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The Top10-hits of most of the exodus unis have been merged into the targetunis already.
Currently the Top10-hits of group 4 are pending an answer into which universe section they should get moved, if you have info about those hits, post them in the respective threads.

The CR-Sections of exodus unis will get closed and archived on the 25th.
The CR-Sections of targetunis will get mostly emptied out on the 23rd.
The Main universe section will get closed and archived on the 31st.


Topic Replies Likes Views Last Reply

[TPR] The Countess v.s. [ADP] ReturnCC (New Moon!)

3 +2 152


[TOT: 6.118.000] Nikan vs. Cheno [CoG] (A: 1.131.000, D: 4.987.000)

0 39

The Countess [TPR] v.Returncc [ADP]

1 +4 101

pogue mahone

[TOT: 68.692.000] SirArafel [NomNom] vs. Debugger [Phoenix] (A: 8.128.000, D: 60.564.000)

2 66


[TOT: 12.414.000] EKCTPOBEPT Vs Call Me Dougan (The Best Offense Is A good Defense)

6 377


[TOT: 91.621.000] SgtMajorNickols [RelVan] vs. MrCaos (A: 14.869.000, D: 76.752.000)

14 712

Great King Pat

[TOT: 303.991.000] Polymer [n00dles] vs. Eluveitiey [MEME] (A: 45.855.000, D: 258.136.000)

2 +2 163


[TOT: 220.578.000] Lieutenant Parsec [LIGHT] vs. Bunster [RED] (A: 27.737.000, D: 192.841.000) 146mill profit

0 +4 135