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    Dear Players,

    On Wednesday, 26th of June, we will have a lobby and game update.
    The update will happen at 10:00 CEST WW.
    The downtime should be a few minutes.

    Lobby version 2.1.0
    [Bug fix] Fixed an issue and that caused the lobby login to slowly get blocked when the login to one or more game rounds was not possible.
    [Bug fix] Fixed an issue that would come up when you tried to reset the password of an unlinked game account.

    The Game version 6.8.8 does not bring anything visible, but contain backend changes to accomodate the login fix for the lobby.

    Your OGame.org Team
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    Dear community,
    on Wednesday, 3rd of July, we will have an upgrade on the forum.
    Due to the upgrade, the forum might not be available during the day for some hours.

    Also, the structure of the forum will be changed as we will be welcoming some of the OGame communities in other languages.
    New sections will be available for them and some sections of the current forum will be replaced or gone.
    The restructuring will happen between 4th and 7th of July.
    On 7th of July, the community members, teams and Community Managers of the following languages will be part of this forum:
    CZ, DK, FI, GR, JP, NO, SE, SI, SK, TW.

    We kindly ask you to please welcome the new members of the community and be patient with the changes as they will be happening gradually within the days after the upgrade.

    Your OGame Team.

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  • Hello Virgo and welcome to my first sizeable hit in this Uni! Noticed this guys fleet a few days ago and watched his movements. He was a bit careless with the FS so I moved in with what I had and the rest is history! Luckily I launched when I did as
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    Replied to the thread Advanced 20% [TOT: 1.515.070.000] R3linquish [LOS] vs. Shady [MINER] (A: 279.129.000, D: 1.235.941.000).

    As I told you in game nice hit! If you had waited 20 minutes I would have been there instead :beer:
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    Replied to the thread Spam Failed Scrappy Coco.

    And puppet is here
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    Replied to the thread Technocrat is gamebreaking and unfair.

    Amazon and UPS aren't even in the same business...unlike two different ogame players who clearly are. That's a pretty moot analogy imo.
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    Liked Dragon’s post in the thread Advanced 20% New Number 1 Solo [TOT: 136.660.000] Dragon [TDA] vs. Ali-G [NoEmo] (A: 20.105.000, D: 116.555.000).

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    I guess I will get satbashed for this but hey. New N1, Ali got the DF / or he will shortly, however I marked is nobody, too lazy to check what will happen/ wasn't a planned hit. Had to fly through some activity, but I figured it was fake. Took me a…
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    Replied to the thread Game can't login from phone.

    Quote from piink: “Could you please give some more details? What version of android do you use @Th3_St1G @patkica? ” android 8 and 9, latest versions of chrome.. few other ally mates are having the same problem, but some say it works fine..
  • Silverwind -

    Replied to the thread Technocrat is gamebreaking and unfair.

    Net worth is the value of all assets, minus the total of all liabilities. Because you have level 12 Espi and I have level 15 does not mean my total net worth is x8 greater than your net worth. Real world example: Amazon owns 20,000 Delivery trucks.
  • Jois -

    Replied to the thread Spam Failed Scrappy Coco.

    Quote from Jossa: “Well Carby, all i see is you on boards every single day, commenting and worried what ogamers think of you, to me, thats more than playing the game, it´s living for it, but thats just me :P ” Jossa!!!! Where did you go!!? I miss you! <3
  • FlyingDutchman -

    Liked Sithis’s post in the thread Misc Farewell.

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    Yeah if you're willing to pay to win for the advantage. OGame is dead now.
  • FlyingDutchman -

    Replied to the thread Technocrat is gamebreaking and unfair.

    Quote from Silverwind: “@FlyingDutchman I'm not sure of your math about multiplying net worth by x8....that sounds fruity. ” Each level, the price of a tech is multiplied by 2. So with 3 levels of a tech, the price is multiplied by 8. If you can…