April 2008 - SeventhGrave

  • Creator of the Month

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  • April 2008 - SeventhGrave

    Hey guys,
    First I want to thank all of you for voting for me, I really appreciate it.

    The time that I have been here, I really learned a lot from all of you. But there are a few people who I would like to thank. El Nombre, for being so awesome at sig making. Crawly & Coldfire because they gave me a lot of advice and helped me out a lot. And of course Toastah & Charmed for being superb mods.

    Here's the winning tag:

    And here are a few that I like personally:

    This is the best sig I've made thusfar in my opinion, and I got some nice crits on it.

    This is the sig that I spend most time on I guess, made for a friend of mine on the forums of our school's LANparty. And it's one of the first sig's I made that i actually still like today.

    First sig where I used C4D with a good result

    And last and but not least:

    The only experimenting tag that I like

    I want to thank you all again for voting and teaching me in every way that you have done, Now get back to sig making!