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  • I figure the changes need to made manually, meaning they'll probably happen sometime during German time Office Hours

  • You are always allowed to use a bigger account to boost (/pull) a smaller one, no matter how convoluted the method. The only exception/grey area comes when the accounts are close enough in points/the boost is so big the accounts switches ranks. Depending on the DF percentage of your universe, up to 70% of the ress put into said fleet vanishes into the great beyond using the suggested method. It would be much easier and profitable to either just give him ress, or scrapping the fleet and then givi…

  • Quote from baal: “you are a nasty little guy who does nothing but slag everyone off. you can't fleet.” Hey Pot, meet Kettle. I'm sure you guys have a lot to talk about.

  • Fleeter's WANTED

    Dark Depresion - - General


    There is no golden ratio. None. It is fiction, a myth procreated by bad players. Anybody telling you to build in ratios are either lying or just plain old bad players. The biggest and by far most important variable when building a fleet is the player planning to fly it. Meaning 100 different players will have 100 different optimized fleet ratios. The second biggest variable (by far - again) is your universe. What does your targets build? And what about those hunting you? How does this affect you…

  • Waking up to a new Haken video was a nice surprise

  • Moon Destruction

    Dark Depresion - - Game Help


    Actually the reverse is most often the case. Most people FS from their moons, which is invisible on the lanx, so you want to use MD to destroy their moons, trapping their fleet on YOUR lanx. MDs are both common and very, very worthwhile if done after observing the targets and figuring out their patterns. Most major hits features MD, some even several MDs and in a few cases 10+ MDs were carried out in a single night to catch that one elusive fleet. All is worth it though, for those billions upon …

  • combat system

    Dark Depresion - - Game Help


    Most people haven't bothered looking into the "why"s of the big difference it makes, they just know that it does. I'd reckon fire order manipulation is used in 90+ percent of big full-fleet hits, and though it wasn't 12 years ago, it is definitely pretty common knowledge today.

  • Quote from Weird Al: “I don’t have a huge fleet by any means, so I was shocked when I simmed and found out I could win against this lol. ” An important lesson in two things not to underestimate; fodder and fire order manipulation

  • Pushing

    Dark Depresion - - Game Help


    New Game Rules - valid from 17.9.2012 Quote from Game Rules: “It is forbidden to manipulate legal trade rates by giving unfair advantage to a higher ranked player (example and not limited to this: buying expensive and selling cheaper the same resource to the same player, selling scraped fleet or defense at low trade rates). ”

  • I am not normally a fan of programmed instruments, but I'll be damned if Mechina didn't take me by storm when I discovered the project a few years ago. Just a few days left for Compendium, a full discography remastered boxset collection

  • Commander View

    Dark Depresion - - Game Help


    It is called "Empire" and is located right above the "Alliance" tab in the main menu - only exists if you have Commander activated though.

  • As a rule of thumb, you should always completely ditch the Ions in favour for more plasmas. You actually don't need that many plasma or gauss for a good defence though - a key mistake I see all too often made in this game. I have for years used this standard planetary defence, which has served me well. 5.000 RL 5.000 LL 1.500 HL 200 gauss 100 plasma This defence is focussed towards deterring lighter fleets, while the deut costs of going that route protects me against the heavies. As such it is b…

  • Unbelievable to think it has already been 18 years since Tobi launched his side-turned-main project Avantasia.

  • What happened too my defence

    Dark Depresion - - Game Help


    He attacked the moon, not the planet. Or you looked at the wrong coordinates for the defence compared to where he attacked.

  • 1x Fleet

    Dark Depresion - - Universe Aquarius


    No, we need 1x fleet, precisely so people wont join

  • Quote from maasman: “PS: I still haven't gotten an answer why this thread only mentions 90% approval rate, but the actual polls are 70% and 80%. Piink? ” Short answer: different specific changes requires different specific approval rating depending on how much it will affect fundamental dynamics of a universe. Longer and official answer: Quote from piink: “I can answer the question. Yes, we can proceed with changes, but the polls have to be quite clear. I can run polls in individual servers with…

  • Pretty impressive deut stack for a miner of his size. Makes the post-kill depression hit that much harder, reflecting on how long he spent saving that amount.

  • Insta Jump Gate

    Dark Depresion - - Game Help


    4: Moonbase lvl 1 (required for gate) 5: Gate Literally that easy The MB has a low enough build time to be manageable with Krakens, which can save you some DM.

  • Quote from piink: “For other changes, such as economy of a server, percentage of debris field or other things, as long as the change is not too crazy we can run polls and arrange the change of the setting with an 80% agreement from the server population. Just bring the discussions up in your server sections and give me a poke if you think it would be interesting to run a poll like they did in Uriel or the upcoming request from Xanthus. ” You are less likely to get GFs permission with a bigger ch…