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Failed Scrappy Coco



Feedback: Threads/Sections to be deleted


Cassandra Vandales

Pay to play


The Queen

Last letter new word game II



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  • Four -

    Replied to the thread Spam Failed Scrappy Coco.

    Quote from WhoDis: “then ass, grass or gas. ” Its ass, grass or cash...nobody rides for free. Get it right.
  • Mavericks -

    Liked Parsec’s post in the thread Feedback: Threads/Sections to be deleted.

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    A suggestion could be to delete the spam board as the post count is really high pr thread there, so it would be an efficient way to make some space. I guess some people would like to keep some of the threads from there, so maybe those people could detail…
  • AstralCodex -

    Liked O_M_A_187’s post in the thread Misc Idiots in the game.

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    It's called Rip farming....usually happens late in a uni when targets for fleeters start to get thin and turtles start getting big. Completely normal game play...res and fleet save, build something to ninja or like u said, find someone with fleet to kill…
  • Cassandra Vandales -

    Replied to the thread Feedback: Threads/Sections to be deleted.

    As I am kind of savvy with the board practice of thread deletions, I am pretty sure there needn't be so much deleted anymore. There are posts that needn't be kept, like, who traded with whom in the year 2009, but there is plenty of other stuff that is…
  • The Queen -

    Replied to the thread Misc Pay to play.

    Hi Boys and Girls I dont have the time to read all the comments above but I would just like to say those that do spend DM help the economy. Just remember that someone has to keeps the game going they to need to earn a living. Yes its great to have a…
  • XxXCatastropheXxX -

    Liked Lord of Ice’s post in the thread How about an universe with disabled attack by default..

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    I would personally really enjoy an uni where insults are permitted :fatgreengrin: Maybe that's just me? :shrug:
  • XxXCatastropheXxX -

    Liked TheJoker’s post in the thread How about an universe with disabled attack by default..

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    If we're making silly suggestions here: Every 20-30 days at random, announce a 24h attack block will occur in 24h. When that attack block starts, take everyone out of VM. During those 24h you could NOT re-enter VM, you must wait until after it completes…