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  • Dear Users, Version update 2.1.1. A small one! Changelog: - New: The defender his coordinates will now appear in your browser tab when valid Grtz, Klaas

  • Improved spam board

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    Here's an extra spicy one:…b4f4a308acc322f0038b125c2

  • Dear Users, Version update 2.1.0. This update is mainly to speed up simulations. I added an option (enabled by default) that'll run multiple calculators (workers) at the same time, instead of just one like it is now. Your also able to change the amount of workers or disable this feature at the bottom of the TrashSim page. (View the attachement) This should give you a speed advantage of 3x to 4x faster simulations. (When you have a 4x core CPU) So more cores means faster simulations wink.png Chan…

  • Dear Users, Version update 2.0.3. Changelog: - Fixed: Anti-Balistic Missiles were included in the simulation - Polishing: Set default simulation count to 50 instead of 100 If you have any feedback on a good amount of simulations please let me know! I did some tests and 100 seemed to be good to get most edge cases in RIP battles, but it also slows down a lot of other simulations not including RIPs. So I'm gonna put it on 50 now until I have more info. Grtz, Klaas

  • Great job & great math Nicely done. Enjoy the profit. Glotr Bleys

  • Dear Users, Version update 2.0.2. After the feedback of a few users it was decided to make technolgies empty again by default. Changelog: - Technology levels are now empty by default instead of 0 Have fun ! Grtz, Klaas

  • Dear Users, Version update 2.0.0! I've been working on this update for a quite some time now, the plan was to redesign the whole code behind the website, which has happened now. I had to speed up the development progress once I heard that the cargo hyperspace technology multiplier was going to be released. As I was already working on a larger update this change was going to be integrated into the update. That's also why I've not released an update in between to add the …

  • So as you might have noticed, I didn't manage to finish the update in March. It's taking quite a bit more time than I expected! My current goal is to release it before the end of April and I'll try to clear my evening schedule to make this happen. I'm planning on releasing the update when I'm finished with the wave feature, which is what I'm currently working on! The IPM feature is not yet done and will probably be disabled at the time of the release. To ease the pain I uploaded a screenshot of …

  • Patience my friend, you've got it. Good thing the hit didn't fail, think of all the angry inactives you'd need to raid to cover the costs Keep it going!

  • Nope, it's using the same name as always, ending on Which app are you using the has Trashsim integrated into it?

  • Looks like we're up & running again. I've change my nameservers to cloudflare. (Thanks to the hint of a nice user of TrashSim) Could take a while for the cloud to resolve the new domain changes, but we're getting there.

  • Seems like my DNS provider is having troubles again, they're on it! Sorry for the inconvenience but this is out of my hands sadly...

  • There seemed to be a problem with the DNS of And there are still a few problems with my CDN. They should be fixed but there can be some annoying caching that needs to resolve itself. I'm hoping all problems will be resolved in the morning.

  • If he has all commanders he'll probably also have the engineer. This would mean that the defence losses are divided by 2 (so half), which would result in less debris and thus less profit. When the fleet flees this is what I get: Without engineer, worst case: M: +483.920 C: +105.962 D: -76.741 --------------- T: +513.141 With engineer, worst case: M: +95.460 C: +3.222 D: -68.741 --------------- T: +29.941

  • Yeah, but that shouldn't influence the result in that way. Did you use RIPs in the battle or did the defender have RIPs?

  • @RacerA1 About the fleeing fleet, you need to Sim max 4.99:1. Of the defender has admiral than he has a 3:1 escape ratio. Did the server settings perhaps change this last week?

  • Very very nice, it was worth the wait Enjoy the profits. Glotr veevee

  • Dear users, I'm aware that OGame released their update to increase cargo capacity based on your hyperspace technology level. It happened a bit faster than I anticipated. I've already been working on an update to add a best/worst-case scenario view of the simulation result and will also add the new feature to the simulator. As for when the update will be finished, I don't know, but I hope to release it in March. Grtz

  • Hi, Updated to version 4.2.0 Changelog: - Bug => All the API keys for the Balkan server using YU are now automatically translated to BA - Polish => A battle ending in a draw with follow-ups now shows the follow-up raids Have fun! Grtz, War

  • To answer your first question, I won't share the simulator algoritme, but on this link you can get a general understanding on how it works: This is the way simulators have worked in OGame for years now. I think there are a lot of people against any changes on that matter. But it's possible for me to add some kind of a personal setting which would take the 70% & 85% into account when calculating the losses of defence. If you use the next wave system, I'll restore 70% …