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Request: Reaper Sig


[TOT: 304.554.000] InCoolHandVeritas [PocoLoco] vs. MildAnnoyance (A: 0, D: 304.554.000)



Who gonna profit from Elvis scraped fleet ?



Ninja [TOT: 3.232.500] Dracula [300] vs. Hektor [BeeGees] (A: 2.233.000, D: 999.500)



[TOT: 7.523.000] Creatur of Abyss [A-W-O-L] vs. Governor Hale [AWOL] (A: 1.947.000, D: 5.576.000)



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  • Gh0st -

    Liked Mafkees’s post in the thread PrOGame 2.0.

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    Yay, another universe. Only 1,5 month after the previous one opened. I guess the revenue from opening a 1x universe was not satisfactory. GameForge: open PrOGame2.0 already. Since you stopped giving a hoot anyway. It's becoming pathetic.
  • pogue mahone -

    Liked kertif’s post in the thread Misc Research speed.

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    Quote from piink: “Hello! Your poll is up! It will be open till 20th of May. ” So what are the results of the poll?
  • Gh0st -

    Liked Mafkees’s post in the thread PrOGame 2.0.

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    We are all tired of DM. We all want to play on equal terms. Universe 35 came from PrOGame in 2009(?) when it turned out a subscription based OGame was not viable. While perhaps true, at the time, we now live in a different gaming world and with a…
  • REAPER -

    Posted the thread Sig Request: Reaper Sig.

    Hi all, I had a nice sig many moons ago before I forgot my password and made a new forum account. I would really appreciate it if anyone fancied giving a Reaper sig a go. [Size/dimensions]: Default. [Images to be used/links]:
  • Eveleate -

    Replied to the thread Advanced 20% Revenge Hit [TOT: 304.554.000] InCoolHandVeritas [PocoLoco] vs. MildAnnoyance (A: 0, D: 304.554.000).

    This is just brilliant :D Congratulations on your mild profit MildAnnoyance I guess it must have been an annoyance to lose your fleet :). Regardless of the comedy value. FR Mild. Great job CoolHand, good thing that one CoolHand can pull off a hit and…
  • Kloshar -

    Replied to the thread Spam Who gonna profit from Elvis scraped fleet ?.

    Quote from IamKarma: “c'mon mike, i said i killed it simply because ima beast and am in the same system. Defiance and I had a falling out, kinda the same with you and all the fleets you killed mins after they are supposedly kicked from ally. Glad…
  • skill always wins out vs pay to win/lose/fail/wannabe or what ever you'd like to call it. Time is the true test and you'll eventually see scenerios even an endless wallet can't overcome. Enjoy your spoils while you can.
  • Nice hit GLOTR Def :thumbsup:
  • REAPER -

    Liked Hassle’s post in the thread Basic 20% [TOT: 9.054.500] ofLee [TAF] vs. Reaper [WCKD] (A: 7.950.000, D: 1.104.500).

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    Bro! How come nothing like this EVER happens to me?! side note, nice ll man! GLOTRA :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: JK didn't need luck Reaper I am genuinely jealous of the profit.