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    Dear community,
    on 11.06.2019, at around 10:00 CEST, we are implementing a new lobby (2.0.0), start page (9.5.6) and game (6.8.7) versions.
    With these versions, your OGame lobby account will turn into a Gameforge account.
    After this update, with your next login in OGame we will ask you if you wish to log in using your OGame Account details or if you would like to create a new Gameforge account.
    By registering a new account you will add OGame to your Gameforge game lobby. This means not only a better overview of your login, but also faster access to your games.

    If you already have a Gameforge account, your OGame account will be added to your Gameforge account automatically (if both accounts have the same e-mail address).
    If your Gameforge account has a different e-mail, you can link your Gameforge e-mail to your OGame lobby and we will integrate it to your OGame account.

    With this system, you will have the following benefits:
    - Single login for all your Gameforge games.
    - Settings…

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Recent Activities

  • Parsec -

    Replied to the thread Spam Carbon.

    Carbon doesn't sleep. He waits
  • Khalgad -

    Replied to the thread Basic 20% Djubre [DoP] vs. Polar Bear [Rejected] [TD: 85.906.000 ~ TP: 14.187.708].

    Sometimes we need to take it down a notch don't we? GJ Djub, you are on fire nowadays! FR PB.
  • deazen -

    Replied to the thread Ress-Trade What does the Fox trade.

    Yes, big boss and that Trap account were indeed a danger for traders Hum wonder if they even used their fleets
  • carbon -

    Liked Asto Vidatu’s post in the thread Spam Carbon.

    Like (Post)
    Quote from Parsec: “There are only people that he has already recycled and people who he will recycle. Carbon is the ogame version of John Wick ”
    but instead of the dog he has lost a cow?
  • carbon -

    Liked MikeGrinder6’s post in the thread Spam Carbon.

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    Carbon can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves.
  • carbon -

    Liked diddy’s post in the thread Spam Carbon.

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    Carbon can slam a revolving door
  • carbon -

    Liked Troll’s post in the thread Spam Carbon.

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    Carbon can win the lottery without buying a ticket
  • carbon -

    Replied to the thread Spam Carbon.

    ohh noo mikeyy I can do that in only two moves :stick: Do you guys know I can even swim faster then shark Shark was crying After he saw me swimming I also once threw a cow on a car because the cow was blocking my bike in the road So much about me you guys
  • PEKET -

    Liked Sarsaparilla’s post in the thread Spam im hanwha and dear GO.

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    #inavanbytheriver ... hooray team
  • tazax -

    Replied to the thread Spam Carbon.

    Cmon Carby Doggo, i expected more orginal comment than boring 'anyone need popcorn' one. U can do this, i belive in you, baby steps