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[TOT: 99.420.500] elmo114 [TIG] vs. Allerya [TSA] (A: 13.954.000, D: 85.466.500)



Server Setting Change



[TOT: 1.702.443.000] Outcast vs. troyn [Exiles] (A: 312.375.000, D: 1.390.068.000)



How to Deep Space push



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  • Soulburner -

    Replied to the thread Misc Poll.

    Fleet only want ACS because they have the strongest players, but they would say No if they was only half as strong. + when I smack fleet now, even from a distance,it’s easy!! If there was ACS and the others saw I’d be screwed lol
  • threeflipskat3r -

    Liked pirate andy’s post in the thread Misc Server Features.

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    I vote x7 eco, 0.5 deut and 50% df - makes calculating recs without summing super easy! I’d also love probe storage for the nostalgia
  • Stan_Marsh -

    Replied to the thread Basic 20% [TOT: 99.420.500] elmo114 [TIG] vs. Allerya [TSA] (A: 13.954.000, D: 85.466.500).

    Wow, nice finding there Elmo. Glotr defender.
  • Wraith02 -

    Liked CorZor’s post in the thread Merge 2018 Discussion Thread.

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    Quote from Hatu: “Inferno is merged. Who else can we help? We have let you show the ugly without enforcing the board rules upon you - at least respect the kindness. ” Point 1 - Hallelujah. Noone is happier then Inferno. You should focus on…
  • MCW UK -

    Liked piink’s post in the thread Inactives in Vmode.

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    Dear community, we are confident that the Vmode script is finally working and we hope to be able to run it WW soon, however it needs one last test round before it is applied to all servers. Therefore tomorrow, 6th of December at around 13:00 CET, the…
  • MCW UK -

    Liked Blankie’s post in the thread Game New universe "Europa" opening 12.12.

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    Dear players, We are having a new server for you that will be launched on Wednesday, December 12th 2018 at 14:00 CET. The features of the new server are the following: - Fleet x6 - Eco x6 - Research x12 - DF 40% - Deuterium consumption 50% - 6
  • Laerix -

    Replied to the thread Misc Server Setting Change.

    Quote from Tony Montana: “Rocky Im sorry, but you have it wrong, Mike doesn't play here. Why not spend a month out of vm if you're so confident? you survive one month out of vm and I'll gift you $100 Gonna get a warning, but i dont really give a fuck :bday:
  • Raymond -

    Liked baker’s post in the thread Basic 20% [TOT: 15.899.000] BaKeR vs. Ocean [MINERS] (A: 510.000, D: 15.389.000).

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    posting this just for the lulz he is really funny.....bcs when im scaning him he ipms me now after this he send over 200 ipms on my planet defender ur ipms wont stop me scaning you
    On 11-12-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle: Attacker
  • Forsennato -

    Replied to the thread Misc Poll.

    Haha, amnesia, if fear of top 10 fleeters are the only reason for you to have no acs, I have a bad news for you, your point is totally invalid. Let me allow to educate yourself a lil bit, and don't feel offended by this. If one of them fleeters wish was…
  • Slayer2749 -

    Liked Not_Asian’s post in the thread Misc Poll.

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    Reading this thread makes me want to headbutt a bullet... ACS Benefits defenders since it acts as a deterrent For moons The attacker cannot see the fleets incoming, the attacker cannot teleport additional recyclers, the attacker cannot magically add new…