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    • im seraching a alliance....

      dont have eny point cause was some sort of distrakted from the start...

      sorry for my bad english....

      only have one demand all right i have two

      1. must not be a mass alliance

      2. every players must be better than me... no one under 10 point
    • RE: Players searching for an Alliance in prOgame

      Hi, I'm looking for an alliance which should be neither too big nor too small, in fact 10-20 people would be just right ;)

      I'm on [X:XXX:XX] , so PM me if you're interested :D

      - co-ords removed
      - Ice Man
    • I am searching for an alliance with fleet.

      I am a person who wanna make top 10 battles with other players.
      87372 (Rank 315 of 5261)

      Rank 96 with fleet.

      So if there is some alliance with a good fleet and searching for reinforcements then i am your man.

      (also ingame)
    • Searching for an alliance which is english but will accept foreign players aswell.

      8271 (Rank 1962 of 5202)

      I got a late start to the game that is why i'm not very highly ranked, after about 5 days of playing im ranked their. So i'm not doing too badly.

      If anyone is interested my ingame name is the same as my forum name, thanks!
    • I am still searching for a alliance ......

      I am a Dutch boy 16 years old and I can talk English and a little French and a little German.

      I am searching for a alliance who is making good battles together and have a nice fleet, because I also have a nice fleet ;)

      If you think your alliance wants reinforcements.
      Then I am your man.
      Pm me ingame,


      101580 (Rank 325 of 5438)
    • Hi everyone im Zeo Bahamut and im searching a good clan that have 15 persons minimum.I have 1 point.

      Hola a todos soy español y busco algun clan k tenga minimo 15 miembros. por aora tengo 1 punto.

      Salut je cherche une ally avec min15 membres. actuelment jai 1point mais je monte vite ;)