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The Top10-hits of most of the exodus unis have been merged into the targetunis already.
Currently the Top10-hits of group 4 are pending an answer into which universe section they should get moved, if you have info about those hits, post them in the respective threads.

The CR-Sections of exodus unis will get closed and archived on the 25th.
The CR-Sections of targetunis will get mostly emptied out on the 23rd.
The Main universe section will get closed and archived on the 31st.


Topic Replies Likes Views Last Reply

[TOT: 7.244.000] Nyx [U_B] & MAD Beast [U_B] vs. James Bond (A: 899.000, D: 6.345.000)

4 298


Ex TOP 10 - [TOT: 1.883.405.000] Andrej [KOJ] & Obiwan [KOJ] vs. tony45 [TIG] (A: 250.072.000, D: 1.633.333.000)

8 638


[TOT: 129.585.000] meltai [SYN] & happy [POWERSAX] vs. Rabban [KUF] (A: 10.932.000, D: 118.653.000)

10 552

Captain Spaulding

[TOT: 146.876.000] Stratoverus [Raven] & juve [K L] & J0ker [GLoTR] & N33l [Raven] & gRiPPPeR [GLoTR] vs. slayer [T T] (A: 17.656.000, D: 129.220.000)

14 1,320

Bully Ray

Top 10 - [TOT:] BlackDog [GH6] & Vitamin_x [GH6] & Peshe [GH6] & Emp [GH6] vs. volshebnik [MINERS] & EvoLife [MINERS] (A:, D:

13 +2 1,082


TOP-10 SAnitY [BcS] & RGamer [HOT] vs. shockwave [CLOSED] [TOT: 14.810.040.000]

23 +2 2,021


TOP-05 Thunder Child & Valhalia & Bang58 & GKP & budyser [ASSASSIN] -vs- Rene999 [Galcorps] - TD: 14.413G

19 1,342