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  • Explanation of styles

    Explanation of styles

    These styles are directly linked to our Style Gods so if you want helped with the style or anything linked to the style give them a PM.

    Right onto the styles:

    Abstract: Lacks a traditional render. Use of shapes, brushing, and lighting to portray a feeling. Abstract can seem experiemental at times.

    by: Taishi Ci

    Animation: Is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. Uses programs such as Imageready.

    by: FallenOne

    Anime: Render is in the anime style. Usually bright colored and sparkly

    By: ruby_kirby

    C4d: Uses 3d renders. (Commonly called c4d as Cinema 4D is one of the more common programs to make those renders.)

    By: R.I.P

    Grunge: Down and dirty. Earthtones and a gritty feeling are par the course.

    By: El Nombre

    Real People: Render of a real person used.

    By: Angelofdarkness

    Large Pieces: Large pieces of work. Usually focus more on a concept or idea behind the artwork. LP's are often photomanips.

    By: Takashi

    Smudge: Use of the smudge tool to scatter the render. A lighter more flowing effect than grunge.

    By: Taishi Ci

    Sprite: Use of a sprtie image ripped from a video game as the render.

    By: El Nombre

    Vector: Uses 2D shapes, bold lines and gradient to create an image. Pentooling can also be used.

    By: Psy Oct

    Big thanks goes to Neff for the template for this thread. And a little thanks to Gaishe for his assistance ^^

    -Your Fan Art Team-