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  • I'm going to be a bit of an arse here for a second. So pardon any bruised ego's or feelings even if I have and do at times talk epic trash on a god level. first two mergers ago a year after they decided to leave inactive mines rolling so noobies could farm and grow. Fleet saving then sending out timed raids while off line from various locations and rocket ques can make you look very much online. having ally m8s who are on when you are off randomly probe some of you're planets and moons makes for…


  • Proven cheater DeKKaH

    Blackmass - - Universe Quantum


    Ok before I post educational material here I have played here for some time and gave my acc. away due to rl so now Op I don't wan't to sound mean but one you lanxed the target planet for a deploy recall. one two: the 2 to 4 second lag in lanx time compared to game time. he deploys fleet with resources away jumps combat fleet away. or just RECALLS AND POOF FLEETS GONE NOT AT TARGET. 3: you are lanxing one planet and attacking the one next to it. < it happens now here is some educational material …

  • Official Anti Baal Fan Club

    Blackmass - - Universe 1


    LOl ya know it is a sad day when you gotta go to a none GF site to find information that should be here on the boards. js and yeah I saw all that jumping he did Tyler LOL poor fella. he couldn't win

  • please main body has been solved

  • @piink Ok so here's the deal. since the merge My cargo scanner has failed to work at all. tickets been in for a while now I know the devs have it or the tech team that is fine how ever for the uni in question all cargo scanners need disabled till mine and maybe others are fixed one two every time I deploy fleet to a moon and a few minutes later deploy it off the fleet that was just deployed to the moon gets left behind. every time not just one out of ten but ten out of ten time.s the problem is …


  • True you Did say that NMA. and I also Know you know who to annoy that can get it to the right people. till they do it or block you. I know being down hill you get stuck with what comes down the slope. But still. there are better things that can be done here like run the forum server in tanduim with a second server. that could set up to act as a slave drive and performance booster. for the board???

  • @Wiraqucha Sorry I took so long here is the alternate you asked for…1f7dfbff825cd6e0682661a3c

  • This is how to kill a game and community right here. Quote from NoMoreAngel: “Quote from Silverwind: “In his defense I think he didn't want this to derail into a "should we delete or should we not delete" type of thread. It is unfortunate, but he has been given an unsavory task that has to be done, and I think he is being respectful here to try and get you guys involved with the process to save what is most important to you. ” Correct And as it's been already said last time deletions have been d…

  • We know this band for sure but I like this tribute and cover they have done here.

  • If any thing I agree with Wraith02 and I might add I know FA is not very active the siggy and banner section and Ratings sections could be moved to the Spam board. in the entertainment section. and all other removed posts could be moved to the read only page.

  • Quote from Tyler Durden: “What? You told me in another thread you had many super advanced hits ” Thanx Tyler and yes I did I never said here in u1 yet. in 32,33,43,44 draco fornax U 1 is new digs gotta get to know the neighbors good Ya know

  • Quote from Iris: “at least this time you nailed the adv one, congratz BM FR def ” LOL thnx Iris yeah and the other will follow sooner or later

  • Spotted this and sent. knew I didn't have much time best of luck to the defender. and congrat's on snagging a nice piece of the db field enjoy. On 15-06-2019 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle: Attacker Blackmass [RelVan] ________________________________________________ Battleship 3.500 Battlecruiser 9.500 Espionage Probe 1 _________________________________________ Defender Ladies In Red [TUS] ________________________________________________ Small Cargo 2.000 Large Cargo 4.616 Light Fi…

  • The Players Choice

    Blackmass - - General


    Quote from Blackmass: “Quote from WeTeHa: “Hi. While we had a similar universe already several years ago (progame) and it was not very successful (nearly "extinct" after some months), it is an idea we could talk about again. However, some opinions on the way to monetize it and its "premium setup" would be interesting, for example: - Monetization: - monthly or yearly fee - one time payment - Premium setup - all premium feature removed - only commanding stuff available and active for all players (…

  • Quote from Wraith02: “ Though I don't think it will change much, at least not yet. But you are right - it seems half the time these days getting the full information from GF is like getting blood from a stone. The other information that should have been included in either that thread, or the attack block thread would be about the prolonged downtime of the lobby, that some (if not all) of us would be kicked out of the game (if we were logged in before hand) before the lobby was back …

  • every company has a buissness model they follow. part of that is economic growth. after all they are here to make money. That said I do agree that there really is no plan with merger's or who goes where. as far as target universes or which they will be. But keep in mind with the servers new and old. at the end of the day they will do what makes them more money. with out losing to many players over it. Such as moving a slower uni. into a faster eco. uni. to drive DM sales . Or when they realized …

  • Look it is all fine and dandy now where is the links for the Game Forge page it is moving too?? two that's right small rant. they got deleted to make the board work. and never got reposted. or saved. for this right here. But seriously we will need the link for the Game Forge page the log in is going to be at. so some of us can recover or replace pass words and log in details. and update our email add. for it. thank you.

  • Quote from Guderian: “It stops the moment you buy 20kk DM + ” Actually no it don't and it stopped after they refreshed the announcement.