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  • Tutorials and Questions Rules

    Tutorials & Questions Rules

    This section is for both Tutorials and Questions


    1. Once you have made your tutorial please use the corresponding prefix for which programme it is designed for: 'Photoshop', 'Gimp' or 'Other'

    2. Only posts tutorials made by yourself.

    3. No Ripping other people's work - you will be dealt with severly.

    4. Do not post tutorials made by others on any other sites without their permission.

    5. After posting a tutorial PM a FA MOD who can then add it to our Tutorial Overview


    1. Only questions relating to digital art can be asked in this section.

    2. When asking a Question use the prefix 'Question'.

    3. In your title make it clear which programme you need help with and a general idea of the problem, e.g:

    Question: Photoshop - adding borders
    Question: Gimp - downloading brushes
    Question: Terragen - lighting

    4. Use the search function first, your question could already have been answered.

    5. Be patient, only bump your thread once every 24 hours if you recieve no reply.

    6. Please do not post unless you know the answer or can help in someway.

    7. If any question is not answered/answered badly you can always PM a FA MOD and they will be able to help or point you in the right direction. BUT please leave this to your last option we have a section for questions for a reason.

    Breaking of any rules can result in a warning

    -Your Fan Art Team-