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    • Jorel wrote:

      Here is the story of my empire.

      The story of the Durian Empire begins in deep space in universe 40. The Durians were a clan of space pirates and gypsies sailing about deep spaces attacking, raiding and stealing whenever they could. One day a pilot-captain named Jorel asked the question—why sail around space taking what little you could when there were such large amounts of resources to be had in more settled regions of space. The questions were met with much criticism and he was shunned by many of the leaders of the clan, but some people saw what he meant and began wondering the same thing. Finally after nearly a year of strife the clan managed to slip into two parts with minimal blood shed, but instead of the resources of the whole or even half of the clan, Jorel was given only one colony ship. Refusing to despair over the lack of real resources, Jorel took his people and settled a planet which he named Duria in memory of the clan which they had come from. Over time they build a fleet and began attacking other people. The Durians have not always experienced prosperity and ease, but Jorel is determined to lead his people into an age of universal dominance.

      Hope you enjoy.
      P.S. I'm a part time writer and I have several stories I'm working on. If anyone would like to see them just tell me and I'll try to get them to you.
      That's an awesome story right there!
      I'd like to see your other work as well, could you mail me something on That would be great! Also, I'm working on a MMO game, nothing big or serious, with crappy 2D graphics, but the point is that I don't really have a story for it. The dev blog is in my sig, so if you have the time check it out :)
    • These kinda stories gives me pump ups so i'll write mine right here.

      Early history

      About year and a half ago, a handful of human colonists find a planet witch is able to be landed and explored. These humans begin to build camps in this planet, and research its secrets fast. The planet is given the name "Garden", even tough the planet has snowy and cold conditions. Only a few months after the colonisation, people already start to join different groups to show their mind against those that has acted against thier will. For example, there was many who thinked the name of the planet to be wrong chosen, and there was rioting about taxing. In the end there were two big, politial groups. The other group was led by Colonization President Vission, The other one instead, did not have an official leader, people in their side chose to trust their most expirienced soldier, and poltical speaker "Spectre". Few only knew the real name of this man using the codename of Spectre.

      Civil wars

      Even tough it was not named an official civil war in the history books, behind the curtains there were differend types of wars raging between these two big groups. After years of sabotations and assasinations, the war gets it first gun shots in the court, when President Vissions Grand Admiral is shot by security guards serving under Spectres rule, leading into a short gun fight. After a few months of sabotations and assasinations, both of these groups had lost almost every supply line leading to the planet, every mine that made them recources, and President Vission had lost all his important commanders, resulting in him leading his men alone in the war.

      Final battle

      About an year after the planet colonization it was a time for final battle, witch was to be fought in the Gardens airspace. General Vission had the upper hand in this battle, commanding his enormous flag ship "Cruella" against Commander Spectres fleet. Commander Spectre leading 7 battle ships and a few fighters in each of these, named his fleet the "1:st fleet" in the early years. Spectre did not use any kind of tactics and he decided to go head to head with Presidents flagship. Only half an hour into the battle, and Spectre had lost 5 of his ships and all the fighters. At this time he decided to send a boarding army into the Cruella to disable its shields. The chances were minimal but somehow the boarding army was able to shut down the shields, and before emergency shields came out, Spectres battle ship had blown of the bridge of the cruella. The sight of this got the Presidents men to loose their hope and faith and they surrendered, After this Spectre was named the emperor of Garden.

      Present day

      When started rebuilding, Garden did not have any functional mines, or any robot factory. The rebuilding has tough started with haste, and Spectre's Empire is assumed to soon challenge every other empires in the universe of Mizar
    • Record [117] active_

      Date: 07/10/10
      Subject: History of the Inheritors

      //archive open//

      It has been 9 weeks since the battle of the rim, the destroyer 105SS Merlin was destroyed by the very race we have allied ourselves with: Humanity.

      //Log corruption - redirecting//

      Early History

      The Inheritors were alone in the universe of Jupiter for thousands of years, managing to end up with the same technology as Humanity. After the NOVA bomb was set off and the Humans escaped, they ran to us and set up colonies, after a while we set up c0loni3s alongside them instead of galact1c s3gr3gat1on

      // Redirecting//

      The War

      The Inheritors became a part of the Terran.E for a brief period, but decided to leave after relation problems. The 105th was started 3 days later. Then a war was initiated with bandits from the Rim.

      // Command interface problem//

      The Battle of the Rim

      The rim came under heavy attack after an attack on the command zone of the Humans, so the finest battleships were sent to the Rim, a planet with heavy defenses, and obliterated after an hour of fighting.

      //Log Ends Here//
    • (Based from The Elder Scrolls)

      Our empire started many thousands of years ago. Our planet Tamriel was inhabited by many different races, the Orcs, the Dunmer, the Altmer, the Bosmer, Imperials, Bretons, Argonians, Khajiit, and the Nords. For thousands of years all of our races battled one another with primitive weapons and advanced magic, but finally peace prevailed. Years passed in peace and one day a grand emperor rose; some say he was an incarnation of the most powerful god, Akatosh. His rule was pleasant and everyone loved him. He decided one day while looking at the stars that he was to be the first to touch them.

      He commissioned his mages and scientists to begin work on more advanced technologies. Eventually they found technologies that would bring them the precious resources they needed to advance. They found prefect ways of extracting metal and crystal from the earth. The Argonians also found a way of extracting Dueterium from the ocean, and thanks to their ability to breath underwater were able to collect large amounts of it.

      Unfortunately Emperor Akatosh (As the people began calling him) died of old age before he saw his first ship leave his planet. But his dream lived on and eventually our people reached the stars and colonized another planet and they named it Talos, after the Nord god-king, and soon we colonized another, and another. But this era of prosperity was coming to a close. On these new planets the old ways rose up and war began between the races and thanks to the new advanced technology and magic the worlds were torn to peaces and were lost to the vastness of space.

      But all was not lost. After another few hundred years, more ships left Akatosh (Our home world; we named for our king) and three new planets were colonized in place of the old. They were named Talos, Zenithar, and Kynareth. So far they have stayed peaceful but it seems they have slowly been building new weapons and ships, and we fear there may be another war if we do not tread carefully...