july-september 2008: Fallen One

  • League Winner

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  • july-september 2008: Fallen One

    one of my favourite sigs to date, i seriously considered quiting after i made this tag as i could not imagine ever being good enough to make somehting better.

    an oldish tag that i love and yet hate and love to hate, but secretly love more then hate because of how it came to be and its later contributions to the minimalist tag. my feelings for scarlet have always been mixed, but there's no doubt that i see it as an important tag in my sig making history.

    back in the days of my topaz trial offer, before my l33t warez skillz were in full strentgh, i made a hand full of loltopaz whored tags and experimented with lightning effects. i initially got the idea for this tag by finding a low quality render and wondering if topaz could fix it up [apparently, thats what the filter is actually for, who knew!] and a desire to expand on an earlier
    el nombre pressie, which i also liked, but imo wasn't as strong in the effects department.


    Musy was, shockingly enough, a present for musy and the last in the line of bribe sigs i jokingly made for the BA's and a few others when they were looking for an smod. >_> they all trace back ultimately to my first 'good' [imo] photoshop sig, Naruhina, which was based off of a tut i had found on gamerenders. although it's old and in hindsight, not that great naruhina and musy remain as two of my very favourite sigs, although musy edges out NH in this thread purely for the love of Jo. [ancient FA injoke is ancient]


    right click properties, look at the end of the url. >_> and thats why its in this thread. firstgrunge.jpg was shockingly my very first grugne sig and it dates back to my days with gimp in... i think early 06. along with
    one of the msot whored stocks of all time and
    a fortuitious animerenders tutorial tag, firstgrunge nominated and granted me the grunge style god position, over two years later i'm the only original style god who is still undefeated and i owe it all to those first attempts back before i even had photoshop.


    last and certainly not least, is the first tag that i and everyone else agreed was good, you have to rememebr this was years ago though and everyone had slightly lower standards [namely because aod, el nombre and TC weren't tearing up the charts yet]. initially it was an offshot of an aurora tutorial after deception [i think] invited her over to the site just before itt was formed. my initial attempt at the tut
    wasn't exactly stellar and in truth, i was more concerned with the pending epic battle everyone wanted to see, aurora vs. arkay[then known as Ruby_Kirby]. >_> If i recall correctly, blanktest [what an inventive name, eh?] was the sig that eventually pushed me up from utter-newbie ranks on NSL and itt and it eventually became a pressie for my good friend ely. sadly, the one thing preventing it from being perfect is that by the time it was made, simmO had yet to steal the legendary Ruby_Kirby font. :P

    I dedicate this win to my fellow ogamers who have put up with my crappy sigs for these three not so long years. special shoutouts to arkay, alert [team canada wins the first league, bishes!], mech, BAMBOo and pretty much everyone else. >_>

    Tl;DR fofo makes sigs fofo likes, pics related.