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  • Operation Close The Gap

    Parsec - - Universe Wezn


    A day has passed and no one has taken me up on my offer. So ill try changing the terms a bit. You can now contact me on PM here on the board and i will keep your name a secret. Also i'm lowering the requirement to anyone outside top 75

  • Operation Close The Gap

    Parsec - - Universe Wezn


    Greetings everyone. I have largely kept to myself in Wezn but I have started to grow tired of having to login and use ress every day, so instead of letting my account go inactive or perm vmode. I have an alternative use for it until I get the motivation to play it back. At the same time I'd like to help some people out. Sometime every day I will send around a days production to a different player.…7f6947bef1d7fc06e51c974ff Terms to receive ress: (these will be subj…

  • Quote from EthanC: “@Parsec I'm ready anytime you want to try and build a fleet again. Or take over one of your friends who are hiding in blue shield. ” account trade is not legal anymore

  • Quote from Cuttie: “nobody said anything for 4 days @Iris now you just alerted us to this post again looks to me you have your woodern spoon out trying to stir things up maybe it makes an interesting read haahaha ” Ready for round 2?

  • Wow isn't this the first hit posted where Turks don't get Ninja'd? Good hit and fr defender

  • Quote from Cuttie: “9 months is fine. how did you learn this information? but im happy 9 months is ok for me january ” By asking Piink if there was any kind of time limitation on it

  • For those interested then I just learned that a universe can only vote on changing a specific rule every 9 months, so there is still some time before this issue becomes relevant again.

  • You claim you never hunted me and yet you tried to destroy my moons more than a few times? And let's not forget the daily probes. But sorry if I didn't make it clear. I was talking about your alliance in general. My fight was never against you - it was against your whole alliance and everyone here knows how hard they tried to get me and the unbelievable amount of times they failed to do that. Also you have no credit to get from my demise. That was all due to the work of cutecat and El cyb

  • Quote from EthanC: “It's really just too difficult for you to say nice hit and GLOTR to the gotta troll me and 3rd parties and talk about other crap than the actual CR. I could of been like...haha had to smack this turtle to gain back some of the honor points i lost smacking parsec into the ground. Or I could of taken a different approach and been like, well low profit hit but hey...i'm still spending the massive profits parsec gave with all that shooter push still on him. I ho…

  • And you wonder why the uni is dying.... Well at least you are man enough to post your own hits again, instead of having your little boy toy do it for you

  • Quote from EthanC: “I benefit the most by pushing staying in the uni. Fleeters who may quit to dump 20B onto me, very few other alliances have the amount of fleet left to really harvest to one player. Miners dropping all over the place with 5-15b economy accounts waiting for a new human. I probably have passwords and emails to a dozen accounts with their cell phone numbers if need be too. A huge fleet to crush anyone else who tries to build up a pushing alliance to feed them. An alliance of flee…

  • Quote from s1mple: “I forgot you are perma vmode so obviously not checking ingame but anyway i am pretty sure i am not blind and my name is there in Uriel, o yeah i was out for 2 weeks but my brother did pretty good job instead of long vmode. And i can definetly confirm all b00m voted as we gave instructions to vote. Do not spam the thread please , we need active people posting to convince for re-vote not uselless discussion who pushed, who did not pushed, you personally ate fleet 5 times more t…

  • The fact that b00m tries to play the victim here is just disgusting. One quick glance at the highscore clearly shows why its in b00ms best interest to remove the push rule. As it is now, there is a very very slim chance that someone could try to challenge b00ms top players but the second the push rule is gone, then the last hope is over. Since most b00m fleets have already been folded into your largest players and after all how long are you guys bothered trading favors in other universes for peo…

  • Quote from s1mple: “Quote from Frka: “Remove it. I personally developed bigger hate for it once I reached higher rankings. Yea things are out of hand, some are already too strong for others but I refuse to just keep things as they are because of that. Also I think only ones who are benefiting from it are still b00m, so leaving it to bring balance and maybe chance for other players to push won't work, b00m will be still leading in that game. I am not sure how many players outside DTF and b00m are…

  • Keep push. The people in the top have benefited way to much from it at this point. It will be doubtful that anyone can keep up but having push as a possiblity is their only chance.

  • Eco Speed Increase WEZN

    Parsec - - Universe Wezn


    It could be what we need to spark a little more life into the universe. I would think x6 eco would be sufficient. Other than that, i think the stats are fine for wezn

  • There are few things better in this game than seeing people who has bad sportsmanship get what they deserve One can only wonder what was going through his mind during this attack. Well done on the second attempt strato. Enjoy the profits!

  • Quote from Warning: “well after 7 months here you go.. you succeed to take my hit down ... well played nice battle there.. Shame to see you parsec hit that way... but you can never survive from a dirty fs. at least you showed much skills there and made much damage. good luck in whatever you choose and good luck in the new uni ” Well tbh i had no where left to fleetsave. B00m did a very good job of surrounding all my moons

  • The first half of your post is totality unrelated to the hit Cutecat: I enjoyed our long fight, although i didn't enjoy the million times you tried to MD me but damn we had a good and long fight. Your one persistent motherf**ker who always seem to learn from your past mistakes and improve! It really surprised me to see that you were willing to abandon a colony and recolonize in my system + insta build jump gate to get the hit - i think this was the mistake that lead to my downfall, since i never…

  • Nice find guys. i didn't even know this guy had a fleet Always good to see more people posting here, so keep up the good work and enjoy the profits guys