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  • first, i will leave this up for about a day so all have seen my post in alert's thread gets to see it, as it would appear many people are somewhat upset by it, most importantly alert

    i wont be editing what i have said, as that would be somewhat cowardly, i said what i said, i cant change that, but what i can do is explain i did not intend for that to cause offence.

    in the same minute as seeing that thread, i had just altered my sig to the blue mountain piece i had just this hour made, so i was reluctant to change, and further more i admit, i'm not a huge fan of the sig (for one, not a fan of boxing etc)

    now that is not saying its crap, its one of your best alert - i quite often say that i dislike a sig, while at the same time praising the skill that went into it

    the comments made after the 'sorry i dont wish to use it' were not meant as reasons why i didnt want it - as it was a contructive criticism thread i felt that i should add some ideas on how to improve

    so, anyway, i have already sent a private apology to you, but as many other people felt what i said was out of line i have decided to post up a public one

    my sincerest apologies alert, i most definately did not wish to insult or belittle your work, especially since i see you as somewhat of a friend from the spamboard.


    ps. the subtitle does not apply to the thread at all, i just have to use one >_>
  • RE: My Apology

    Originally posted by Mom Evil Dictator
    ps. the subtitle does not apply to the thread at all, i just have to use one >_>

    *edits prefix* - you know you can do that MED you are a MOD here :D

    /take my hat off to you

    This was the right thing to do :)