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  • Good Morning! We're looking for a handful of members to join our alliance. We're a nice gang and we are very resourceful when we put our minds to it. Please feel free to apply, please mention board ad when you fill out application. Alliance Information

  • Account Trading

    North Star - - Game Help


    Evening my old fellow MODs, BAs, GAs, etc! I just am curious to know if we are going to see any new account trade system appearing anytime soon? I'm in desperate need to give away a few accounts I cannot play with this new merge of ours. Thank you, North Star

  • This Year's Merge!

    North Star - - General


    @Blankie I would be interested knowing when the merge is likely to occur. I believe having the merge completed on all universes by Christmas would be quite the treat. Would be beneficial to GF to run 50% off DM on Christmas too with all who would be returning. Have 2 accounts that have been in vacation mode waiting to be played. It would be a good idea too, to make sure account giveaway/trading is figured out too before the merge so no one has to waste an account if they already have a higher ra…

  • Oooooooo nooo... Very sad. Bad ducky! GLOTRB Ripper.

  • Who's all here?

    North Star - - Trades, Headhunts and Spam


    It's pretty safe to say less than 100 of us are on this server. 50 of us playing in and out of vmode as we feel we have time to waste on a dead universe. Maybe 10 of us in the top 50 still trying to maintain competition with who is still playing. And the remaining 30-40 players who play with no care cause their in noob protection from us active members of this universe. So anybody want to start a headcount to give a realization of how dead this universe is... I can speak for my alliance which is…

  • Kudos to OVET. I'm finally loved by somebodies. Parsec, I thought about it and well if you need a pristine resume to apply to ally then in my past I have recruited people with poor backgrounds. lol. Bad Apple, </3 And.. yes fully functional application turned in each time So no reason to be denied Rejects... good title.. maybe next time I get rejection I'll create an ally with that idealism. Regards, North Star

  • I've applied to over 9 of you guys in the past 24 hours.This is the first time in 11 years I have ever seen so much rejection. Granted I have not changed my user name and some of ya'll would know who I am. But dang. 9 applications of the top 15 (including large allies with no requirements) I've sent a decent application, [failed] What's the problem you big ol' prunes. More deut. for the next ally to let me in, (going down the line). > , > Sincerely, North Star

  • Players helping Players

    North Star - - Universe Quantum


    Message me in game if you need assistance. I'll take a look at your rank and points and tell you what I can do for you. (5kk pts. MAX)

  • Consider your plunder the rarest in history. This is the fourth time in my 11 years someone had gotten my booty. However I do have my doctors note, asthma is a killer. Forgot all about the game and went to the ER, woke up this morning from all the IV meds they gave me last night and realized I had no fleet to come home to So GG 2 you, FR to me </3

  • 3-1.5-1 Still available.

  • I have 12kk metal, I need to trade for crystal. PM me in game.

  • Trade rank 60

    North Star - - Trades, Headhunts and Spam


    Points: 6.756.631- Rank 59 atm. Rank Research rank 41. Eco rank: 64 Fleet rank: 197 Points 621.375 Techs Fleet and everything else. I'm looking for nice miner account.

  • Trade rank 60

    North Star - - Trades, Headhunts and Spam


    Rank 60 account in Uriel. Trade for top rank with good eco and layout. It has 1.2kk dm, large cargo fleet, and nice coordinate layout to fight opposition. Please message for further details.

  • <a href=Alliance_1.png Calling all Ogamers of above-average intelligence, college graduates, apply today... Alliance is open to all active ranks! Come decimate dictatorships and overthrow regimes In exotic far-off places the vacation of your dreams You'll assemble puppet governments and play the hand of God We're an equal-opportunity crime fighting squad <a href=Alliance_2.jpg Current member limit has not been decided. At the moment the cap is set to 20 as a default. Apply now!

  • Ran into a stream of bad luck, meh. Still looking. Me right now, <a href=its_been_84_years_29082928.png"> *Bumps thread*

  • Hello everyone. Unfortunately, I have not found an account yet. It has been 2 weeks since my original post for my search and it seems the players of this community have severely-high expectations for an upcoming merge. Which means many don't want to give away their accounts until they determine which universes are being merged. However I'm keeping my hopes up encase someone awesome comes around. Spread the word, let your alliance leaders know of a star candidate for the account sitting in the to…

  • Searching for an account in one of the following Universes: Top 200- Quantum. Top 100- Wasat, Kallisto, Unity, Oberon, Polaris, Quaoar, Rhea, Spica, Uriel, Virgo, Wezn, or Xanthus. Top 50- Betelgeuse, Izar, Tarazed, or Libra. I would like to obtain an account in a competitive rank within one of the above universes. I prefer a miner account, but I am very flexible and can work with a hybrid account with a small or medium fleet size. Layout doesn't matter to me if it is a big problem to my game p…

  • Ticket support / IRC chat with game admin requesting a recovery. All you can do. Ive never heard anyone doing this though so dont hold your breath

  • okay just let me know. Been waiting 8 days no luck lol