Pinned Fan Art Terminology&Abbreviations

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    • Welcome to the Fan Art board's FAQ, if there are any questions you'd like to see in here but aren't PM me and I'll get them added :)

      1 Help! My sig won't show up! Why not?

      First you must put the image url in between "" (without the ") and second make sure that at the bottom of your edit sig panel the box looks like -

      (Thanks to Winchester for the image)

      2 I want to get into this whole sig making thing...what programs are there and which is the best?

      There are 2 programs that people mostly use, the GIMP and Photoshop (latest version at time of writing is CS2). The GIMP is freeware and PS is not (prices range depending on what version you get, but it can be quite expensive). As far as best goes people have different opinions, but the general consensus is that PS is, it has more functions, they are easier to use, and require less steps to achieve them (so I've heard). But for a free piece of software GIMP is a good place to start if you don't feel like forking out a couple of hundred quid for a hobby.

      Links to programs can be found here

      3 What does "gmv" mean?

      Gmv means Gets my vote.

      4 How do I upload an image?

      Once you have saved your image go to either <span style="text-decoration: …</span> where you register an account and can upload lots of images into it (although only smaller ones, big images get resized) or <span style="text-decoration: …></span> where you upload an image, almost any size and get given a url.

      To upload your image when on those sites click "Browse" find you image, and then hit upload, be patient though as big images can take a while to upload.

      5 I found this awesome image but people are saying that it's copyrighted, wtf is that?

      Copyrighted simply means that the image is not free for public distribution and use, this means that without written consent from the creator of the piece you are not allowed to use it in sigs/LPs, render it, or save it to your PC. All images on Deviant Art (<span style="text-decoration: …</span>) without a "Download to Desktop" button or in a section that is public (such as wallpapers) is copyrighted, and not to be used.

      If you dload a render pack, that includes a DA render, do not use the render and contact both the original artist and the person who was distributing the pack.

      6 People told me off for voting for sigs in a "Battle" thread, I'm confused

      Read the stickies, and you vote in the threads that have the prefix "Voting" you enter a sig you made for a battle in the "Battle" threads.

      7 How do I take a screenshot?

      Press the "Prt Scr" button next to f12 and above insert, then open paint or any other art program (GIMP, photoshop, whatever) and press ctrl+v to paste it in.

      8 What is Terragen and can anyone here teach it to me?

      Terragen is a program that creates landscapes, it can take time to render but the results can be stunning. I'm not sure we have any resident Terregeners at the time of writing, but I'm sure google will turn up some tutorials.

      9 Wtf is c4d?

      c4d is short for Cinema 4d, a program that creates 3d renders for use in LPs or sigs, or just on their own. A simple example of a c4d render is - here and here

      10 Where can I find some good tuts and resources?

      Apart from our own tut section this thread will help.

      11 I don't understand all these abbreviations, can someone explain them to me?

      LP - Large Piece
      WIP - Work in Progress
      SotM - Sig of the Month (the competition)
      MoA - Museum of Art
      IMO - In my opinion
      MA - Master Artist
      PS - Photoshop

      12 What's a vector?

      A vector is a piece of digital art utilising a path or pen tool, usually with bold simple colours and lines, and a simplified look to it.

      15 How do I make a sig?

      (A weird question I know, but I've been asked this in the past, as has Takashi)

      Get yourself a piece of art software, and read up on some beginner tuts.

      16 How do I install fonts?

      Once you have downloaded your fonts extract them to a folder (doesn't matter where). Now press ctrl+c to copy them and go to C -> Windows -> Fonts and press ctrl+v to paste them in there. Now restart any art programs you have running (PS, GIMP, etc) to make them appear in your font lists.

      17 I've got problems with my Allypage ingame, HELP!

      Alliances FAQ Holds all your answers to that

      18 What's a sprite?

      A sprite is a small, often pixelated character from old games consoles, such as the SNES. For example -

      You can get more of these little guys at -

      <span style="text-decoration: …</span>
      <span style="text-decoration: …/HnorableSpritePac</span>
      <span style="text-decoration: …ritePack-4__SS.jpg</span>
      <span style="text-decoration: …20Sprites_Num4.rar</span>
      <span style="text-decoration: …k-Special_Num5.jpg</span>
      (Thanks to .PMI of <span style="text-decoration: …</span> for the packs)

      19 How do I install fonts?
      How do you install font?

      I hope this helps some people :)

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    • To help all new Fan Art members understand what we are saying

      Graphic Terminology/Other
      Sig = Signature
      Tag = Mainly used as a alternative word for Sig
      Render = Can mean a Rendered image (cut out) or ICO but is allso used to describe a C4D render cutout
      Flat = no depth and 2Dimensional
      Tut = Tutorial(Step by Step guid or instruction on how to make a graphic or other)
      Vector = images made up of blocked out shapes or 2 or very few colors
      GIMP = a free graphic program like Photoshop
      Grad map = Gradient map (photoshop effect)
      Whoreing = Useing a Style/Effect or a graphic many times
      Flow = Direction of effects
      Resources = stocks,brushes,c4ds etc that can be used in your graphics
      Stocks = Images/pictures that have not been renderd out(cut out)such as photographs and other images with backgrounds
      Concept = Idea/messege in a image
      Ripping = Takeing anothers image and passing it of as your own(stealing)
      Topaz = Photoshop plug in filter used by many artists

      FA = Fan Art area
      MA/MA's = Master Artists(FA group Special Rank)
      GFX/FX = Graphics, FX can allso mean Effects
      BG = Background
      C4D = Cinema4D 3D program/Cinema 4D Graphics made in the program
      ICO/IC's = Image Cut Out(render cutouts)
      GMV = Gets My Vote
      DL = Download
      PS = Photoshop
      Ts&Qs/T&Q = Tutorials and Questions subforum in Fan art
      LP = Large Piece/Large Portrait/Large Photo/Large Picture
      LPOTM = (Large Piece/Portrait/Photo/Picture Of The Month)
      SOTW/SOTM = (Sig Of The Week/Month)
      PB = Photo Bucket(image hosteing site)
      IMO = In My Opinion
      v1/2/3/4.... = Version 1 Version 2 and so on
      CC/CnC = Constructive Criticism
      PSD = Photoshop format files layered file
      DA = Deviant Art(art website)

      If i missed any Pleze tell me