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    Greetings, Commanders!

    Good news! It’s the third Friday of the month, and that means that the hottest news and stories from all universes will be landing in your mailboxes this evening.

    And here is this month’s precious cargo: a chance to win a free upgrade for a building or research level, a preview of upcoming events, unforgettable OGame moments, a teaser for the first part of our second Q&A session that will be released on Youtube soon, and NoMoreAngel will provide some insight into tool development.

    In case you are not receiving our newsletters anymore, you can simply send an email to newsletter@ogame.org asking us to manually sign you up again.

    Have a nice weekend!

    Your OGame team
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    We will have another Update next week. Version 6.4.2 is already live on PTS. EN will follow on Monday at 11:00

    Changelog for this version:

    [Bugfix] "Contact support" via Galaxy view is broken
    [Bugfix] Planet list: galaxy button in moon tootlip information links to planet galaxy
    [Bugfix] Icon for recruited buddy isn't inline with the name
    [Bugfix] Possible to register on new servers before it's opened
    [Bugfix] Mobile: Icons on mobile chatpage mixed/not displayed correctly
    The Icons infront of the message tabs were mixed and didn't show the correct images. Also when moving the mouse over them, they moved just sligthly.
    [Bugfix] Mobile: Alliance chat not pinned on top
    [Bugfix] Buildings with long buildtimes finish themself
    [Bugfix] Mobile: Mobile version still has "pillory button"
    [Bugfix] fleet duplication after using jump gate
    [Bugfix] Button to open chat on chatpage broken
    [Bugfix] Playercoordinates in playerlist of alliance not clickable…

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