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Server features change for future



Big Hit?



Server Setting Change



Cygnus spam.



OMA_the_Loner [Bushido] vs Huchting [Miners] (11.697Mn, 381.455Mn)


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  • Iris -

    Replied to the thread Misc Server features change for future.

    i thought this uni already had +30 fields? Features: 3x Fleet- / 6x Economyspeed, 70% DF, 6 galaxies, +30 fields + 25,000 Validation-DM or you actually want more fields? x7 eco would be nice tho
  • umakhelwane -

    Replied to the thread Misc Big Hit?.

    Quote from improve: “DA got banned for being to active like oparin from cygnus lol no doubt this ban will be resolved soon, so dont get your hopes up lol ” considering an entire ally of people that he farmed heavily is banned too, doubt it dude but…
  • drogs -

    Replied to the thread Misc Server Setting Change.

    Quote from Blankie: “Quote from piink: “so, I went through the thread and as @Blankie said the research cannot be change for now as we just started using it in new servers. Chances are that it will be possible at some point, but this is a brand new…
  • improve -

    Replied to the thread Spam Cygnus spam..

    i think its a pokemon quote? and dont mind tony, he just wants more nudes of me, if any1 is interested in seeing what i sent tony when he gave me his phone number im more than happy to show my goods :D
  • Laerix -

    Replied to the thread Misc Server Setting Change.

    Defence into debris please and 3 billion dark matter please. :vain:
  • Laerix -

    Liked Allucien’s post in the thread Misc Server Setting Change.

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    The irony. Go ahead and warn me. But nice way to reopen a thread by adding your own childish remark. As Piink said. If economy and research are a no go I would like a poll for reduced deut consumption. Lots of big fleets flying around. Warning-
  • LEGIO -

    Replied to the thread Misc Server Setting Change.

    3 Billion Dark Matter for all ,+200 planet slots and down to 0.2 deut and 100 billion res free ! ,oh .......nearly forgot,99% df We can all dream Now can we get ideas that havent already been ruled out reduce fuel to 0.5. extra fields on planet. ?
  • bigd51 -

    Liked carbon’s post in the thread Misc Server Features.

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    Be careful when you vote ( its not about fleeters , miners of this uni you are against) You are against players who are about to enter the game in future ( Next merge if that ever gonna happen) So always take the best advantage of the features and
  • version4 -

    Liked threeflipskat3r’s post in the thread Misc Server Features.

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    So who voted for what? I voted 7x eco, 50% DF, 0.7 deut consumption