant work had firmed up his body and the rigid discipline had forced upon him a neater appearance and better posture.

It was about a month after he returned that he was sitting in a park reading his astrolab assignment when he looked up to see a familiar figure walking with a young speckle-faced lad. Donovan’s heart stopped for a couple of beats as their eyes met. It was Jessica. The young boy did not even seem to notice as Jessica gave a start of surprise, so engrossed was he with the beautiful siren. With a word to him she sent the boy off to fetch ice cream, and Donovan was hard put not to think how much the boy seemed like a trained puppy. He wondered how similarly he had acted only a few short years earlier.

As the two approached each other across the freshly mown lawn, Donovan had no idea what he would say to Jessica. But then, she had always had a way of getting him to talk.

- Ike

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"Forgotten Seed"


Forgotten Seed

Imperial Administration Complex #07, Department of Intelligence
Koriander Prime City
Capital District #01, Theta Meta-Region
Kore, Nexus System
GST: 10 Heptember 538 IC [~3671 AD]

Sub-Commander Gurt’s office was a dimly-lit expanse of luxurious appointments. He leaned back in his massive chair with a sort of stoic contentment. To his left, half the wall glistened with a sheet of water cascading over a slab of imported marble. The quiet bubbling of water calmed his nerves. Presently a melodious chime sounded.
Furrowing his brows and emitting a small sigh of irritation, Gurt shifted his bulky frame forward, activating his com. The glowing holo blurred into a crisp field of light hovering over his desk, itself an ornate working of exotic woods that had cost a fortune. He squinted as his eyes adjusted to the iridescent glow. Somebody had sent a message to him:

RECIPIENT: Sub-Commander N. Gurt, Class 4 Supervisor, TacIntel, IAC
RESPONSE: CoordVerify


Gurt’s widened slightly with mild interest, skimming over the rest of the message briefly. A classified CoVe was usually a military target. Gurt scoffed. Well, there was technically a war still in progress, after all. It had been going on for literally decades at this point, although the Empire had all but obliterated most of the serious separatist threats. But when Humanity managed to control a good bit of the galaxy, with a population numbering in the trillions, there was always going to be fighting somewhere. There wasn’t much to worry about on the capital world, of course, or anywhere near the core systems for that matter, but the seps were still making noise along the Rim. Well, it was probably some rusty outpost ready to be put out of its misery. He ran the attached file through his decryption algorithms and forwarded it to one of his techs, with a reminder to conceal the trail. Although technically he was supposed to verify anything sent directly to him, he rarely did these days.
Shrugging inwardly, Sub-Commander Gurt leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, thinking of what his mistress might be wearing for him tonight.


Technician Second-Class Albrem was hunched forward close to his holo, cramped as usual in his cubespace. His plain office was little more than a box with a desk and a door, and in the corridor past that door were countless other boxes harboring bored technicians and overworked clerks engaged in their endless mundane tasks. All for the glorious empire. Albrem saw a message pop up for him and smirked. It was another assignment from his boss, who was probably shirking his responsibilities again. Ever since he had uncovered some sensitive information about Commander Stonsin a few months ago, he could sit in that huge office all day and hardly do anything except bully his subordinates. Not that he ever physically came down here to Sub-Level 8. Albrem smiled as he imagined fat old Gurt huffing around the hot cramped corridors adorned with endless doors, lost and frustrated. Sighing, he returned to his holo and opened the message. Another co-vee, terrific. Verifying coordinates, particularly for remote targets, was tedious work, but it’s how he got his creds.
Quelling a sudden pang of loneliness, Albrem studied the dense string of coordinates and began loading his charts. It was going to be a long evening.


Classified Rally Point, Deep Space
Alpha-Beta Divide Approximate
GSL: gSector 04.???? [A13-01.04/04.??/??.??]
GSD: 34 Novinder 538 IC

Aboard the overbridge, Admiral Xymson waited. On the outside, he appeared calm and collected as he stood rigidly, unmoving, hands clasped behind his back. Tall, immobile, authoritative. Exactly as he needed to be. Surrounding him on the spacious bridge, various officers waited at their posts, tensely silent. The vast viewscreen to which Xymson directed his intense gaze remained blank. Without moving, he spoke crisply:

“Where is that visual, Lieutenant?” Xymson spat the rank out nearly as an insult, and channeled all of his impatience and agitation into it. The young officer addressed appeared visibly shaken, dancing his fingers over his controls.

“Sir, feedback confirms scuttle deployment, but there’s some ionic interference, which I’m currently compensating for by recalibrating the har-“ The Admiral waved his hand, cutting the officer short.

“Don’t tell me about it, just do it. Rattrell, how long since they jumped?” Another officer hastily checked a readout.

“One hour seventeen minits, Sir.” The Admiral nodded. He had decided that at two standard hours they were going to jump in with Beta Assembly, communication or not. Apparently they had engaged almost directly after the jump, and the resistance had to be considerable, but that was understandable. Xymson allowed himself a tight smile. No matter. It simply meant that many seps were going to die today.

“Get the core hot. We’re jumping in 30 minits. And make sure we jump in close, I want them to get a good look at us.”


Unidentified Planet [ref. sChart 2845.155mClass/Possible Separatist Colony]
Alpha-Beta Divide Approximate
GSL: gSector 04.???? [A13-01.04/04.??/??.??]
GSD: 34 Novinder 538 IC

The expansive vacuum of space above the milky blue planet was alight with silent fire. The Imperial fleet designated as Assembly B was bearing down upon the relatively tightly-knit cluster of ships defending the world, but it was no easy advance. Literally thousands of fighters darted in and out of the massive capital ships; countless bursts of light and plasma explosions springing in and out of existence with each passing moment of the intense battle.
Admiral Lunn lurched in his command chair as a small group of suicide fighters slammed into their shields, flaring the vast wall of energy. Lunn’s face was creased with worry. Although relatively safe in his flagship, the Destroyer-class vessel “Nox,” it was apparent that the defenders were all willing to give their lives. He looked at the viewscreen, which was a busy mess of fighters dogfighting around the nearest ship, an old N-10 bomber.

“Tactical, I want the bombers to pull back, they aren’t doing any good here. Commander Yulna, we need Deel’s cruisers in the hot zone now! And where’s our comm?”
The comm station accommodated three exhausted-looking men, one of whom replied without looking up:

“Sir, comm with Alpha is still down. Our scuttles are active and recording visual data, but I don’t think they’re broadcasting properly. There’s some interference somewhere between here and the rally point that intel didn’t tell us about.”

Admiral Lunn cursed as he looked down at a sensor report on his holo, indicating 47 more ships coming around the planet. That put the defenders at around 120 ships. He now had 79 at his command, and although the seps didn’t have as many fighters, they were putting up a hellish fight with regular reinforcements. He wasn’t sure what else this planet might launch at them, but so far it was certainly a surprise to find this sort of resistance out in the middle of nowhere. He spoke aloud then, almost to himself:

“Sok, we’ve really stirred a nest of theetles.” He opened a channel on the BattNet. “Sub-Admiral Deel? Push those cruisers forward and blanket them with Squadrons…Red, Black, Yellow. Set up a stop-web at the coords I’m sending you, and watch out for…that group of battlecruisers there, I’m marking it as group 4G on your tacmap. Lunn out.” A slightly distorted voice responded affirmatively and he leaned back into his chair, praying for that arrogant Xymson to jump in with his behemoth.


SkyStation #27, “Ikarius
Geosynchronous Orbit, Unidentified Planet

Commander, Blukron Armada is entering Zone 5, ETA 200 sekonds.” Commander Foxley nodded curtly, glancing out the viewport. Unlike the detached comfort one appreciated while looking at a simscreen, this was an actual window to the outside void, and the picture it framed was frighteningly violent. He never imagined it would come to this, an actual invasion here at their home. The Lathan Empire’s ruthless efficiency was infuriating, but there was nothing to be done about that now. All they could do was retaliate and deal out death until death was dealt. He smiled grimly as he recalled the couplet written by the great Aelderen:
“For death the time is always nigh – but Death itself shall never die.”

“Acknowledged, Ensign. We’re bleeding fighters too quickly, call Central for reinforcements in this sector. Contact whoever the local squad CO is and issue a general defend redirect, cross-shift cluster formation. The officer nodded and turned to his controls, working quickly. Outside the viewport, the pinpoints of light grew brighter. Foxley knew that the core of the battle raged many kilometers away, but already waves of fighters and a few cruisers had jumped ahead, presumably to test the defensive capabilities of the orbital stations and planetary defense arrays. They had been dispatched, but still the Empire closed in, like a giant steel fist full of lasers clenching slowly, inexorably. Around their home. He leaned back and sighed in his chair, fighting against an overwhelming despair at the madness of it all.
“If only they knew what they were doing.” If any of the officers around heard him, they gave no sign.


Carrier Station 593
Primary Orbital Defense Fleet Assemblies

The sixteen H-4 Heavy Fighters composing the Black Wind squad swarmed out of one of the dozen or so carrier stations, or buckets, nearest to the defense fleet. Lieutenant Mander was young, cocky, and sometimes reckless. But he was brilliant at making things blow up, and he had fifteen elite pilots to help him do just that. He opened a channel to his squad:

“Alright, everybody’s green status. Form on me and let’s give them some reinforcements. Primary target is battleship designated BS-35 on your canopy displays. Distance is 5000 and closing fast. Heads up.”The cluster of fighters darted across space, the massive battleship looming directly ahead, attempting to skirt around a battlegroup in order to engage a relatively defenseless SkyStation. Mander refreshed his canopy with data uploaded from the FleetNet’s servers and a series of green blips began popping up around the battleship – friendly fighters already engaged with the ship. A single red blip hovered over the center of the capital, meaning…

“Squad, let’s get in there! There are no escorts, I repeat – no fighters…thrust it!” He ignited his burstdrive and sped forward, veering along the length of the ship as it fired wildly in all directions, desperately attacking the crippling swarm. Mander quickly assessed the damage and re-opened the channel:

“Tob, take your wing along starboard, I’ll handle port.”

“Acknowledged, Black One. Black Eleven through Sixteen, on me.” Half the squadron broke off and dove under the belly of the vessel, which even now was listing to one side, its auxiliary engines failing. Mander gripped his sticks and pulled up, setting his reticle on the bridge tower and immediately spitting out twin blasts with practiced aim. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Black Seven, one of his best, barrel out of a volley of plasma tracers, eluding the battleship’s lock and releasing his own bright blue streams of destruction on the shields, which flared and flickered almost constantly under the aggressive barrage.

“Black One, this is Black 10…port engines are disable-“ A burst of static cut him off as the aft of the vessel erupted in a massive explosion, his canopy immediately dimming to compensate for the influx of light. He smiled grimly, looping tightly around for another run on the tower. It wasn’t much of a ‘tower’ really, and was intentionally given a low profile, but he knew that’s where the bridge was. He saw a number of explosions erupting on the hull surface itself now, indicating that the shields had finally suffered a general failure. Sighting the tower once more, he bore down and nearly overheated his blasters as he slammed the luminescent bolts into the superstructure. Moments later, the ship went micronova, and the fighters darted away quickly like agitated insects as the battleship became a blinding ball of light for an instant, just as quickly fading out into a slowly drifting network of faintly burning debris punctuated by brightly spewing oxy-fires.

“Good work, Blacks. Standby for further instruction, contacting Fleet Com-“ He stopped short as he squinted at his canopy, which had just registered a new unidentified blip, far off to moonside, away from the invading fleet. There was no visual, as it was still too far off, but it looked like reinforcements had just arrived, and…

“...oh my god,” the normally crisp and cocky Lieutenant uttered, forgetting that his channel was still open.


Admiral Xymson frowned at the stream of intel being fed to his com amidst the bustling overbridge. So much information to digest in such a short time, and as brilliant as Xymson was, it was time to simplify the equation a bit. It looked as if the battle was more or less a stalemate of complicated fleet movements and subgroups dancing around each other, fighters swarming around everywhere like tiny asteroids with guns. It was messy. And he was here to clean things up. He tapped his pad dexterously, unlocking the Fire Authorization Codes, and then sent them to Captain Sela, posted on the Secondary Bridge. It was time to put an end to this. He opened up a channel to Sela, speaking quickly.

“Captain, I am giving you the Final Authorize. Codes are being transmitted. I want realtime fire data fed to my team up here. Do not fail. And dismiss our escorts, I want them out of burst range and engaging anything that comes near us. Understood?”

“Yes, Admiral.” Xymson closed the channel and exhaled a long breath, inaudible to all around him. It would finally be done, and the gravity of the decision – not really his but High Command’s, admittedly – weighed heavily on his conscience. Nobody out here really knew what they were doing, except Xymson himself and a few extremely loyal intel officers. The normally cold and calculating Xymson closed his eyes and prayed for forgiveness, despite himself.


SkyStation #27, “Ikarius
Geosynchronous Orbit, Unidentified Planet

Commander Foxley stared in the frightened silence of the bridge, but couldn’t believe it. No, he wouldn’t believe it. But there it was. The sensor data was still streaming in to confirm it, and an enhanced magnification rendered it beautifully to behold with his own eyes. A Rimsky Industries Platform. A RIP. Manufactured by the vast Rimsky shipyards, these enormous firing platforms were capable of producing a beam of such intensity that it was rumored to be able to destroy moons, and even some planets. As this horrifying realization sunk in, a few people moaned quietly to themselves, immobile with shock. A young officer spoke aloud in tremulous tones, fighting back emotion:

“Commander, Central is notified. It’s all over the FleetNet. They are scrambling evacs, but….but…” The man trailed off, unable to speak any more, but everybody in the room already knew that it was pointless to attempt to evac the entire planet. And whoever did manage to get off and survive the initial blast would be eradicated by the imperial fleet. Including them. In fact, Foxley considered with an almost detached amusement, they’d probably be lucky to die in the blastwave. At any rate, the SkyStations were not built to mobilize very well. There was nothing they could do except sit there and wait.

Which is exactly what they did.


Master Gunnery Sergeant Oppen walked past the various stations of his officers with approval, as one by one they confirmed ready status. He had a good firing team. They had ignited the gun fourteen times in the past, and fourteen targets had been eliminated. They had trained with countless simulations, and they were hand picked from literally thousands of applicants. They were severely professional, and utterly detached.

“Sergeant Malford, general status?” The heavyset man leaned back slightly from his holo, crowded with data, and replied crisply:

“Tributaries one through thirty-six all optimal, Sir. Stabilizing field optimal. Focusing array optimal. Coordinates locked.”

“Excellent. Where are we, anyway?” Oppen always liked to know what he was destroying, out of some morbid curiosity.

“Class M, Sir. Population approximately 17 billion.” The officer skimmed through the data file. “Looks like a very old colony, but I don’t see anything on the dBase, just internal data. Overrun by separatists, naturally.” Malford continued to scan quickly, scrolling the text along his holo.

“Here’s a name, Sir – ‘Sol III, Earth’.” At that moment, a chime sounded from somewhere, and his comm spoke up.

“Sir, we’re getting the final authorization codes for firing sequence.” Oppen raised an arm, suddenly rooted to the spot where he stood. Where had he heard that name before? Irth? No…that didn’t look right in his mind’s eye. He swayed a bit, nearly overcome by the power of a very distant memory, summoned by such a simple word. It slipped away from his direct recall, but there was something very familiar about that name.

“Sir? Shall I enter the codes?” Oppen looked up at the visual of the target on the viewscreen, a beautiful blue planet blanketed with clouds and obscured by thousands of ships and stations, tiny explosions of light blinking in and out of existence. Irth? The word hung there in Oppen’s head, but the insistence of the chime broke him from his contemplative reverie.

“Ah…yes. Yes, put the codes in and initiate the pre-fire sequence.” There was a coordinated response in the affirmative as his team went to work, powering up the massive array of tributary cannons which would coalesce in the stasis field and accelerate a superfocused beam of unimaginable power to its unfortunate target. Already, the fragment of a memory was fading from Oppen’s mind, as his imperial implant subtly modified his mnemonics with a tiny mixture of soothing chemicals. He smiled with satisfaction as the tracer beams punctured the planet’s cloudy shell, already vaporizing the upper atmosphere and preparing the ground site for the primary beam.

Soon it would be fifteen targets.


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You Are Not Alone
The Longest Short Story Ever
By RaZmAn

Disclaimer: Popular to contrary belief, this story is not based on RaZmAn's real life. The main character in this story is not a real life persona of RaZmAn. Events that occurred in this story are fictional. No animals were harmed during this story telling. If you are pregnant, have headaches at night, have chest pains, and/or kidney or liver problems, please read this story with caution.


On November 17, 2091, a tragic event occurred that would affect the future of lil Johnnie.

James was a simple Large Cargo who worked as a mechanic. He met his wife Jane, a Small Cargo, at the "How to Avoid an Asteroid" seminar where they quickly fell in love. They lived in a small house on planet Theodora. They never had any fights, and the only argument they had was in regards to having a child. Jane always wanted to be a mom and build her own son, but James was against it. It's not that he did not want to be a father, but because they could not afford to get one built. Jane was determined though and worked two jobs until she finally saved enough money to get her and James a son.

The building process takes exactly 3 days. The first day is training, the second day is preparing all the tools necessary and choosing out what kind of child you want, and the third day is the building process. On the third day, the machines are started up and they shut off in 24 hours so it is important to finish on time. No one was allowed in the building area during the third day so James watched from the viewing window. After Jane was successfully trained and after she picked out all her tools, she was ready to start building her son. Everything started going smoothly until she encountered some errors in between.

Robbie, the chief project manager of Robotics Enterprise Inc., was sitting at top in a viewing booth and used a microphone to relay information to Jane.

"Build harder!" said Robbie.

"I can't finish it! It's hurting my arms!" replied Jane.

"You can't stop now. If you don't build quicker it won't be done in time before the machines shut off. Just relax and take a few breaths and then finish the job as soon as possible."

There was only 4 minutes left before the machines shut off. Jane gathered up all her might and started building as quickly as possible. With seconds counting down, she amazingly managed to finish building her very own son before the machines shut off. James sighed from relief and opened the door to meet his wife and new son. As he was walking over, he noticed sparks coming out of Jane as she fell down to one knee. She had become overly exhausted from working so hard so quickly and now her inner core was starting to die down.

"No!" yelled James as he ran quickly towards Jane.

Jane didn't even notice that she had been leaking fuel the entire time. All she could do now is just lovingly staring at her son. James started yelling for help even though he knew it would be too late to help her. All he could do is hold her tightly as she began to shut off. With her last words she said "We'll call him Johnnie" and then she closed her eyes forever. Tears of oil dripped from James' eyes as he let out a deafening cry. He turned over to look at his son on the table, but he couldn't feel joyous. All he could do is stare at Johnnie, a Probe, in anger.


"Damn it Johnnie, can't you do anything right? Now look what you've done! There is a hole in the couch" yelled James at Johnnie for not moving the furniture in the house properly.

"Dad, it's not my fault. It was like that when I took it out of the moving truck."

"Whatever, just take your things and put them in your room. I'll finish doing this always."

Johnnie, disappointed from his father's continuous lack of support or help, took his things out of the truck and ran up into his room.

Johnnie was a quiet little Probe. While other Probes were adventurous and always gathering information, Johnnie would stay in his room and read about it. He was never taught many things by his father so he had to learn most of it from reading. He loved reading. His main interest was learning new ways to tweak his engines so he could fly faster. Johnnie wanted to master the art of flying at the speed of light, something only the Elder Probes knew how to do. The best part is that if they touch something while flying at the speed of light then that also goes at the speed of light. Johnnie always wanted to meet an Elder Probe in hopes that he would take him on a lightning fast journey.

Johnnie attempted to fly at the speed of light many times, but he failed miserably. Last time he tried, his engines ended up failing midair and he fell a few kilometers down and broke his legs. They were repaired within a few days, but news of his attempt was made public across Theodora's TV and radio. His peers mocked him at his ridiculous attempt and he was made fun of everywhere he went. His father felt no sorrow for his son. He even punished Johnnie for doing it.

James was never the same after that night his wife left the world. He never fell in love again, nor did he try to. Every time he got angry, he took it out on poor little Johnnie. James didn't even try to hide the fact that Johnnie being born killed his mother. One night James came home overly intoxicated on Deuterium and blurted out to Johnnie that he is the reason his mom is dead. The next day James sobered up and realized what he had said the night before. He had no regrets. He brought it up many times after as well. Sometimes it was direct, sometimes it was indirect. One day Johnnie came home all excited to show his father his report card from the exams he took and how he got straight A's. He took it out of his bag and showed his father. James looked at it and threw it on the table and said "too bad your mother isn't alive to see it" and walked away. A few tears fell from Johnnie’s eyes, but he was used to it by then.

Johnnie tried to decommission himself a few times. He got really close once to cutting the un-repairable wires that lead to his main circuit board, but the fact that he knew his mother risked her life for him to be born has kept him wanting to stay alive.


Johnnie did not have many friends in his old city. He never had anyone to talk to so he never got the opportunity to be sociable. He did, however, make a best friend when he was 13 years old. His name was Sunny and he was a Solar Satellite. Johnnie met him while he was hovering over a park on the way home from school. Johnnie always knew where to find him because Sunny had to stay in the same spot all day and night to provide energy to that certain part of Theodora. Johnnie would fly around and come back and tell Sunny of all the neat things he saw while hovering over the city. That brought lots of joy to Sunny since he was stationary and did not have the ability to fly and see all the beautiful things of Theodora. One sad morning Johnnie woke up and wanted to go tell Sunny some more stories, but to his dismay, Sunny was not there. Johnnie was in shock. Everyday for the last 4 months Johnnie went and talked to Sunny at the same spot and now all of a sudden he disappeared. He went to the Theodora's Colony Ship Headquarters to ask what happened.

Johnnie: "Excuse me. My name is Johnnie and I'm looking for my friend Sunny. He's a Solar Satellite and he's missing. Can anyone help me?"

Control Worker: "We're sorry to tell you Johnnie, but this morning I was testing the new controls and I accidentally jumped him to a moon far away.

Johnnie: "A Moon?! Why would you put a Solar Satellite on a Moon? Is he by himself there? He probably doesn't know anyone there! Can't we do anything?"

Control Worker: "I'm Sorry; there is nothing we can do. The Moon is too far away and now their JumpGate is damaged."

Johnnie: "How long until their JumpGate is fixed? How far away is it? I can fly up there and get him myself"

Control Worker: "They are short on Crystal and their Robot Factory is very low so it will take quite a long time until they fix it. The Moon is too far away and it will be too dangerous for you to fly there. I'm sorry for your losses."


Johnnie was nervous going to his new school. It was his first time attending school since before he was home schooled and learned everything on his own. He was hoping to find someone else who was also new there so they can maybe become friends. As soon as he entered the school he knew it would be hard to make friends. He found out during lunch time that everyone seemed to hang out with their own cliques. The Large Cargos and the Small Cargos were always together. The Heavy Fighters and the Light Fighters were coupled up. The Battleships were part of the athletics department and the Cruisers were their cheerleaders. The Destroyers were part of the men's wrestling team and the Bombers on the women’s'. The Recyclers' main job was to clean up any mess or debris found around the school property. Besides Probes and Recyclers, Battleships were the only other group that had both males and females. It's not like the rest of the students only wanted to hang out with their own kind and hated everyone else, but it seems they preferred to stay with their own.

Johnnie walked around and finally came to a stop where he couldn't help but smile. He found them. At the far end were all the Probes. He thought he can have a new start so he figured he should be as talkative as possible. He went and sat on their table immediately and put his lunch on the table. All of a sudden, they all stopped conversing with each other and just stared at him.

"Hi, I'm Johnnie and I'm new here," said Johnnie.

The Probes just looked at each other and did not say a word. One of the Probes responded, "Yea we know who you are. You're not one of us. Leave our table."

Johnnie, puzzled as to what was going on, looked at them in confusion.

"Yea I know I'm not one of you yet, but I'm new here and I thought maybe we can become friends," Johnnie responded.

"That's not what I meant. You're different. You are not one of us," He replied.

Johnnie looked at all of them and didn't understand what he meant. They all were Probes. He was a Probe. He was one of them. He did not get it. Then while looking at them, it struck him. He wasn't the same as them. He was built by Cargos. Saddened, he took his lunch and walked to an empty table where he ate his lunch alone.

Johnnie went to all his classes and never made conversation with anyone. He tried to look for someone to talk to, but they were too busy talking to their friends. School was out and everyone left their classes. With a disappointing first day of school, Johnnie was leaving the school yard to go home when suddenly he stopped. He saw something he's never seen before. His jaw dropped as he stared in awe. It was one of the biggest things he's seen in his entire life. As Johnnie starting walking towards it, a light fighter suddenly approached him and told him to stop.

"What are you doing? Don't go near him!" She said.

"Why not? What's going on?" Johnnie responded.

She responded "You must be new here. Just stay away from him. He came here a year ago from a planet far away, but no one talks to him. No one knows what he is. It's not because we're scared of him, but because he is just weird. He's one of the first of his kind to come over here and he doesn't know his own strength. He's so strong that he accidentally injured many students while just walking to class which is why he listens to the professor's lectures from the windows outside the classroom since he's not allowed in anymore. Just trust me on this one, stay away from that Deathstar!"

Johnnie took his bag and went home immediately.


Johnnie woke up the next day and wasn't looking forward to school. His father had already left for work so he decided to eat some breakfast. While eating he heard the alarms sounding off outside. He looked out and saw that all the Battleships were gathered up and were firing their heavy cannons across the sky. He had no idea what was going on so he got out and flew up so he can watch from a distance.

The Battleships were the top dawgs around town. No one ever messed with them since they were stronger and had more numbers than the other big Ships. They were the backbone of the Emperor’s main attacking fleet. Johnnie tried to figure out what was going on, but there was too much smoke flying in the air. He went back down to his house to turn on the news.

Broadcaster: "There is smoke everywhere. Lots of Battleships are getting damaged and innocent Ships could get hurt. If you are just tuning in, last night the Battlecruisers were brought in from Radek, Theodora's friendly neighboring planet, to help solidify our offense. The Battleships were not informed by the Emperor ahead of time and felt betrayed that we would ask for outside help. With the Battleships' dominance being questioned, they felt necessary to attack the Battlecruisers on sight. Even though the Battleships outnumber the Battlecruisers, the Battlecruisers are far too advanced to take on and their rapid fire is completely obliterating the Battleships... This just in, the Emperor has gathered up all the Destroyers and is sending them in to stop this fiasco. He urges that everyone stay in their homes for the time being."

There was no way Johnnie was staying home for this one. He flew out and watched from a distance. He saw the Destroyers flying in with fully equipped armor and twice the amount of Gauss cannons and Plasma Turrets as regular Destroyers. The fighting ceased as soon as the Battleships and Battlecruisers saw the Destroyers flying in.

Baradore, Leader of the Battleships: "This has nothing to do with you guys. Stay out of it!"

Decadore, Leader of the Destroyers: "This has everything to do with us! We are on the same side. They came here to help us in fighting our enemies. Let go of your egos."

Badaz, Leader of the Battlecruisers: "Look at all the damage you've already caused to your own Ships! Will you continue fighting until there are no more Battleships left?"

Baradore looked down to see the immense amount of Debris created from the fighting. He didn't even realize what he brought his Ships into. He apologized to the Battlecruisers and to the Emperor and volunteered to help repair all the damaged Battleships. Everyone went home as if nothing had happened. Recyclers were called over from friendly neighboring planets to help gather up the Debris which will be used to help repair the damaged Ships.

The new era had begun that day. The Battlecruisers were now the most dominant ship on the planet.


A few years ago there was a huge battle that took place between Theodora and Kryton, their other neighboring yet not-so-friendly planet. Ships from Kryton came unexpectedly and terrorized the northern part of Theodora to try and steal some of their resources. The northern part was the most heavily defended part of Theodora so that is where a lot of the resources were kept. They did not have many attacking Ships up there mainly because there was not much hostility going on around the area. It had several thousand Missile Launchers and Small Lasers, a few thousand Heavy Lasers and Ion Cannons, and lastly a few hundred Gauss Cannons and Plasma Cannons. The enemy had sent massive amounts of Bombers and Destroyers that started leveling a lot of the defenses.

DubDub, the leader of the Defenses, called the Emperor asking for backup.

DubDub: "Emperor, we do not have enough attacking power here to hold off Kryton. The Defenses alone will not suffice. We need support!"

Emperor: "I'm sorry DubDub, but by the time we would send in reinforcements to help save you guys, it would be too late so I don't think it would be a good idea to send my guys in now. I'm sorry, just stick it in and let Kryton take whatever resources they plunder and they should leave us alone."

DubDub: "What?! You're just going to let us get beat up here by ourselves? We can't do anything! We can't even move, you know that!"

Emperor: "Yes I know, I'm sorry. You guys are brave Defenses, I know you can take care of yourselves. I'll send some Ships to help repair the Defenses when I get the chance. Take care now."

DubDub: "When you get the chance? My Defenses are getting plummeted over here! Why can't you understa" *click*
"Hello? Emperor? Emperor?! I don't believe this!"

The few Ships that were there were called back home by the Emperor. Kryton shortly left after they took nearly 90% of the resources. The Defenses were left alone and helpless to be slaughtered. No repairmen were ever sent to fix the few Defenses that survived.


Johnnie's days were getting more bitter and bitter as the days went by. No one talked to him at school. At home it seemed as if his father kept on neglecting him more as the days went by. Johnnie just couldn't take it anymore so he packed a small bag with his clothes and necessary belongings and wrote his dad a note that he was flying away from home. He didn't know where he was going or what he would do when he got there. He just wanted to get away from everything in hopes to find out what his purpose on Theodora was.

He decided to take a different route to avoid seeing anyone. He flew over the park where his friend Sunny used to be. He went down and sat there for a few minutes reminiscing the good times he had with Sunny. Just before he was going to leave the area, he noticed a huge shadow coming his way. He became so frightened at what he saw that he wasn’t able to move. It was the Deathstar. Johnnie remembered that Light Fighter that told him to stay away from him. Johnnie didn’t know what to do. He just stood there as the biggest ship he has ever seen in his life started walking towards him. Johnnie figured this was the end of his life.

“Hi, I’m Ripley!” said the Deathstar in a high-pitched voice.

Johnnie stood there in confusion.

Ripley: “Nice to meet you! What are you doing here? No one ever comes around this area mostly because I’m here….and for some reason no one wants anything to do with me.”

Johnnie: “Yea, it’s because you are dangerous. I heard about what you did to those kids in school.”

Ripley: “That wasn’t my fault. Some other kids faked to be injured and then other kids went and blamed it on me. They wanted me out of their school…..just because I am different.”

Johnnie knew exactly how Ripley felt.

Johnnie: “Hi, I’m Johnnie and I’m a Probe! So where did you come from? How did you get here?”

Ripley: “Hey Johnnie! I’ve never talked to a Probe before! Actually…I’ve never really talked to anyone since I’ve come here except the Principal and Teachers of our school. Well, I came here from my planet Riparia. All the Ships there are like me. They call me a Deathstar here so I guess that is what I am. I was very young at the time. I was just learning how to fly. My parents were teaching me how to fly during the day. I wasn’t learning fast enough and I wanted to make my parents proud so one night I decided to go out and practice on my own so that I could wake up and show my parents how good I had gotten at it. That night I ended up flying higher than ever, but unfortunately I didn’t know how to stop! Once I got up that high I wasn’t able to go back down so I just kept on going up and up. Eventually I just ended up floating and I didn’t know what to do. I’m not sure if you noticed yet, but we don’t fly that fast. We are extremely slow so it took me years to finally reach another planet. That is when I saw Theodora. I landed here and asked for help, but no one wanted to help me. At first, a bunch of Destroyers came and got me and locked me in a holding cell. After I told the Emperor my story he said I was allowed to stay on his planet. He even tried to get me back to my planet, but it was going to take hundreds to of Ships to carry me back. They had just been attacked by Kryton who stole most of their Deuterium a few days earlier and the fuel costs to bring me back home was reaching so high that it was not possible to get me home. I was sad, but I decided to stay here and try to live a normal life. Unfortunately, I never made any friends because no one ever wanted to talk to me. I’m sorry for talking so much. I haven’t really talked to anyone in such a long time.”

Johnnie: “I know exactly how you feel Ripley. Don’t worry I’ll be your friend. I’m actually flying away from home right now. I just need something new in my life. I am going to go on an adventure.”

Ripley: “That sounds awesome! I would ask if I can come with you, but I would just slow you down so don’t even worry about it. Have a safe trip and return home safetly, friend.”

Johnnie: “Thanks Ripley. Take care of yourself. I’ll see you when I get back.”

Ripley: “You know where to find me!”

Johnnie was happy to finally make another friend. He grabbed his bag and flew up into the sky. He flew as high and fast as he could far away from his town as possible. He thought about all the things he can try to get accomplished while he was away from home. He had so much on his mind that it didn't even occur to him how high up in the sky he was flying or for how long until he realized he was out of fuel. He started panicking as his engines were shutting off, but he was far too high to be able to come back to land properly. He dropped his bags to remove excess weight in hopes it would help, but nothing happened. His engines stopped regardless and he started to fall rapidly to the ground.


Johnnie woke up from out of his bed and yawned and smiled at the same time. He opened the curtains on his window which let in bright rays of sunlight. He went to wash up then ran downstairs to eat breakfast as usual. He saw his mom making pancakes. Johnnie loved pancakes.

"Good Morning Mom," said Johnnie.

"Good Morning son. Three pancakes as always?" asked Jane.

"Of course," answered Johnnie. "I need my energy for our game today."

Johnnie was so happy. He loved throwing the ball around with his mom. That was their 'game', something they did everyday after breakfast. Johnnie ate his pancakes and then ran into the living room to get his glove and ball. He met his mom outside who was already ready for the game. They always tried coming up with new ways to throw the ball. Johnnie launched one as high as he could and his mom flew up to catch it.

"Hey that's cheating! You are supposed to catch it while you are on the ground," said Johnnie while laughing.

"Oh yea? Try catching this one then Johnnie!" replied his mom.

She threw a fast one at Johnnie. It was coming so quick that he did not even realize she had thrown it already. Before he can move his glove to catch it, it was too late. The ball came and hit Johnnie on the head. He fell flat to the ground.

"Johnnie! Are you ok?" yelled Jane as she started running towards Johnnie.

Johnnie's vision started to get blurry. His head started pounding heavily.

"Mom!" yelled Johnnie. "Mom, I can't see anything. Everything is blurry."

Johnnie's head started to pound even harder. The pain was too excruciating. He closed his eyes tightly hoping the pain would go away. He opened his eyes and looked around. He woke up in a room he had never been in before.

"Mom!" yelled Johnnie. "Mom, where are you?"

His head was still hurting. He tried to get up, but the pain was too much to handle. He let out a painful cry.

"Calm down son," said an old ship from across the room.

"My mom. Where is she?" asked Johnnie.

The ship responded "Son, you hit your head pretty hard while falling from the sky. Luckily you hit some branches on your way down so your fall was not fatal. I found your bag as well. My name is Edgar, and this is my house. Now just get some rest son, you need it."

Johnnie was saddened to find out his mom was nothing but a dream. Johnnie was still in pain and his eyelids were feeling very heavy. As Johnnie's eyes started to close something struck him that he was totally oblivious to before. He looked at Edgar walking away into another room. He then realized the old ship was not just any ordinary old ship. He was different. He was an Elder Probe.


Johnnie woke up next time morning to a bright sunny day. This time it was for real. His headache was gone and any minor repairs he needed were repaired. Johnnie got up and scoped out the area. He saw Edgar sitting at a table meditating. He anxiously went and sat down beside him. When the Elder Probe was done, he turned to Johnnie and smiled. He gave Johnnie some lunch and then he asked Johnnie who he was and why he was flying so high on such low fuel. Johnnie told him everything about himself. Edgar was distraught to hear everything this young Probe had gone through, but Edgar knew exactly what Johnnie needed. He needed a touch of the speed of light. It was going to be a hard task to teach a young Probe how to fly at such fast speeds, but Edgar was up to the challenge. Before Edgar could teach Johnnie how to fly that fast, he figured he would first show him what it was like to fly that fast. He grabbed Johnnie's hand and in that exact nanosecond they were off. Johnnie did not even realize what was happening. Everything was so fast. They flew past planets and galaxies in a matter of seconds. Before Johnnie knew it, they were back in Edgar's house. Edgar knew just by looking at Johnnie that he was up to the challenge.

The hard part was not only learning how to be able to fly that fast, but also how to avoid objects that come in your way while you are flying that fast. Edgar trained Johnnie day and night just like a good coach would. The most important task was to get Johnnie’s reflexes strengthened. Edgar would throw objects at Johnnie really fast and Johnnie would have to avoid them. This ended up being more dangerous than Edgar thought, but soon enough Johnnie become one with his reflexes. The next step was to tweak his engines to where he would be capable of going faster than light. Only the Elder Probes knew how to do this and it is not usually done to someone as young as Johnnie mainly since it could be very dangerous, but Edgar was willing to take this chance. Days of training turned into weeks which turned into months. Three months to be exact. Johnnie’s training was successfully finished and he was now able to fly faster than ever. Dreams really do come true, or at least this one did for Johnnie.

Story is continue'd in post below

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Johnnie was not saddened by the fact that he was gone for over 3 months and he heard nothing in regards to him flying away from home from his Father. Johnnie had matured a lot in these 3 months. He had grown into one of the best Probes Edgar has seen. At such a young age he learned how to master the art of flying faster than light. Nothing was going to pull Johnnie's self-esteem down. It's not that he had become arrogant, but rather proud of himself -- a feeling he never felt before. Johnnie thanked Edgar for his generosity. He thought of him as a father-figure and hoped his father could be more like Edgar. Johnnie took his bags and set off to go back to his town.

Even though Johnnie could have gone back home instantly using his lightning speed capabilities he preferred to go normally since going that fast can take a huge toll on your body if you do it too often. He wondered what he would tell his father when he got home. He wondered if anyone at school noticed he was gone. He kept on thinking about all the good things he could possibly do with his new found skill. Most important to him at the time was that now he could find out which Moon Sunny was jumped to so that he could go and bring him back to Theodora. He was excited to meet his friend again, and at the same time anxious to know that he is safe wherever he is. While thinking about all the stories he would tell Sunny, Johnnie heard something unusual happening below him. He decided to fly lower to get through all the clouds to get a better glance.

As he flew closer, his happiness turned into fright. He suddenly stopped midair as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was lots of building going which is where all the noise was coming from. He kept on getting closer for a better look. He rubbed his eyes to make sure what he was seeing was actually real. He saw Defenses. Lots of Defenses, but not ordinary Defenses. These looked different -- more new more upgraded and with more capabilities. Then Johnnie saw something that nearly gave him a short circuit. He saw Defenses moving. They were actually moving. Johnnie had never seen Defenses move before nor had he ever heard about them being able to do so. It was impossible for them to do so. They were built to be stationary; however, these Defenses were being upgraded by each other to be equipped with engines so that they could fly. Johnnie didn't know what to think of this. He wondered if this was part of the Emperor's Defense system or not. He flew even closer down in hopes to get some answers, and he did it sneakily in case they were not friendly.

Johnnie was very small compared to these huge Defenses. He figured he can go in without being noticed due to his small size. Johnnie had never seen a Defense Workshop before, but he had seen Defenses before. He noticed that Missile Launchers were now upgraded to Rocket Launchers, Small Lasers were upgraded to Light Lasers, and Plasma Cannons were upgraded to Plasma Turrets. They seemed to have more firepower now. Johnnie flew around slowly in hopes of catching some conversation. He saw a Gauss Cannon, a Plasma Turret, and an Ion Cannon talking near one of the upgrade buildings. He noticed the Ion Cannon was pretty fidgety so Johnnie flew in closer towards them.

Idrid, leader of the Ion Cannons: " DubDub 100% sure about this?"

Gavatron, leader of the Gauss Cannons: "Why are you always doubting him? He is our leader. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't even be alive right now."

Idrid: "Yea I know. I don't know, I just worry a lot. I'm not as strong as you guys so I'm always paranoid."

Protarian, leader of the Plasma Turrets: "Quit bein a 'lil wuss Idrid or I'll slap ya myself. DubDub always knows what he is doing and I'm glad he's doing it. The Emperor will pay for leaving us stranded alone with no offense. He didn't even keep his word when he said he would send aid to help repair us. If it wasn't for DubDub using the engines off one of the enemy's Ships to become mobile, we would have been stuck there to rust and shut off. I can't wait to see the Emperor's face when he finds out that Defenses can now fly just like Ships."

Idrid: "What happens if we don't win and we just get slaughtered?"

Protarian smacked Idrid upside the head. "I told ya to stop worryin...our firepower is far too powerful for Ships to handle. This is going to be an easy victory."

The three leaders went back into their boss’s camp. Johnnie stood there in confusion as to whether or not what he heard could possibly be true. "Are the Defenses really going to attack all the Ships?" he asked himself. He knew he had to fly back as soon as possible to warn the others.


Johnnie appeared in his house so quick that he startled his dad.

James: “Johnnie! Where the hell have you been?”

Johnnie: “Dad, I don’t have time to explain. We need to go visit the Emperor immediately!”

James: “Wait what’s going on? Where have you been all this time? I reported you missing and no one was ever able to find you. I missed you so much. I’m so sorry about all that I’ve done in the past.”

Johnnie: “Dad, I don’t care about all that. I flew away from home like I told you in the note I wrote, but now I’m back and we need to get to the Emperor as soon as possible.”

James: “For what? It would take a while before we would even get there. It’s not just across the street you know.”

Johnnie: “Since you asked, I had left for 3 months to learn how to fly faster than the speed of light and now that an Elder Probe taught me how, I can do just that.”

James: “Are…you serious? Even I can’t fly that fast. How did you manage to do it? And why do you need to visit the Emperor?”

Johnnie: “No time to explain dad. Just grab my hand and we can leave.”

Johnnie touched James and within a matter of seconds they were in front of the Emperor’s Quarters.

James: “What the…I don’t believe this! This is amazing! So wait, why are we here again?”

Johnnie: “Yes dad I know. Anyways, on my way home I saw all the Defenses were gathering up for a huge battle against us.”

James: “You gotta be kidding. How can Defenses attack us from all the way over there? On top of that, even if they could attack us, why would they?”

Johnnie: “Dad, don’t you remember a few years ago when the Emperor left those Defenses alone in the North to be obliterated by Kryton’s Ships? Well some survived including their leader, Dub Dub. He is out to seek revenge on the Emperor for not sending backup to protect them.”

James: “Wow. If this is all true we have to speak to the Emperor immediately!”

Johnnie: “Yes dad…finally you are on the same page as me. Now let’s go talk to him.”

Johnnie and his dad walked into the Emperor’s Quarters.

Johnnie: “We need to see the Emperor right away! It’s urgent!”

Secretary: “Okay. One moment please. Can I have your name and your reason for seeing him?”

Johnnie: “I will tell him once I see him. Tell him it’s very urgent. Our lives are at stake!”

Secretary: “Okay relax guys. Just take a seat over there and when he has free time he will visit you.”

Johnnie: “Oh come on we don’t have time for this!”

Johnnie and James rushed into the Emperor’s room past all the guards.

Secretary: “Hey wait, you can’t go in there!”

Johnnie: “Emperor! I need to talk to you.”

Emperor: “What’s going on here? How did you get through my guards. I’m calling security.”

Johnnie: “Wait! Just listen to me. Defenses are on their way here and they are looking to get revenge on you!”

Emperor: “Defense? Coming here?”

The Emperor let out an earsplitting laugh.

Emperor: “What kind of prank is this boy?”

Johnnie: “The Defenses that you left behind in the North have found a way to attach engines to themselves so now they can fly and are headed towards us to seek revenge!”

Emperor: “Impossible. Defenses are not smart enough to do that on their own. And where did they get the engines from? They don’t even have a leader. Even if somehow they did manage to come all the way here, they will be all unorganized and my Ships will just take them out.”

Johnnie: “No. You don’t understand. They got the engines from the few Krytan Ships that they knocked down and using that as a guideline they built more. They are organized. They do have a leader. DubDub is still alive. He survived, and nothing is going to stop him from coming here. They have even upgraded their Missile Launchers, Small Lasers, and Plasma Cannons. This is not looking good sir. The Defenses are way too strong for us and they are coming in numbers of hundreds and thousands.”

Emperor: “Dear Boeing! If what you say is true, then I must gather up all our guys and prepare for war. Let me send a scout out first to make sure what you say is true”

Johnnie: “There is no need for that sir. I can show you within a matter of seconds.”

Johnnie grabbed the Emperor’s hand and off they were. He showed them everything and brought him back before James even realized they were gone.

Emperor: “Oh dear. They not only have more firepower, but it seems they almost match us in numbers! This is totally insane….how did I ever let this happen. Thanks for informing me son. I must go talk to my War Leaders and prepare a plan. You can come alone if you wish.”

Johnnie, James, and the Emperor all left to go talk to his co-leaders. The Emperor informed everyone what was happening. They started to prepare for battle.


The Defenses were seen coming from the horizon. Baradore, Decadore, and Badaz gathered up their troops. They were part of the main attacking fleet since they had the most firepower. Bummi, Leader of the Bombers, was out bombarding neighboring planets where he and his troops were plundering resources for Theodora. Even if they left now, they wouldn’t be able to make it anywhere close to coming home in time. This was a huge downfall for the Emperor since the Bombers were most effective against Defense.

The Light Fighters were in the front of the line. The Heavy Fighters behind them, and the Cruisers behind them. The Battleships, Destroyers, and Battlecruisers were all together in the last line. The cargos were all sent away so they can be safe. The Emperor, Johnnie, and James watched the battle from the Emperor’s Headquarters.

A huge blue ball of plasma was seen being made from a distance and then it was shot into their town. It had begun. The blazing fast plasma ball was flying head on towards the Light Fighters. The Destroyers flew in front and started energizing their own pulse of plasma to deflect the Defense’s plasma into the sky. It worked. They thought this would be easy, but they were wrong. All of a sudden all the Defenses were seen flying towards them in mass numbers. They were organized just like the Ships. The Rocket Launchers in front with Light Lasers behind them and Heavy Lasers behind them. Gauss Cannons, Ian Cannons, and Plasma Turrets were behind the thousands of Launchers and Lasers.

The Fighters and Cruisers flew up and started firing at the Rocket Launchers and Lasers. Ships and Defenses were both shot down. It was mass chaos in the middle. Idrid, Gavatron, and Protarian led the Idrid Cannons, Gauss Cannons, and Plasma Turrets into the battle while Baradore and Badaz led the Battleships and Battlecruisers to do the same.

Baradore and his boys launched bolts of heavy cannons into Gavatron and Idrid. Gavatron escaped, but Idrid got hit and fell to the ground. His Ion Cannons retaliated by launching a huge amounts of Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP’s) at the Battleships which disabled their cannons and left them vulnerable. Gavatron and his boys then launched high-density metal projectiles at all the helpless Battleships. Baradore got knocked down and couldn’t get back up. Half of the Battleships were hit, but then Badaz and his Battlecruisers came in and shot down Gavatron and the rest of the Ion Cannons to prevent more EMP’s. The Gauss Cannons and Battlecruisers had a small battle before Protarian and his Plasma Turrets started shooting huge pulses of plasma that knocked Badaz and some of his Battlecruisers to the ground.

Many of the Fighters and Cruisers were already damaged with just a few hundred left fighting. The Defenses were overpowering the Ships. The Emperor couldn’t believe it. One after another, Ships were falling to the ground. Defenses were also getting damaged, but no where near the numbers as the Ships. Decadore shook his head in anger as he saw DubDub far in the back. He led his Destroyers past all the chaos in the middle and went straight for their leader. Decadore let out a thunderous war cry as he shot huge balls of plasma straight at DubDub. DubDub swiveled downwards escaping the pulse. The rest of the Destroyers went after Protarian who seemed to be doing most of the damage in the battle. The Ships were now outnumbered three to one. Decadore chased after DubDub until DubDub suddenly stopped and turned around and shot huge blasts of EMP at Decadore followed by huge beams of Plasma. Decadore didn’t see it coming and he was struck with EMP. He couldn’t move. The Plasma beam came and completely destroyed Decadore whose pieces shattered to the ground.

With the leaders of the Ships all damaged and broken, the remaining Ships didn’t know what to do but continued to fight anyways. The Emperor couldn’t believe that the downfall of his Empire was happening before his eyes. He turned over to Johnnie and James and told them to fly away as soon as possible so they can be safe. The Emperor did not want to leave. He was going to stay here until the end.

James and Johnnie started walking out when suddenly Johnnie stopped. He couldn’t believe how he never thought of this before.

Johnnie: “Emperor. I can’t believe we didn’t come up with this. I can bring Bummi and the Bombers here one by one within a matter of seconds using my fast speed!”

Emperor: “No, Johnnie. Even if Bummi was here, he and his Bombers would not be able to win…not alone.”

That’s when it hit Johnnie. He ran out the door before he could even explain to them what he was about to do. Johnnie flew to the park where he met Ripley and to his relief he was there.

Johnnie: “Ripley! I need your help. We are being attacked by a hundreds of Defenses. You are supposed to be really strong right? Can you do something?”

Ripley: “I know. I saw from far away and I wanted to do something about it but….I don’t know how to fight…I’ve never fought before!”

Johnnie: “But you are the strongest type of Ship there is!”

Ripley: “I know, but even then I’m alone. I can’t take on hundreds of thousands of Defenses.”

Johnnie walked towards Ripley and grabbed his hand.

Ripley: “Wait..what are you doing?”

Johnnie: “Do you want to see your parents or no?”

Ripley: “Yea…but wait what?”

Ripley looked around and didn’t even realize that he was back home. He was on Riparia.

Ripley: “Johnnie! How did this happen?”

Johnnie: “I learned how to fly at the speed of light, and anything I touch can do so as well as long as I’m touching them.”

Ripley: “How did you know where my home planet was?”

Johnnie: “I remember reading about it in a book called GameStats. It didn’t even cross my mind at the time you told me you were from Riparia that I already knew about it. Now take me to your parents quickly!”

Ripley and Johnnie went to Ripley’s house.

Ripley: “Mom, Dad! I’m home”

Johnnie couldn’t believe his eyes. He thought Ripley was the biggest Ship he had ever seen before he saw his parents who were ten times as big.

Ripley’s mom: “Ripley! Is it really you? Son, where have you been! This can’t be real.”

Ripley’s Dad: “Son! Are you ok? I can’t believe you are alive…we’ve been searching for you for so long, but it was taking so long for us to move around.”

Ripley: “Mom, Dad, it’s me! I accidentally flew by myself one night and I couldn’t stop myself and ended up on a planet called Theodora! This is my friend Johnnie. He’s a Probe. They have all kinds of different Ships in Theodora. It’s not just Ships like us, but we can talk about that all later. Johnnie and his planet really need your help.”

Ripley’s Dad: “Johnnie, what seems to be the problem?”

Johnnie explained everything to Ripley’s parents and told them how he could get him down there within a matter of seconds. They were more than willing to help since he helped bring their son back home. Ripley’s dad went and asked his friends if they were willing to help. He gathered up to fifteen Deathstars and they were all ready to go to Theodora. One by one Johnnie touched each one and brought them to his planet. Once there he devised a plan to take on the Defenses. The Defenses by now had completely wiped out the Ships. The ones that survived were called back into town and were told they can escape to another planet if they wanted. The Defenses were now destroying everything in sight.

Johnnie: “Okay. You guys have to go and get rid of all those Defenses there.”

Ripley’s dad: “Son, I know we are really strong compared to those Defenses, but due to our slow speeds, we will be vulnerable against them. They can also shoot us hundreds of times quicker. We need to have a better plan.”

Johnnie: “I can speed you up if I come along. There is no way they can be faster than light. They won’t even know what hit them.”

Ripley’s dad: “I don’t want to put you in danger.”

Johnnie: “I am fine. I am more than willing to sacrifice myself so others can live the same way my Mother did for me.”

Ripley’s dad: “If only one Deathstar goes at the speed of light, he will be really damaged by the time he’s done. Since I owe you everything for bringing my son back, I am willing to go in.”

The other Deathstars started to argue that he shouldn’t go in alone, but at the same time the other Deathstars couldn’t back him up due to their slowness.

Ripley: “Wait. I have an idea. What if all the Deathstars hold hands and then Johnnie touches you. Will all the Deathstars then be flying at the same speed?”

Johnine: “I have never tried it nor do I know how much of a toll it will take on my body, but I’m willing to risk it. If we are going to do this we have to do it now.”

All the Deathstars held hands in a circle and Johnnie touched one of them hoping it would work. It did. They were off at the speed of light and within milliseconds they were in front of the Defenses. A huge shadow came over the Defenses as they all turned around to see the Deathstars. They were shocked and had no idea what was going on. The Emperor looked up and was thinking that the Deathstars were on the Defenses' side, but luckily he saw Johnnie next to the massive Ships. The Defenses gathered up and launched all their weapons at the Deathstars, but they dodged them with Johnnie’s help.
The Deathstars then went and surrounded all the Defenses in a huge circle. They started powering up which caused all of Theodora’s ground to shake. No one had ever witness one of these huge Ships launch a weapon before. Then all of a sudden each Deathstar launched a huge ball of graviton out of their cannons which completely smashed up anything in between the Deathstars’ circle.


After all the Debris had settled to the ground they realized that all the Defenses had been obliterated. Johnnie couldn’t believe it. One day he was a nobody, and today his planning saved the entire planet of Theodora. The Emperor came out and thanked everyone, especially Johnnie, for his courageous efforts. James came and hugged his son. The rest of the surviving ships came out and thanked the Deathstars and Johnnie. Recyclers were called over to help clean the Debris Fields. Johnnie took the Deathstars back home. Ripley asked his parents if he can stay in Theodora where he can go to school with Johnnie. They said it was fine as long as he visits often which was made easy thanks to Johnnie.

After everything had settled down and everyone went back home, Johnnie wanted to do one last task. He wanted to bring his friend Sunny back to Theodora. He went back to Theodora's Colony Ship Headquarters to ask for Sunny’s location. Since Johnnie was the savior of Theodora, he basically had a free pass to everything around the planet. The Control Worker there informed Johnnie that Mimatsu, the Moon where Sunny was jumped to, is now occupied by Enemies and suggested he shouldn’t go alone. Johnnie took his advice and took Ripley with him even though he can just sneak in with his fast flying ability. Johnnie first flew there unnoticed and once he found him, he asked Haspheastous, the person in charge, if they were willing to let go of Sunny.

Johnnie: “Sunny is my friend and he was accidentally placed on your moon. I’m here to get him.”

Haspheastous: “He is our prisoner now and he’s going no where.”

Johnnie: “What’s the reason for that? Well can I at least see him?”

Haspheastous took Johnnie and Ripley to go see Sunny. Johnnie was in shock seeing the condition they kept him in. He was all beat up and he looked like he barely had any energy to stand anymore.

Johnnie: “Sunny! Are you ok?”

Sunny: “Johnnie! It’s go…good to see you after all thi..this time.” *cough* “Woah who is that?”

Ripley: “I’m Ripley. You need to get out of here as soon as possibly. I look like you need a lot of repair done.”

Johnnie: “You are in horrible condition. What happened?”

Sunny: “Well once I when I was first jumped here everything was ok, but after these guys showed up it all went downhill. They kept on asking me to give them with light, but that’s not what I do! They just didn’t understand and when I could not do what they ask they started beating me down daily as if they got fun out of doing it. Everyone on this moon is bad except for me.”

Johnnie: “That is horrible. I’m getting you out of here.”

Ripley: “We need to do something about this. What they did to you is terrible! I will take revenge.”

Sunny: “That is impossible. They have guards everywhere”

Johnnie: “Ripley no. You can’t do it alone. Don’t worry Sunny, check this out.”

Johnnie grabbed Sunny’s hand and took him outside the area.

Sunny: “Woah. That is awesome. How did you do that?

Johnnie: “I’ll tell you about it later friend. Let’s just get you home.”

After saving Theodora and his friend Sunny, Johnnie finally knew what his purpose in this world was. After years of having no friends and being neglected, he was finally not alone anymore and that made him the happiest he’s ever been in a long time. With his two new friends, he flew back to Theodora with the biggest smile on his face.

Ripley: “Hey guys. I can’t let them go unpunished….check out this out!”

Your graviton pulse from planet Theodora arrived to Mimatsu. The weapons of Ripley fire an alternating graviton shock at the moon, building up to a massive quake and finally tearing the satellite apart. Everything on the moon was destroyed. A complete success!



I don't know why I wrote this short story to be honest. One day while at work I saw the link in the community section for the short story contest. At first I started writing a bit for the 'lulz'. After I got a main theme in my head, I started to get more 'serious' about the story. I started coming up with plots and it was actually fun for me to write. I tried to make it as simple as possible. I did not want to replace easy words with bigger ones using a synonym just to sound more sophisticated. I used easy names to remember usually matching the letters with the Ship or Defense that they are (ie: Baradore and Decadore for Bomber and Destroyer respectively) except for Johnnie's family. I did this during my free time at work (I had a lot of that 2 weeks ago because my boss was on vacation). I managed to make each story in each chapter link back to the main story somehow. I was surprised it ended up being as long as it is so much so that I had to split it into two posts. It is under the character maximum so I'm fine. I hope anyone who actually read -all- of it had a fun time doing so :)

It's not trolling if it's true

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Amazing how 'awesome' Denoob is after no one cares about this game anymore

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Lord Joe



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“I have no war stories for you soldier, I do however know a grabbing tragic romance if it tickles your interest.” “War is a tragic romance my Lord, I am eager to listen.”

One hundred good drop ships landed upon the iced world. The landscape a mighty tundra of bleak hail and uniforms, winter had fallen early this year. Lead by Lord Joe of the templar order, a booming could be heard across the snow from the military columns march. “The scout drones have picked up considerable heat pockets to the northern caves. We will set camp surrounding the region and strike the enemy down come dawn! Let them drink for now…” commanded Joe. The accompanying machinery was covered as best could be within the snow as nightfall approached. A few rouge saiyan warriors had joined Joe’s march braving the arctic, seeking vengeance on their foes. The night was good, as stories began to fill the air.

Ossah, a man, a soldier of stocky build, and loyal servant to his Lord, awaited in anticipation to Joes words.. “haha very well Ossah, throw another battery pack onto the fire, and I will start my story.”

It was the black ages between our two races, saiyan and imperial blood pour daily needlessly.. as our ministers and diplomats gathered at an orbital station near sigmars capital to reach an alternative. I was there, of course, times were uneasy. The mission was of the highest importance; my failure however had more then one consequence for my life. That is when I met, her.

As Joe waited for the cabinet meeting to begin lying against the metal rafters a young attitude caught his attention. The little saiyan was clad in light flack armour, coloured with yellow stripes. Her tail lapped carelessly around the hallway.. firm wholesome bust, scrumptious lips and the cutest nose this side of the universe. Finally, a real woman. Joe taking the fever no longer stormed towards the saiyan to introduce himself. She watched the man approach as her tongue started wetting. His definite pose and elaborate battle armour was simply to die for! Her mind rushed. “HI, I am Lord Joseph De Burg.” His eyes glazed with ambition. The power and attraction of the mans gaze.. Dominika’s entire body began to quake in scorching submission to her emotions. “… hello darling, I am DustPunk, but, you may call me Dominika.. my birth name.” slurred Domi. “How suggestive of you, are you always this familiar with men.” “Not always.” Her heart in mouth. Conversation stood still, their interest in being close was awkwardly obvious as the pair shared careful breathing and eye contact. “I must go now Dominika, will you be at the canteen later?” invited Joe. “But of course, Joseph.” Domi lewd. “Please, call me Joe.” “ohh hmmm what a strange name.. ok, Joe.” she smiled. Spilling the moment Joe stormed off to the cabinet room, doors and a cute ass trailing behind him. Dominika stood closely to the security doors, feeling affection for Joe’s words as he bolstered around the chamber. Such passionate words, her spirit lost between his emotion and the halls, for what seemed like a lifetime until hunger slowly baited Dominika to the canteen facility. She had built quite an appetite this evening.

Dominika’s heated thoughts stayed with the man as she went for her meal. While trying to sit down and relax herself, Dominika jiggled her bottom and tail anxiously, fidgeting like a spoilt child in hope she won’t be long waiting. Ignoring those around her, a hand crossed the back of her bright armour, sending a warm sensation down her spine and tingling toes. The feeling was electrifying, addicting even. She knew. “Joe, I was not sure if you were coming.” “It’s a small station, I just followed by instinct, and my instinct said food.” As they begin eating together Dominika starts attacking her food as it dribbles down the side of her lip. “No eating manners in this one..” Joe stares in disbelief, never had he seen such basic crudeness. “I am typical saiyan girl, do not worry about me.” She gobbled. “I like aggression at the diner table, but let me finish my meal first.” He jests, increasing intensity. Bursting with excitement and laughter she is unsure if she should hit Joe, kiss him, or both! For that last remark… “I don’t know what you’re laughing about, I was being completely serious.” Joe just smiled back and continued eating; she was enjoying this arrangement and didn’t know why. A haze of pleasure ran through every morsel of her mind. Fogged her memory, confusion was growing hot. “Hey..” Joe remarks, “what is that hidden between your bosom?” Exposure gripping her chest and around her throat she speaks in a shrilled voice. “It is an amulet my mother gave me when I was younger, before I entered the military. It is my family, I wear it with pride…” She begins to go into unnecessary detail, her dark sensual voice playing at Joes heart strings and fantasies. Joe remains his composure and takes in as much pleasure as possible from this experience. As he moves to leave the table he feels his inner thigh being caressed, by Dominika’s foot. You are a good listener, are you sure you are not staying for dessert? I can’t figure you out, I want you, but I am afraid. This is the only language I know to say it. Invigorated, Joe starts to play with strands of her hair in retaliation. “If you moved your leg a few inches higher, I may of invited you back to my quarters. Although I am still hungry for your offer I have work to do, put your boot back on little girl, we will finish this another time.” Sprung Joe in a sinister tone.

Concerned with lateness, Joe gathers his things and heads for the doorway. Her mind elsewhere Dominika carelessly collects the plates in one hand, slipping through her sweaty fingers. Smash! “Your quite clumsy aren’t you.” Are the last words she remembers. Surrounded by foreign men, such embarrassment.. she was fully clothed and yet felt so naked at these prying eyes. Joe looks around the room to force away people’s interest, and helps this creature pick up the delicate parts of her social status. They leave in heat of the situation together. “Are you trying to hold me up?? What the hell is wrong with you!” demanded Joe. “Hey I made my advances already, why are you holding back from me?!! No guy treats me like that!” “I was trying to be romantic dammit, obviously a concept too intense for your simple mind.” “How.. how dare you!” slap! Joe grins. “You’ve earnt yourself a spankin for that last tantrum, now excuse me, I can see the chamber doors closing, I really must GO.” Joe charges from the scene, crashing across the velvet hallway in his heavy armour. “Hey you can’t just leave! I’m not done with you! Heyy!!” Domi beams.. thoughts in his own.. her eyes blazed with fury, and love.

As I the valorous space marine knight stare loving into your eyes, I will never forget, you will always be my saiyan warrioress. Two different worlds but both holding the same values of pride, stubbornness and competition at their hearts core.

Joe leaves the chamber three hours later, his expression clear, pulling out his comms device. “Ready my battleship, were leaving this station. We have more important matters to attend to..” he snarled. Dominika standing where they meet before, with an angry frown and arms on her hips. The similarity to a housewife was frightening, as Joe went to bask in her wild temperament.

As the quiet pair stands in silence for the last time, the sunlight gleams on Joes armour through the chambers bay window as he leans forward, bestowing the young warrior a tender kiss to her right cheek. Her face now awash of raw colour and excitement Dominika’s tail tightens around her waist, as her body begins to tremble at this sudden predicament. Joe leans forward once more, closer this time. His breath felt on her lips, heart pounding, Dominika closes her eyes, ready to touch, accepting destiny. Just before their lips press Joe leans back and pauses, looks deep into her mystified eyes and smiles. Oh just do it! Stop playing these games and take me now!! With tension rising, his sun beaten gauntlet gently reaches out and strokes her left cheek, the warmth tickling Dominika’s parched skin. The air is crisp and heated with contemplation as Joe turns and walks away. He does not look back; only she feels a mixture of indecisiveness and hesitation. Slowly watching the knight walk away, perhaps for good and no doubt to her mind into the arms of another women, Dominika’s animalistic nature and warrior blood frustrated, insulted at the knight’s refusal poises herself for action…

“…And?” Ossah queried short on breath. “And that’s the end of my story.” “Whaatt?!! What happened to Dominika?? I must know!” “hmph, If we are to meet again old friend I will finish my story, for now our fire grows weary and the eve of battle is upon us. I must rest my eyes.” Joe sniggered. As the knight lies to rest Ossah notices an ornate contraband item just visible under Joe’s armour. The design unfamiliar to him, most likely foreign in nature, intrigues his curiosity.. but he dare not speak out of place, disturbing the ethereal silence of snowflakes and sleep.

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oops, forgot to post that the contest was over when I started my judging.

Anyway, I thank you all for your entries, and the results will be posted in the next 2-3 days (by the end of the weekend, hopefully).