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Server Features


General Lumpy

[TOT: 120.087.000] Scy7h3 [EX-YU] vs. hwoosh [TSL-A] (A: 5.390.000, D: 114.697.000)



Cygnus spam.


Tony Montana

[TOT: 42.312.703.000] Radar [RIO] & LEGIO [RIO] vs. looking for friends [Noob] (A: 0, D: 42.312.703.000)



[TOT: 7.854.000] Hujhaxx NL [ANTI] vs. Grid Iron [TSL-A] (A: 0, D: 7.854.000)



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  • improve -

    Liked Tony Montana’s post in the thread Spam Cygnus spam..

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    Yes Please, I'd fap to mrs imp :beer: My opinion of Duck..."Yugoslavia was the worst..I freed my people and now I'm king of duckland, Oparin banned for being overly active, we all delete account and unite, for Mofse suck.. I mean Mofse are greatest alliance…
  • General Lumpy -

    Liked -Arcane-’s post in the thread New Game Features idea.

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    By the logic of a classic uni, you cant have a new feature in it.... That doesnt make it classic....
  • General Lumpy -

    Replied to the thread Misc Server Features.

    I voted for the same setting as before to stay the same!!!!!!
  • freespace2dc -

    Replied to the thread Misc Server Features.

    I voted against change. I'm full up on change from the last merge, thank you very much. Not that I expect my dissent to mean anything.It didn't last time.
  • Gebrunn -

    Liked carbon’s post in the thread Misc Server Features.

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    Be careful when you vote ( its not about fleeters , miners of this uni you are against) You are against players who are about to enter the game in future ( Next merge if that ever gonna happen) So always take the best advantage of the features and