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  • Stellar, just stellar.

  • Stag

  • Ryan

    Revolutionary Lancer - - User Introduction Boards


    I'm dying, at least that's what I think this is. I've never quite been able to explain, this. It's this emptiness, this hollowness in me. It isn't melancholy nor depression, it just feels like this distance. I rarely remember happiness, what it means, how it feels, but I don't interpret pain/sadness the way most seem. My life upon recollection seems nothing more than a variation of "Hell on Earth." I frequently wheel the thoughts of childhood, and how mine became a bleak and desolate alternative…

  • Later, Enjoy yourself.

  • Guitar? ... Star Guitar! [youtube][/youtube] I know Black Jesus will be posting next.

  • shillelagh

  • Baal, if you're concerned about feng-shui, I'd suggest starting with some Wabi Sabi. You may also consider looking into Yin Yeng balance.

  • Did I ever tell you that you were a hero? Not just to me, but for many faces more. You took a minute to speak, and the loss was zero. Had you not, I would have settled the score. You traded me a mind of peace for a piece of mind, A glimpse to hell through eyes glossed blind. I thought maybe you just needed to hear, I still appreciate you being there. I've never heard a genuine thanks, nor an apology. They didn't think I had what it takes; just a fallacy. The madness you saw in me those years ago…

  • Lmao, Bibob, I said he had more tact than Obama and more grace than Robert De Niro; I didn't explicitly state that he had both grace and tact in abundance. Quite literally during the previous Olympic event our liberal news outlets praised Kim Jong Un's command over his people and their perfection of their opening ceremony; now that Trump also praises Kim Jong Un's talents as a national leader, he is being condemned. The irony is highly palpable. We know Trump is unconstitutional to an extent, bu…

  • Yeha Clittle, I'm recalling how we spend tens of millions of US Dollars a year (could be more, but I don't work for the Pentagon), and send these American tax-Dollars to other countries; countries like Russia, Japan, Germany, China, South Korea, North Korea, South America, the Middle-East... The list quite literally goes on. Europe is dealing with a refugee issue, while we try to prevent one. Your criticisms might be easy, from the outside looking in, but nothing is worse than watching a mass br…

  • I want to be hollow like the abyssal plains of hell. For just one day I’d like to know what it means to be well. One day I’d give to spare a lifetime of pain, Just one more moment before you took yourself away. There’s no words that can be said, Not one utterance shall lift this grief. Not one action to bring back the dead. Not a spare thought to offer relief. I’d sell my soul to remove his torment, It was family at first sight. He saved me whole and made me unbent, Yet I could not give him Last…

  • ... I like how foreign nations hailed Obama as some sort of angel and are demonizing Trump. At the very least the man has more tact than Obama, and more grace than Robert De Niro. Not to mention the mass smear campaign being levied against Trump since the end of the election, in which under two years he's taken on more heat, personal attacks, and tripe than Obama withstood over the entirety of his two terms. If anything, Trump is only more realistic than Obama, and guaranteed more man.

  • When res are sent between players, only the player with the lower point value can off-set the exchange. This is known as "pulling." When the player with the greater point value off-sets the exchange, this is a rule-break; aka "pushing."

  • It is here and now I pull the plug On something I thought once was Just and cause and fair for all, Yet now you choose to let fall. Acclaimed improvement without usefulness, I should have known you'd just make excuses. All those endeavors that proved so fruitless; Jumped the gun to scape-goat me, you are truly foolish. Like parables from days of old, Ironically a fitting description. If I refuse to do what I'm told, I strongly suggest you listen. It is without need of violence nor threats to sil…

  • Sick of Cheaters?

    Revolutionary Lancer - - Discussionboard


    Well, DHc, I'm glad you were able to bite the reality. Ogame started declining after Officers. With the hardware technological capacities doubling per annum and the coding capacities only growing in correlative margin, this was bound to happen. Even games that have borrowed some of the basal fundamental concepts of Ogame and implemented higher interactive, graphical implementations fizzled out at a faster pace. Much of the issue lies with limited computation language development. If you look at …

  • Eh... Baal, don't bother. I've iterated a couple times on the boards that Farfetch'd has a fealty for stirring drama. Naturally he directed a question about you, towards me, as if I could even speak on your behalf. The comical nature of this debacle, is that the state (play-style) of any given account can change on the toss of a coin. Surely Bibas can be a miner for 2+ years, and then just for one day decide to actually be a fleeter. Of course, it is the natural choice for any Delly to read far …

  • Sterwin is actually a solid player, he and I hashed it out some time ago last year as I was heftily stalking his fleet.

  • Fleeter's WANTED

    Revolutionary Lancer - - General


    Ratios are fractional (real numbers), meaning they can only be derived via empirical data. What this means is that any ratio produced for defence or fleet is strictly based upon the raw data provided to the player for the varyious components. Ratios are not intended to be strict definitions but guidelines, but they are only effective as guidelines when outlier variables are mitigated (as stated by Dark Depression). I spent 3+ years gathering data on defence compositions and fleet arrays to devis…

  • Quote from Old_Fella: “@Bibas are u a fleeter? or are u miner? xD ” Fleeters hit fleets, miners raid and go for easier gains.