Speed Cargo

  • Speed Cargo

    Name:Speed Cargo
    Description: By cutting out half of the cargo hold, this small cargo ship was able to be produced with better engines for higher speeds. It has a higher base speed and is first produced with an impulse drive. This makes for quicker raids on planets with no defenses. Later on it was discovered that this cargo ship could be run on the more advanced hyperspace engine. [Ship refitted with Hyperspace Drives once reached level 4]
    Cost: 4'000 Metal, 4'000 Crystal, (1'000 Deuterium).
    Structural Integrity: 8'000
    Shield Power: 10
    Weapon Power: 5
    Cargo Capacity: 2'500 Units
    Fuel Consumption: 100 (200) Deuterium
    Rapidfire against Espionage Probe: 5
    Rapidfire against Solar Satellite: 5
    Rapidfire from Deathstar: 250
    Rapidfire from Heavy Fighter: 3
    Rapidfire from Battlecruiser: 3
    7'500 (10'500) / Impulse (Hyperspace)
    Shipyard and Technology Requirements:
    Shipyard: 6
    Impulse Drive: 2
    Simulations: Couldn't do to well with the simulations. If anyone comes up with some let me know. Or post changes. Thank you.
  • Rejected

    Other than the speed, why should a player build this? The Small Cargo is cheaper, has double the cargo capacity, 10% of the fuel cost and has the same Rapidfire.

    No combat simulations have been provided. Combat simulations MUST be provided when posting a ship/defense suggestion. Please read Before making a new ship/defensive structure and Mandatory speedsim use for ships/defenses suggestions.
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