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Heavy handed and misinformed Mods



Fleet vs ENL-X






[TOT: 109.936.500] ChuckBiscuits [bushido] vs. rosy (A: 18.614.000, D: 91.322.500)



Fleet vs ENL-X War Declaration



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  • Koutsos -

    Replied to the thread Spam Heavy handed and misinformed Mods.

    Quote from Heretic: “ Heck, the miners might want to move some planets to a slot 15. ” you can relocate only at positions 4-12 also when you relocate you dont change the °C of your planet, you cannt lets say build huge planets at 8 position ,…
  • Phoenyx -

    Replied to the thread CR-Thread Fleet vs ENL-X.

    On 15-11-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle: Attacker Phoenyx [Fleet] ________________________________________________ Cruiser 1.500 _________________________________________ Defender vincofsnow [ENL-X]
  • Heretic -

    Replied to the thread Spam Heavy handed and misinformed Mods.

    The village idiots shouldn't benefit - to bad You are welcome that some of us are literate and willing to fight for what is owed to us Y
  • pirate andy -

    Liked harley13girl’s post in the thread Merge 2018 Discussion Thread.

    Like (Post)
    @piink We have gotten our relos & officers as promised!! Thank you!!! We(the players of Virgo) appreciate all the hard work you do & everything you have done to do right by us!! Thanks so much again!!
  • Cathedral -

    Replied to the thread AntiGameReborn.

    Quote from Wraith02: “yes, it'll show the number of SC / LC needed per planet. I think it is either on by default, or there with the collect function. ” Hmm...so I see where it will tell you how many SC/LC you need for the current amount of RES. But…
  • Koutsos -

    Replied to the thread Advanced 20% [TOT: 109.936.500] ChuckBiscuits [bushido] vs. rosy (A: 18.614.000, D: 91.322.500).

    i gave him a moon at G1 unfortunately and it is always red online too :vain:
  • Joseppy -

    Replied to the thread War Declaration Fleet vs ENL-X War Declaration.

    I see both sides of this argument but still it IS a war game. I have to agree with Cocacola (and he's hit me a couple times so not just blowin smoke). It's all about profit. Doesn't matter if it's 1kk or 1kkk. profit is profit. For me I raid inactives…
  • Marshmello -

    Replied to the thread War Declaration Fleet vs ENL-X War Declaration.

    Quote from NoMoreAngel: “There is only one format of a war, but which can be ended multiple ways: - CR-Thread has no posts for 7 days - CR-Thread got closed by a moderator - One of the partys of the war doesn't exist anymore, eg. alliance disbanded -…
  • Vulcan_558 -

    Replied to the thread Misc Server setting changes.

    I'm surprised they are still employed hehe
  • vitamin_x -

    Replied to the thread Super Advanced 20% Revenge Hit [TOT: 8.342.625.000] TheWeeknd [SF5] vs. fakir filocu [ThoR] (A: 264.605.000, D: [Profit: 4.3 bn].

    Vega is for sure a high alert type of universe - which makes it that exciting - surely you can never carry the bad habits from one universe on to the next . Good hit Alen , you did well being persistent and harvested a great reward at the end !