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    Dear players,

    you will have noticed that our forums have been secured in a way that made them inaccessible for you since Friday night. We'd like to apologise for this inconvenience, especially since the forums are our number one method of conveying information to you. However, this was necessary to maintain a high level of security and caution.

    There has been a security issue which needed to be addressed in a quick and reasonable manner which made it necessary to fully restrict access to the involved systems for the time being. Without going into too much detail: there was a - limited - entry point which was used to gather information from 2 of our forums (OGame US and OGame Origin). This entry point has been sealed immediately. It was limited exclusively to the forums mentioned before; all other forums were not affected, however, as an added layer of security we kept all other forums unavailable as well while precise and detailled checks were performed to ensure this entry point is…
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    Dear players,

    On Tuesday September 18th and Wednesday September 19th, we will have a MOONS Item offer all day long (00:01 until 23:59 server time).

    ALL MOONS items (items for moonshots and for moon fields) will have a 15% discount.

    In addition: we will also have a 40% moon chance event running at the same time.
    As usual, MOONS items will also create a 40% moon chance during the event.

    Your Ogame.org Team
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    Dear players,

    On Monday, 17th of September we will have an update in the PST.
    With this update, we will activate a Beta System that players will be able to set up through the Settings button.
    When the Beta function is active, you will be able to test and vote for almost finished features that will be implemented only through this system.
    How to activate the Beta system:
    - Go to your settings page.
    - The beta system is located under the extended menu tab. Click on it.
    - Opt in if you want to see the game features included in the beta system.

    The first Beta Feature that will make it into the game is the Oclock feature.
    This feature is a fully functional push notification system.
    First you will need to allow OGame to send push notifications to your desktop when activating the feature.

    And later on, the Oclock allows you to set up notifications for several game options.

    If you want to experiment a bit, join us at any of the 2 public test servers and test the feature!
    Don't forget…

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