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      Great work there!!!

      If you haven't signed up yet, please go HERE and do so so now!

      IMPOTANT: Don't forget to update your profiles! Especially after you changed your ingame name or your alliance.

      Don't forget to select an alliance. If yours isn't listed yet, you can easily add it in the menubar

      Complete statistic:

      Alliance statistic: (There is a problem with all those unallied players, i dunno how to remove the "0" alliance)

      Some of you might think the ratio isn't convenient for U7, that's why i post the explanation here. I copied it from |Malekitt|'s thread in the U8 HoF.

      If you want to compare the different players you need a criteria. There is a fictitious deuterium ratio into everything is converted. This course (4met : 1,6crysi : 1deut) is developed after a comparison of the total costs of the mines and after their production.

      total costs Crystal Mine 26 16.225.636 Met 8.113.190 Crys
      total costs Deuterium Synthesizer 26 17.044.089 Met 5.681.363 Crys

      They have nearly the same costs

      Production at zero: Crystal Mine: 6197 Deutsyn.: 3966
      Ratio: 1 : 1,56 ~ 1 : 1,6

      The same with Metal 31 and Crystal 27 -> Ratio: 4 : 1,6 : 1

      I've created a new thread because the old one looked crappy, I'm going to ask a Mod to make this one sticky and remove the old one.

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