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Saturday, January 8th 2011, 5:44pm

Uni 43, Interview with Revenger the past I have been asked "why have you never interviewed Revenger?" I've always answered with "too busy hiding from him, and he's only ever here for a couple weeks"
So, this time around, I figured I'd go for it (even though my alliance was engaged in a contest war with Rev's at the time!) I'd like to say that in the past couple weeks, I have enjoyed chatting with Revenger, not just about the game, but about life too. I have seen the family side of the man everyone is scared of ingame: his love for his 2 kids, and his wife....I felt his excitement about his kids getting hyper near Christmas time, and the struggles getting them to bed :D
I have seen a bit of the man behind the terror, and I can honestly say that I am proud to have spoken with him. A man of honour and family values who rises above the troubles the world throws everyone from time to time. A true fighter in every sense of the word. Revenger, you have my respect

lioness666: Are we interviewing? Or is this still chat?

Revenger: we can start

lioness666: kk...

Revenger: :D

lioness666: So I need to ask you then, cos all players want to know...why you never stay in 43 too long?

Revenger: The truth is i have some financial problems so every now and then i can afford a internet connection for a month.hehe

lioness666: kk...I think everyone is feeling financial difficulties just when you return to uni 43, do you return to other unis too?

Revenger: Nope.I started playing this uni first time in my life with my buddy Orie from another game we played together.Well few of us started but only two of us remained here.

lioness666: When you return you always get great accounts, how does that work? I mean...I been trying to get a decent account for a mate this last month, and no offers, lol

Revenger: I dont know.I think people trust me with it or maybe - i mean yust maybe im a lucky guy born under the stars to get this kind of accounts. And i hope i will not devastate it on another super advance like the last one...hehe

lioness666: lmao....the only super advance of the uni so far, what were you thinking when you were running it?

Revenger: Dont realy know.I spied appolo few times from my old acc and when i seen those bs i couldnt do nothing.I was watching him for a while and seen he doesnt wait for his fleet to land.In the mean time he said something like " dream on " and i was little pissed. So i use that window of 25 minues and made a hof on him...hehe

lioness666: Were you "less worried" cos you weren't playing your own account? I mean..if it was yours for good, would you have still made the hit?

Revenger: After getting the Valkira acc i had to go to vacation mode for a while. And when i got out of it i spied his planet to me and i left there a lot of deut for him. And all happened in 2h time i got him. But I think so yes.

lioness666: Just curious, as it want really the most profitable, lols

Revenger: it was. if you look the second hit when we finished him off - there was the profit And i dont always fly for profit

lioness666: Ahh...lols..most fleeters dont fly for profit now, I see that more and more

Revenger: Sometimes you gain more sometimes less - but flying is the most important thing to a fleeter

lioness666: ok....who in uni 43 would you most like to recycle? If you had a permanent account that is.....who would you chase?

Revenger: I think the planets name give away that...heh Yust joking. i think 2 persons

lioness666: I thought that the planet names were a left over from Mali, lols

Revenger: one is CBBK account and others is Ancients

lioness666: Wow, the number 1 player and, well....Ancients, lol

Revenger: hahahaha well you always wanna get that number one spot

lioness666: So you and Doom are temporary to uni 43.....what will happen to F.E alliance after you both leave?

Revenger: Dont realy know. I think Mali kralj will stay there and i think Bettle will aslo

lioness666: Ok..what about the others? Snowcrash seems happy to be learning from Doom, but saddened at the same time by seeing former allies hit

Revenger: We tried to form an alliance of 5-6 people of pure fleeters Like i said to Snow - i gave his former ally mate from UFO a big time window Icould hit him in 1h 40 minutes, But i waited for another 1h and little more

lioness666: I understand the concept of personal friendship.....but how did Snow feel when you hit his former ally? He's been with you 2 weeks, and with your defender for a lot longer

Revenger: I think he was little pissed...hehe....but hey fleets go down if youre leaving them on your moon I know Snow for week or two Never spoked to him before. After we spoke a little he changed his opinion about me and former alliance HOV

lioness666: lols but he was still saddened by former ally loss.......he shows loyalty to both sides. KK....lets move on to the wars, your favourite topic, lmao

Revenger: HAHAHAHA

lioness666: What???

Revenger: Dont realy know

lioness666: C'mon man....

Revenger: I love to play for fun so contest wars are the best for it

lioness666: You come back, you form a kick ass alliance, and you put out open challenge!

Revenger: Yup. Not only because i got this acct Even if it was a top 100 I would open a challenge. Not everything is in playing solo - You know this is an ACS uni so i love to do it.....hehe

lioness666: Are you surprised by who accepted, and who has not accepted?

Revenger: Not realy I knew Thorns would accept that. Personaly my self i hate bashing. About KTA, Its a contest war for a period of time 14 days The last ones in this year so i knew you would accept it and tell your guys to FS for 14 days...hehe

lioness666: :D did you think E.E would ignore the request? And Miners?

Revenger: Probably

lioness666: I mean....they got real fleet

Revenger: Thats the thing - miners have awesome fleets - i have a very good frend there....But they mostly mine - on the other hand
E.E. has awesome fleets, Dellas has a crazy number of RIPS

lioness666: Ok, can I ask laid out uni challenge, and you named alliances....why not declare standard on those who ignored your challenge?

Revenger: Nope...i told you before i hate sandards wars - yust bashing defences and sats day after day. Yust to post on the board how much damage we done to poor defence

lioness666: lols... we accepted contest for fear of you posting the standard, pmsl

Revenger: HAHAHAHA

lioness666: <<<<noobs

Revenger: Well either way it would be the same thing We spy each other on daily bases - bt i would realy like to thank AA guys on giving me activity all day long...hahaha

lioness666: roflmao very kind of AAF!, you got any advice for wanna be fleeters?

Revenger: NOT realy yust FS the best advice i can give you

lioness666: You dont want to hint on gameplay advice? There are noob fleeters out there

Revenger: I know. I see all kinda stuff only by looking at AA Force Like a guy has a moon and he sends FS from planet to expedition.

lioness666: lols....noob error

Revenger: Then another FS on transport return and gets hit. But Mali told me funny story about hitting amonca35 from AA

lioness666: You gonna share the story?

Revenger: That a guy asked him how he could have lanx his moon and seen the return time of the fleet coming back And that he is using something to scan moons hahahahaha

lioness666: lmao......noob with a moon is a scary thing. previous discussion gives me a bit of personal about you I know you are a father of 2, what are you goals in life just now? Real life, not ogame

Revenger: To live like a normal person of not needing to strugle from a month to month.I mean im not so much difrent from a lot of players here with same problems and worse ones.But when im here i yust loose connection to RL for thoose few hours that im online.

lioness666: Dude, I know that feeling all too well right now :(

Revenger: I know that - you told me a lot of your self also

lioness666: It's a trust thing mate

Revenger: It was a pretty long one - that i forgot to watch DF disapearing..haha

lioness666: oO soz!

Revenger: Nah it will be there tommorrow again

lioness666: Anything you wanna discuss that I haven't covered? Any last words of wisdom?

Revenger: Maybe why war started with AA

lioness666: oO I kinda thought I covered that in this months report, but hey....from the horses mouth is always great

Revenger: I know, But i wanted to add something

lioness666: kk...

Revenger: If they like nuking i yust wanted to say my nanites are done very soon

lioness666: lmfao! Well, thanks for your time....guess you better get back to delivering ass kickings in game!

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