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The Top10-hits of most of the exodus unis have been merged into the targetunis already.
Currently the Top10-hits of group 4 are pending an answer into which universe section they should get moved, if you have info about those hits, post them in the respective threads.

The CR-Sections of exodus unis will get closed and archived on the 25th.
The CR-Sections of targetunis will get mostly emptied out on the 23rd.
The Main universe section will get closed and archived on the 31st.


Topic Replies Likes Views Last Reply

[TOT: 44.374.000] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. Rift [TCE] (A: 4.564.000, D: 39.810.000)

1 206


[TOT: 22.700.000] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. slemerik [EfH] (A: 100.000, D: 22.600.000)

1 199


[TOT: 60.410.500] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. Rift [TCE] (A: 3.495.000, D: 56.915.500)

2 294


[TOT: 20.726.000] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. Stolzy [DOG] (A: 290.000, D: 20.436.000)

0 123

[TOT: 68.458.000] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. Dominquez [BALKAN] (A: 0, D: 68.458.000)

5 509

Ael Ybur

[TOT: 36.743.500] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. SwitchingToGuns (A: 1.920.000, D: 34.823.500)

1 281


[TOT: 9.352.000] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. zigec [BALKAN] (A: 29.000, D: 9.323.000)

0 179

[TOT: 36.857.500] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. El Chapo [TNT] (A: 2.349.000, D: 34.508.500)

1 204


[TOT: 34.273.500] The Village Idiot [KOTOR] vs. Frosty1888 [TRA] (A: 3.935.000, D: 30.338.500)

2 304


The Village Idiot [KOTOR] v Ghost1 [ALL1] TD: 9.169.000

3 351

North Star