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  • trading deut at decent prices

    improve - - Universe Cygnus


    i currently have too much deut.........any1 in need of deut please message me here or ingame. i am willing to trade with any1 to help them carry on fleeting/playing as i know they need the deut to stay out vmode and play more which is good for the uni my rates are fair

  • oh @1st_Rampage isnt playing new owner account anymore? so who you give it to then? want me to guess? im guessing a "friend" of @MikeGrinder6 as for my hatred of mikeG. nothing but seeing him quit will cure that. as for building my fleet so HOT can recycle it.......they have tried and failed so many times they barely bother me anymore. they realise im a class above them when it comes to ogame but thanks for your info that you dont play this acc now and for all those watching this thread.........…

  • i love to troll. i believe its essential part of the game. who wants to play ogame without annoying some players? why you think i post my annoy people. it gives me more action ingame. it makes rivalries more fun. so mods can i have an answer please? trolling allowed yes? @Iris @NoMoreAngel @Blankie @clittle

  • @NoMoreAngel you want to give me an answer as to why you imposing strict rules on this thread? i think a transparent relationship between board mods and user should be given here this is a spam/troll thread Quote from clittle: “@improve ... you are correct. Have fun trolling each other and speaking your minds @Tony Montana But do try and keep the cursing down please ” as you see @clittle says i can troll and speak our minds here......why sudden say its changed

  • @NoMoreAngel thats stupid, i can understand in a normal C or trade thread no more spam or trolling etc, but why not here? this is a light hearted thread with a healthy good mixed amount of people. there has been a little trolling but mostly just banter. are you trying to kill off the uni board section? does that mean that similar threads like baals also have the new imposed rules on it? or you singling out this uni? when trolling or cheating accusations get mentioned in a normal thread then do y…

  • Quote from NoMoreAngel: “All cheating accusations and trolling are forbidden in this universe on the board and will get warned. This rule might get lifted again if everyone here behaves properly again. ” @NoMoreAngel that doesnt apply to this thread right?

  • i would love a golden sticker on my forehead. then i could walk around town like billy big balls. when people ask why i have gold sticker i would tell them would be my honor to explain it i love mikeG aswell. he knows he cant catch me and i think it is slightly annoying him lol also BUYING DEUT so i can sell to mikeG

  • im pretty sure i didnt suicide? go check the stats, im sure im catching up to you? while you stay in vmode? and not going to comment on the "it isnt your war"? as you see that post i linked is how old? i been in this fight longer than most........just with a big break lol bet your wishing i didnt come back to cygnus now and to all those people looking at this thread.......does it seem mikeG is crying here? or is it just me?

  • i love you ....... you sexy beast

  • haha mike call me delusional. reason me you and rocky turned sour to each other was because i didnt come and MD karma with you one night after i said i would. and you went full stupid on the matter. but that was years ago. since then we have always been at logger heads so yeah........say what you like. just remember 1 thing tho mike awesome i am and you HOT guys are running out of accounts since i keep crashing them, now bring "mikegrinder" account of of vmode so i can smack that next please you…

  • Official Anti Baal Fan Club

    improve - - Universe 1


    yes @baal i had to make a copycat thread of yours. yes because i think your amazing, but mostly because i wanted a thread i was allowed to troll on without getting a damn warning from the mods for a little trolling, so yeah made a post similar to yours hope all is well. tho i realize this is a ANTI baal thread. so i hate you baal you are just noob

  • yeah i think runner has gone AWOL. because leonhart has been answering my tickets for last 2weeks. but it didnt take 2weeks for an answer im not sure why they taking so long for you, for me it aint been to bad. and since leonhart has been answering them its been better responses lol as for ruffling feathers. yeah im thinking HOT may try their typical "lets send MD's at improve on the hope he is noob" like that will ever work

  • @MikeGrinder6 you know we played together 2years ago? you do realize i forget nothing? you do realize i will recycle you all. i come here from merge with little fleet and little call me insignificant? now is the time of improve. now i have almost the same destroyed points as you mike. i have built this account in alot less time than you. and yet you are running scared all in all.........your time will come for sure as for HOT vs CLOSED. only because the name of the alliance you …

  • so what should i say here? firstly i hate HOT and have done for years. so when merge was announced and i had the chance to come here there was no question of what i wanted to do this hit was simple yet effective. i saw new owner out of vmode. i knew he had res and some dstars left from the no1 ACS we did on HOT. so i notice new owner was quite active moving some ships around. and i was prepared to gamble 100mil deut that i could sneak a hit in while he relied on his ships making act for him. i w…

  • tony is beautiful. some would say too beautiful and deserves a slap on other news........ awesome i am

  • just keeping the posts going on here dedi to tony montana........i await my card another mofse giving me profit. cheers again On 30-01-2019 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle: Attacker improve [CLOSED] ________________________________________________ Battleship 53.484 Bomber 883 Destroyer 54.859 Battlecruiser 140.420 _________________________________________ Defender mirro [MofS_E] ________________________________________________ Small Cargo 2.400 Large Cargo 4.907 Battleship 7.4…

  • ah i forgot about you @one yeah yeah GA's are my personal friends, they do anything for me. they let me cheat. they let me push. they let me ip share, acc share etc etc lets get back to the hit.......... this hit shows how awesome i am

  • if people want to know how im so good, i was thinking of making a book and selling it on amazon? maybe 90% of cygnus would need to buy it. them i could buy more DM and gameforge would be happy too any1 need advice on how to be so good. please just message me here or ingame. i'd be more than happy to advice you on debris FS'ing. or dirty FS'ing

  • well oparin gained 11mil points in the last 24 hours. but looking at his military destroyed he doesnt seem to do anything..........he certainly doesnt even probe any1. i love ogame, but am sad when this sort of play is allowed to happen

  • lmao i love you @serator you are the biggest noob i have ever seen i know this because awesome i am.........i know all these things because i know everything you have never seen a greater ogame than me. you should be in awe of my skill. almost godlike......i hope at night you prey that you will one day be as good as me