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  • Quote from Troll: “Quote from NecroFlex: “then it became mundane and too easy ” pillepalle.gif I will never change my name... NEVER!!! ” Oh right, i keep forgetting that not everyone's brain works the same, some people are easily entertained by little things. I mean, i did have fun with the game for like 3 years, then it became repetitive and easy so i tried to move on, tho kept one leg inside just cause of boredom i guess, something to do when i really have nothing else to do in life. Oh well, …

  • Quote from Troll: “My GPU can't handle all those graphics. I'll stick with playing a browser game called ogame. you should try it. It's hella fun ” Your GPU can't handle that? Guess you're not part of the Master Race then, tho to be fair, the master race isn't for kids like you, so do grow up first and try to join at a later date, there might still be room for you then. And i did try this dying game called ogame, was fun at first, a small challenge, then it became mundane and too easy but i just…

  • Yeah, got distracted by this thing called Real Life, i know it's a bit confusing for you guys to know what that is, i recommend googling it. Final blow? Bruv did you see my def? Does it look like i'm done? Lolno Messed up my FS and wasn't there to get it, nothing special. Tho feel free to boast your EGOs, i know that's what you want EDIT: i just checked, my fleet landed and literally a minute later they spied, shows how much they know about this Real Life thing, i gotta say it has fantastic grap…

  • Login notification

    NecroFlex - - Feedback & Criticism

    Post Can get rid of this? This message is really annoying on phones and in general, it's been long enough for people to notice + in the first box it says ''email'' and not ''username/email'' anymore, so if people are that blind to not see that, then they don't deserve to login at all then. So please, for the love of phones, get rid of that message already. In other news, if anyone knows how to block that message (ublock origin doesn't work) let me know, thanks!

  • I think i said this a long time ago but will say it again, please make some events more clear, yesterday there was an item sale for the boosters, i had no clue cause 1 i wasn't on most day and 2 notifications were minimum, i just say there was a message in the ''universe'' part of the messages, which i usually don't check much, i look on my right side to see which event is on this day, atm for instance there's a big poster about a ''50% MORE DM WHEN YOU BUY'' yet i didn't see anything about the …

  • Quote from Metalica: “2nd time we smash u sov... no matter if u try to go for 1M LF... or if u make 1M RL we always find the way to get it GG shame about the PM u sent me,,, u might end up with a forced blue shield ” I mean...this uni is pretty much dead, don't have anything better to do than dump my res into def, everyone gets someone eventually, seeing that it took 4 of you while still not making a profit shows that i was doing something right. Like i said, idc about this uni, was at a LAN par…

  • i got captured by cancer.

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    That's really awesome to hear, i know how much damage cancer can do...especially to all the family and friends around you. My grandma had it on her uterus, got it removed, it reappeared, spread to her lymph nodes all over her body, doctors couldn't do anything at that point anymore...and it hurt so much seeing her like that, in pain, knowing nothing can be done to help, slowly seeing her life fade the end i was hoping she'd pass away soon cause she couldn't do anything anymore, 24/7 on…

  • 8 years ago this thread was started and it's only on 17k? Well this is gonna be a long journey 17232

  • good job

    NecroFlex - - Universe Tarazed


    You still don't understand... This is an ACS universe 1st of all, you can get people to help you by ACS attacking with you or ACS defending you for a potential ninja. You ask around if any alliance will accept you, to help you. Ofc being a new player and lower rank don't expect the rank 1 alliance to accept for instance, but check the average points for the players in that alliance and ask that ally if you can join. Also yes, at the start everyone is somewhat at the same level, but you have to k…

  • This, this, this and THIS again. It doesn't happen often in newer universes but overall it happening is stupid and abusive, hopefully this will get enough traction to get implemented. If someone abuses this to get away from an attack they should be punished heavily, like Sif said a 2 week ban for the 1st time is not harsh enough honestly, even doing this once should result in a perma-ban imo.

  • Like Dark Depresion said, fleet manipulation. Think of it as a ''get out of jail FREE'' card. The LFs, HFs and CRs can't penetrate RIPs shields, cause the damage is lower than 1% of the RIPs shield strength, so if you put the heavy ships first, they take out the shields and the LFs sweep in and eat the structural integrity, shields then regen for the next round but the structural integrity doesn't. Feels like you got cheated right? You'll get used to it. Was probably a design flaw that fleeters …

  • login pop-up

    NecroFlex - - General


    @Arcticwarfare i see you're using Firefox, i suggest installing Ublock origin, it's an adblocker so that stupid ad won't be on your screen when trying to login. It's also good for..OTHER sites

  • login pop-up

    NecroFlex - - General


    There's now something new i encountered, got a new phone Huawei Honor 9, updated and all, installed Firefox on it (Chrome on phone doesn't support extensions....gj google), added Antigame and Ublock origin, tried to login to ogame...but the problem is that the login tab doesn't load, i click on the ''Login'' button, it highlights but the actually login part doesn't drop down: i don't see this part But only this part and i can click it all i want or click it once and wait, noth…

  • Well i was away too long from this forum part, i see a lot of sh*tpost from improve, nothing new to be honest. Let's keep it up shall we? We all thought how good he was right? Comes to a new acc, gets 2 hits, boom, GLORIOUS...yeap, glorious indeed. this was the 2nd time, saw the attack, FSed my fleet, messaged him hello, no response, just continued to fly, he spied a bit before, nope, no brakes on the noob train. He got a lot of profit from this one, gotta say it's immense, it's so huge!!! (What…

  • Quote from improve: “rss is a thing that alerts you to things ingame, namely probes and attacks and is completely legal for some bizarre reason surprised you aint got it gerbit as you on your phone so much ” RSS was a feature with was removed later so if he is using any ''RSS'' it's illegal.

  • Last letter new word game

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    G huh, ok then: ganjah


  • Fleet selection issue

    NecroFlex - - Bugs


    First off, this is really annoying, can someone who actually has a clue how to code fix this? Thanks: Normal After highlighting it Anyway back to my question/complaint: For a while now i've been having issues where i click on a specific ship (ie. large cargoes) and then click enter, the ''next'' button highlights and usually goes to the next page where you select where to send the ships, but som…

  • login pop-up

    NecroFlex - - General


    cWdtStHORzqzdh5eBHdVVw.png It's been a while since the update and even above the typing box it says ''email address''....can we please get rid of this already? It's not a problem on PC but it's annoying on phone, especially when you don't have one of those 8'' phones (small backup phone cause the other ones screen broke cause....reasons). please refrain from cursing, its not the way to express things in here Iris

  • Quote from improve: “my opinions are exactly that sif, my own, they might not be right but is what i think and dont care who says what tbh been'st sagat has 1 planet/moon same system as one of yours i assumed it was same system and as there was no story to go on i believe that was a fair assumption, now i know more details its different. debris stealing is lowly if you come online and dm a bunch of recs with the remainder of the res left. but if you have time to build some the normal way then ye…