Ocotober 2006 - The Imperator

  • Creator of the Month

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  • Ocotober 2006 - The Imperator

    Ocotober Creator of the Month

    Thank you for your votes guys ;)

    So, lets start... as every single FAN Art Community member knows (who knows me of course) my favourite style/tech is Smudge, and most of my sigs was made using that style/tech. So here's some of my favourite Smudge signatures:

    This is (one of) the best sig I've ever made in my opinion
    and using that sig I've become Smudge God :)

    Another sig I like very much... nothing special I have to say about it :P

    I received good comments for this one and I really like smudging I've done here.

    Nobody liked this one very much but I love it for some unknown reasons... also you can see
    one of my pathetic tries to do some text in my sigs :P

    My first and only b/w sig and first use of smaller canvas :)

    And for the end - winning tag :)

    I would like to thank everyone in FAN Art who helped me, commented my boring smudge sigs, battled with me and finally introduced me to this kind of art. Thank you guys ;)
  • ITs good tough.

    Maybe they didn't liked the one from halo, because, they can't see enough from the soldier, but its very cool.

    What program do you use to make this kind of art?