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    Game Operator
    The GOs look after the Universes they are assigned to. They ban accounts, help users with problems and anything else that involves their Universe.

    Super Game Operator
    The SGOs looks after the GOs, and complaints can be sent to them. They are responsible for more than one universe. If you have a problem with a GO, or feel something is out of line with one, please contact their SGO. It is the SGO's job to make sure that their GO's are working to a high standard, and that they are enforcing the rules properly and with neutrality.

    Game Administrator
    The GA is responsible for the Game. They assign new GOs and SGOs.

    Please contact the Game Team via Ticket System.

    Game Admin:
    Master Yoda

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    Dear players,

    As you have been previously informed Here in the near future an ingame Bashing Rule Warning system will be implemented. Due to this change, we are additionally clarifying the existing Bashing Rule.

    The current rule says: Probe attacks and interplanetary missile attacks do not count towards the bashing rule.
    The clarified rule says: Spy-probe missions and interplanetary missile attacks do not count towards the bashing limit. However, if the probes have the active storage, then attacks with probes count towards the bashing limit.

    The current rule says: Attacking fleets that are completely destroyed do not count towards bashing.
    The clarified rule says: Attacking fleets that are completely destroyed count towards bashing.

    Which means that the Bashing Rule now has the following formulation:

    It is not allowed to attack any given planet or moon, owned by an active player, more than 6 times in a 24 hour period. This rule also applies to moon destruction missions.…
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    Dear Players,

    on Monday, December 11th, we will update the testservers to Version 6.6.1. When there are no major problems we will get this Version on Wednesday, December 13th, here in .org/en at 11:00 CET and internationally at 14:00/2pm.
    Changelog for this version:

    [Bugfix] (Testserver only for now) Sending a slow attack first and a faster attack in second place now doesn't bug the bashing notification. Both attacks will count towards bashing in the notification system.
    [Bugfix] 100% moon destuction now works as intended.
    [Bugfix] Production Boosters (Items) don't show an energy bonus anymore in the ressource settings.
    [Bugfix] Special characters can't be entered anymore in alliance names and tags. Existing ones will be replaced with spaces.
    [Bugfix] Events will start and end at local/servertime again and not german time.

    [Feature] The bashing limit and espioange cargo space will now be shown in serverdata.xml
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    Dear players,

    On Saturday 9th of December, from 00:01 to 23:59 (server time) we will have the following event.
    We will increase up to 100M the maximum amount of resources that you can buy at once as long as you have enough storage capacity for it (currently the limit is 10M). After the event the limit will be set back to 10M.

    So in that time you will be able to get maximum of 100M resources at once instead of 10M for a much more convenient price.

    INFO:Keep in mind this event will only be active in universes that are a minimum of 1 year old.

    Your Ogame.org Team

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