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    • Board Rules Forum Rules

      - Users may register one account only. (i.e Multiaccounts are not permitted on the board) Exceptions are only allowed by the Board Administration (Note: as with ingame, shared IP's should be notified).

      - Each User agrees with his/her registration to the following forum rules and subsequent sub-section rules. The Board Staff hold up the right to warn, censor and ban Users if the Users do not obey the rules. In extreme cases, which are defined on each case individually, Users might be banned ingame and from IRC as well. The same applies vice versa. The rules apply to forums posts as well as personal messages (PMs).

      - The whole forum is included in the Terms and Conditions of OGame. Therefore German Laws apply on the whole Forum. It also means that the Owners are not responsible for any posted pictures or links which are copyrighted.

      - The Forum language is English. No other Language is to be used Signatures, Avatars or Songs/Videos. If you create a post in a different language, please provide a translation to English, for example one with

      To guarantee a relaxed atmosphere between all participants on the forum, some posting restrictions are needed.


      • Posting contents and links of pornographic, politically extremist, moralistic dangerously and offending applicable law nature. This includes keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez".
      • Links to inappropriate and illegal content of any nature. It is the responsibility of the user for their posts content and connected content through the use of links
      • Posting of any personal messages or discussions, without the consent of all involved parties. This clause applies to all ogame or non-ogame systems of communication such as, but not limited to; private messages, Skype, Discord, WhatsApp or Telegram.
      • Contents not belonging to the Forum / Topic posted in, so called Spam/Offtopic. Included into this is Backseat Modding and Posthunting.

        Backseat Modding is when a User posts like a mod, e.g saying (when not being the Thread Starter) as the only sentence or smiley “Thread closed”.

        Posthunting is when a User posts with only the intention to get a higher postcount. Board Staff may bump topics/post closed smileys only if it is in course of their job. 'Bumping' (posting in old threads with the sole intention being to push the thread onto the first page of the board) old threads is also not allowed.
      • Picture and smiley spam is when a user posts a lot of pictures or smileys which can cause other users computers to freeze or load slowly due to their connection speed
      • Content, links, user Names etc. with the only aim to flame and insult other participants of the community.
      • Contents of inappropriate language and excessive cursing.
      • Contents which advertise or link to Browsergames not owned by Gameforge. The same applies to so-called Thief Games. Those are Games which have the only Aim to get counts by clicking on a Link. This is the reason why the Gameforge Game Bite Fight cannot be linked.
      • Posting for Users banned on the Forum.
      • Impersonation of Staff Members. This includes, but not limited to: Names, Avatars, Signatures
      • Misuse of the report button. This means to click the button although it is obvious that there is no breach of Forum Rules.
      • Discussion and Requests concerning banned Users ingame/ on the Forum/ on IRC. No Staff member is allowed to disclose any information about bans publicly, therefore please contact to the GO/SGO/GA or SMod/BA or IRC OP who banned you via PM (Board-Team only) or via ticket-system only.

      Signatures may only include one image

      Signature Pictures (or emoticons / smileys used as signature) may not exceed the following measurements:

      Height: 150 px
      Width: 460 px

      Maximum datafile size: 65 KB

      In addition, Users are permitted a maximum of 500 text characters in their signature.

      Anything that is used as an exploit to circumvent the rules, means posting at the end of the post sig like pictures and other that makes the sig appear larger, is not allowed.

      Forum Staff and User Responsibilities

      Each Forum participant has to obey to the Rules. If you feel though to be warned unfairly, first contact the Mod who warned you first. If you are not satisfied, contact the SMod who is his/her Teamleader (Teamstructure). Then you can contact the Board Administrator. The Board Administrators word is final in such cases.

      The same applies if your Topic gets closed. Please do not open several threads on the same topic and try to use search.

      Several warnings may lead to a ban from the Forum. Each case is looked at individually. Re-registering a second account after a time ban from the Forums lead to a permanent ban. In extreme cases a User can be banned without having warnings.

      • Board Administrators and SMods (in emergencies) have the right to ban (sigs and Users), change Custom Titles and User Names
      If you have a complaint about a team member then feel free to submit a ticket to the support system or send a pm to their superior:
      • Complaints about Mods should be sent to SMods.
      • Complaints about SMods should be sent to a Board Administrator.
      • Complaints about a Board Administrator should be sent to another Board Administrator or the Community Manager.
      • Complaints about board behaviour from a Game Team member (Orange names) should be sent to a Game Administrator or a Board Administrator

      Note: complaints against Team members take time to investigate thoroughly and there may be times when it takes a few days before an official warning is placed on their profile due to the fact that it usually involves more than one Admin and we all are not here 24/7. This does not reflect any kind of team bias, serious complaints can lead to removal of the person from the Team and so we need to be sure we are being fair.

      Additionally please note that moderators retain discretion at all times.

      The sky is not the limit it is only the genesis of dreams.

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