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  • Buying Deut/Metal

    Mostaris - - Universe Virgo


    Greetings virgo. I have arrived at my retirement home, was here to expect the premises a few months ago, now I have taken up residence. I'm buying all the deut you can muster at 2.6(metal) or 1.6(crystal) per 1 deuterium, and all that metal you hate so much at 1.8 metal per 1 crystal. Take one look at my eco/Fleet point balance and you'll realize what it's gonna be used for PM me ingame if interested @ Nyarlathotep

  • Quote from Magneto: “The level of hate here is just comical. Actively deciding to go out of your way to throw insults and accusations as opposed to just going about your day. No idea what happened to the 3 Unity accounts you are all pointing out , however it is possible for Player 1(unity) to give their account to player 2(who cares) who gives it to player 3(who cares) who gives it to player 4(RIO). If it went directly from Unity to RIO, you may have an arguement. However they never, there is a …

  • Quote from Parsec: “Quote from CoolHandLuke: “hmmmmm ? That was not mostaris? ” Who is mostaris? I've never heard of him before ” Thats no way to speak about your father

  • Quote from Nik$: “@PolsMols l think u forgot l 300 members and it was so easy l've been satisfied that.Because all of you are carrying my children in yours belly.l have so many wife thx for that... 1. Wife from 300 ally…70-259-000-D-657-687-000/ 2. Wife from 300 ally…-1-440-000-D-505-147-000/ 3. Wife from 300 ally…83-828-000-D-671-422-000/ l already all of u but you couldn't do anything to me.u can just …

  • So here we are bella, we my big finish. This turned out to be hell of a lot of destructing for what some would call not a lot of profit. However in the end im just happy, I made enough soup for my entire family, for atleast another week. So bella enjoy the big smack of this turtle. again Dedicated to Parsec, not gonna detail what he does with his free time. I forgot to dedi the other one to Apex, which was the biggest mistake ive made for atleast a few days. thank you for taking me in with so li…

  • So uhm hi bella, not sure how to follow up on that story by berry. Anyways parsec notified me of a few turtles he had been too lazy to use for the regular round of turtle soup. So I took a look and figured well they do look like some big shells, but my fleet is a big throbbing mass of ships. So I figured I would make some soup. Ironically this resulted in 3 top 10´s in a period of about 24 hours. which I guess is nice? This hit is dedicated to parsec that lazy old man, hope you are enjoying your…

  • Hey Bellatrix! Shiny new acc I got myself amiright! So I was looking around in g1 and I noticed a new colony I hadn't seen before? Well I haven't really seen anything in this uni yet. So whatevs So I lanxed and for some reason there was a 10% transport fs to it... Figured out the times to it, because I'm smart like that. It seemed so obvious that I pretty much figured it was a trap, but whatever I am just here to have some fun after parsec quit, so what could go wrong? Launched, and to introduce…

  • Quote from Calamity: “@Mavericks I don't understand why a video that is NOT[/u] on the board but AS A LINK is removed. No pm in-game messages were posted on this post [/u]so it's completely unjustified to remove it. ” It doesn't matter whether it was a link or an embedded video, the end result is the same, a private message was shared without mutual consent, go read up on the gdpr or in this case the German implementation of it. In the case of that specific video, the violating parts of it are 2…

  • Update time rankings

    Mostaris - - Universe Aquarius


    Quote from Frka: “Quote from iiNSick: “Hello Can i add a comment ? I have spotted this scenario. Can someone explain me why ? General points 11.319.007 Economy points 9.366.591 Research points 1.588.818 Military points 3.303.115 Why does it not match the general points ? Sincerely, ” Because of deuterium. Not sure if deuterium spent in build/research goes the same way but when you build ship that need deuterium that amount of deut will be transfered into military points but not general ” No, it'…

  • Quote from Nixian: “If a pushed account gets out of ban, and is crashed before res is returned, should ice then return the pushed res? or is pushing by proxy allowed? ” It does, but that's only in the case that it's a pushing ban.

  • Quote from Crimson Sky: “So... war is declared on BBF... when Gintu who is clearly from Azraelz is the one who ninjad? Why not declare war on Azraelz? ” Because they couldn't win that war, so they just declared war on the small guy. Do you not know how these "big boys" think? They'll do anything to polish their ego, which is the size of the known universe.

  • C4D aka PuSh3r vs Ronin ally

    Mostaris - - Universe Cosmos


    @C4azyD That link doesn't work bro, Go read this, before trying to be a smartass. Universe Section Rules I was just trying to help you

  • C4D aka PuSh3r vs Ronin ally

    Mostaris - - Universe Cosmos


    You might wanna consider making a valid war declaration, getting a mods approval. And then starting the countdown timer for 12 hours, otherwise you are likely gonna end up being banned Regardless good luck to both sides

  • Quote from herr gonzo: “not bad thing and i dont want to sound like i complain but isnt this to much? why not every 2nd or 3rd level gives 5%? already bonus is tech is so cheap to upgrade, so why that kind of %tage increase? ” It seems gameforge actually listened to the loud minority. The one time, it wasn't really needed. And yes 5% is very very powerful compared to 2%

  • Everybody saying 2% per level, from level 1 is low. Needs to run the numbers before they start complaining. No, its not as powerful as the implementation options first suggested on the origin boards, it abouts half. One thing to remember is that this is a server setting. It can be adjusted. 4% brings it in line with the previously suggested scaling, 20% / 2 levels. I think I saw someone suggest 10% in here, why do that? Because it feels good to have a round number or just because?

  • Nice hit man, grats on the nn1 solo Was fun to see the chaos that ensued in the chat as a result of this def fr

  • @msmith while I don't know specifics or duration. Pred was just banned for the fifth time. 1 was a 3 day ban, 3 prior were 2 week bans. So to stand to reason that this one is for the behaviorur we have observed. In the case that I'm right he wont be coming back from this one. Info has been sourced from:…t&univers=_150&statview=2 And ingame EN_Xanthus_3m_18s_Attack_R_.png

  • LONDON NEXT SUMMER?!? [caps]

    Mostaris - - Social Spamboard


    I might be busy those days sadly, but I'll add it to my calendar and figure out what is happening during that time period

  • Quote from Allucien: “I am confused, didn't you open a post about how you want the alliance to pop all of his moons? but now you are complaining because he is bashing you? ” The thing is, is that he made that other thread because of what he's pointing out here.

  • Defense into Debries Calculation

    Mostaris - - General


    Hello, I'll try to answer each question as best I can. 1. So the df to debris calculation is as follows After the battle is over and the repaired defence has been calculated The didf % of the specific uni is applied to the defence that wasn't repaired, I'll give you some examples considering a sinmple case of 50k RL (100kk Def) Will do the calculations assuming you are playing in fenrir. Assuming all def is destroyed, and the defender doesn't have engineer It's 100kk*(1-0.7)*(0.8) So the df from…