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The Top10-hits of most of the exodus unis have been merged into the targetunis already.
Currently the Top10-hits of group 4 are pending an answer into which universe section they should get moved, if you have info about those hits, post them in the respective threads.

The CR-Sections of exodus unis will get closed and archived on the 25th.
The CR-Sections of targetunis will get mostly emptied out on the 23rd.
The Main universe section will get closed and archived on the 31st.


Topic Replies Likes Views Last Reply

[T.O.T: 1.352.768.618.000] [Unity] vs. [Unity] (TP: Real Life)

83 +2 12,271


+ 1100 rips down [TOT: 13.757.578.500] proangel [Unity] vs. St0neCold [SYND] (A: 2.111.875.000, D: 11.645.703.500) TP: 3.733.534.585

6 +1 1,204


[TOT: 447.641.000] drog5 [PwSz] vs. Blant (A: 3.750.000, D: 443.891.000)

1 214


Kaldor & retired (aka proangel) & lynn & Nekomamushi (aka Iris) & Tyrion Lynnister (aka Zkiller) [Unity] vs. TheDevil (aka UnityPuppets aka some RIO patsy) (TD: 10 MDs)

13 1,445


[TOT: 11.180.696.000] Kaldor & Tyrion Lynnister (aka zkiller) & proangel & Umakhelwane & Tirnoch [Unity] vs. Galactius [WSS] (A: 552.753.000, D: 10.627.943.000) (TP: 2.756.878.398)

8 1,038


Moonshot - [TOT: 31.803.312.000] Kaldor & Tirnoch & Biqqest No0b & proangel [Unity] vs. Giveaway (aka Xing) (A:, D: 30.753.310.000) (TP: 11.623.523.388)

11 +1 1,190