July 2006 -apocalypse

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  • July 2006 -apocalypse

    I finally decided to post the works
    So here they are

    This is my newest and one pf my best, like 40 layers

    This sig was made for a friend of mine, a really good one :P

    I really like the effect on this one :D

    This was a header for my site, that was never finished :D

    My best sprite sig

    And finally, the sig from wich i started making better sigs, i called it the evolution sig

  • RE: July 2006 -apocalypse

    You like Battlefield 2 too?
    I used to play it With bots, and sometimes online too.

    But, how about you try, to make that soldier on a more, warm place, and a more gray one, or make a green ambient light, on a more desert place or deserted one,, maybe with some buildings where you can see only on the shadows of the buildings.

    FaTeReLLa: I warned you privatly, you don't stop! *bump* = 1 warning