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  • Players help players: Project

    Over time, Universes get less occupied, people leave and not many new people join there.

    Some players now founded a project to help new players gain ranks in Ogame. Those who want to join an older Universe will get free resources (it is legal to send resources to lower ranked players for free).

    The list will hopefully grow with time, so check it :) All who want to participate please send a PM to a Board Admin, Super Moderator or a Global Moderator to get edited in.

    You can discuss it here

    Uni 1
    Wraith02 - anyone below 50k points can contact
    pheonix lord - mentoring and resources
    shaka - reasonable amounts till 200k Metal 200kCrystal and 100kDeut to anyone under 500k points
    Radeon - advice/ res - players upto 100k
    Kebab - advice and resources available
    MYST- helping anyone under 100.000 points

    Prisoners Of War - 30K/20K/5K

    Uni 2

    Uni 3
    NLord_137 (Board Name) - (unknown amount)

    Uni 4
    Poptart - (unknown amiount)

    Uni 5
    steo (unknown amount)

    Uni 6
    TOM - 20K/10K/4K
    grievingarchangel - 20k/10k/5k
    Blackeye Vuk - Players under 20.000 points [ 100.001 metal- 50.001 crystal- 20.001"heavy water"] every 10 days
    Players over 20.000 up to 75.000 points [ 200.001 metal- 150.001 crystal- 45.001 "heavy water"] every 10 days)
    Offy Sr - Players under 20k points [ 100k metal- 50k crystal- 20k deut-] every 10 days
    Players over 20k up to 75k points [ 200k metal- 150k crystal- 45k deut-] every 10 days
    Players over 75k up to 150k points [ 400k metal- 300k crystal- 90k deut-] every 10 days)
    No more than 4 players in my program at any one time.

    Baloop will help players under 50K points (max. 10 players at the same time) => amount of resources can be clarified via PM

    OCorp Empire
    The OCorp Empire is supporting all players under 400k.
    Please check out our thread because we are sometimes not accepting under 50k players.
    The OCorp Empire Recruitment and Disscussion Thread.
    Either once or twice a Month you will receive a new batch of res.
    You have to go through a trial for at least 2 weeks, and we expect you to stay with us. 8)
    Also see thread for new rules, updates, etc.
    Thankz for your interest.

    Uni 7
    Hiden (Board Name) - 100K / 50K / 25K (Not in an alliance, <5K points), enough for 5 colony ships (Not in an alliance, <5K points)
    Geromoto - Beginners Support Program: We help you reach 100 000 points in 30-60 days! You get resources and advice. Each beginner get a Sponsor from top 100. Contact Geromoto for more info.

    Uni 8
    Schupo(board name)/Schupsie(in-game name) - will give advice, answer questions, and resources to new players/players with less than 50k points {PM on this Forum or in-game}

    Uni 9
    Mika del Siro - 50k, 30k, 10k
    alias - will provide every information on any aspect of the game, as well as 200k Metal; 100K Crystal and 70K Deuterium
    Metroplex - 50k metal, 50k crystal, 20k deut per day for the first week then all res required for the first Natite factory when ready to build it.

    Uni 10
    jayce jones - will help new players

    Uni 11
    boogeyman - (unknown amount)
    Nautius - training and unknown resources
    Zoom - reasonable amounts till 200k Metal 200k Crystal and 100kDeut to anyone under 500k points
    Radeon - advice/ res - players upto 100k
    Syphillus - offers; 50k metall, 25k crystal, 12.5k deut
    DUDE - Gives advice to all, gives unknown amount of res and personal NAP up until 100k points to anyone in The Rival Cadet Academies.

    Uni 12
    Antem (Board Name) - 20K/10K/4K
    889977 - anyone below 50k points can contact for advise and res
    zoom - reasonable amounts till 200k Metal 200kCrystal and 100kDeut to anyone under 500k points
    J B - will help anyone under 100k points to develop their homeworld

    Uni 13
    CSNT - will help new players

    Uni 14
    bits - 15K/10K/5K
    Killer - 15K/10K/5K
    Skaare - (Void Alliance) 50k mix to any newbie < 3 kpoints, doesnt have to be clanless, just PM me
    Heme - 40k-15k-10k to anyone below 2k points
    Reram - Pm for ingame help and up to 200k resources for players under 25k points if you have more points still pm i may be able to come to something with you

    Uni 15
    Mikee - Whatever is needed + advice
    nemit - 100k metal 50k crystal and 25k duet and any advice
    Spikekiller - (unknown amount)
    HogarStashni (board nickname) - (unknown amount)

    GCA Alliance - 33.8K / 57.3K / 24.9K, or whatever it takes to get 2 colonies, whichever is lower

    Uni 16
    Aciel - unknown amount of resources and advice
    F_I_X_E_R - offers step-by-step training and detailed mentoring into the nature of the game, provides resources for a good initial boost + a development program, provides protection and advices, preferably takes as an apprentice people who have "just" started in the universe
    Bored Teen - will provide players with under 100k res and advice when needed

    Uni 17
    Kristoffer - can answer everything a new player under 500K points wants answered and possibly send res, but only for mine upgrades
    valent- help with res and advice as needed

    Uni 18
    GodsMistress - (unknown amount)
    mustdash - 50k/30k/15k to any player not in an alliance
    Spec-Ops - 50k/25k/10k to all players in noob that ask for it
    MyLastHope - (unknown amount)
    Pyrate Royale - 50k/30k/15k, resources to any newbie contacting him

    Uni 19
    m4fia - 50k, 30k, 10k

    Dragons - (unknown amount)

    PSL - Pan Sentient League: Offering Membership, Mentoring and Resources in an unspecified amount

    Uni 20
    General Lumphy (Board Name) - 80K / 50K / 10K
    Anestty - 200k metal, 100k crystal and 50K deut
    yimkin - 200k, 100k, 50k to every <5000 points new player
    bravotl - metal 150k crystal 75k deut 25k for anyone under 100k points. if your under 10k then ill offer this twice

    Uni 21
    Topgun (Board Name) - 15K/10K/5K
    MARS - 50/50/25 + Feel free to ask questions

    Uni 22
    Hykage - 20K/10K/5K
    jmrm_001 - 100k metal, 50k crystal, 25k deut to anyone below 1k points

    Dark Summoner - Answers any and all questions and will give constant support - Players on 100k points and under only please.

    Uni 23

    Uni 24
    Raistlin - amounts sent depends on points
    IMNVS - amount sent dependent on multiple things points/availability/timing, contact in game

    Uni 25
    Joshua - 70kM/140kC/70kD (sufficient resources for 7 colony ships) for any player at or under 5,000 points
    46n2 - 30k M, 15k C, 5k D anyone <5k + answer any qs
    AbioticViper - 600k 400k 200k plus weekly res to serious players and advice on how to play the game
    Tallkido - any advice and questions answered to new players

    Uni 26
    giO - (unknown amount)
    sandman21- (unknown amount)
    Major Disaster - "Im in uni 26 and i offer; 500k of each, Metal, Crystal and Deuterium to every new person who messages me. While i also offer full support to them and help train them up to the standards set today in the current uni, as i have with loads of other members.... See this post for details of how else i have helped >>> Misc: Competition For New Members"

    Uni 27
    shadow - offers advice and 25k metal 20k crystal and 20k deut for all under 10k points.

    Uni 28

    Uni 29
    Heavy Metal Trader - 200k metal, 100k crystal, 50k deuterium to every new player with less than 5K points, plenty of advice/support in defending unfair battles, communication aids in dealing with 'problem players'

    Uni 30
    yimkin - 200k, 100k, 50k to every <5000 points new player
    Schupo(board name)/Schupsie(in-game name) - will give advice, answer questions, and resources to new players/players with less than 50k points (PM on this Forum or in-game)
    MP2012 - players under 50k points get 100k metal 50k crystal and 25k deuterium
    chupacabra ingame, or leifericksen on the board - (unknown aount)
    holtmart - willl help any player under 100k points with 500k metal, 300k crystal, 150k deut. pm ingame or on forum
    PJ Harvey - will help with resources and advice - please contact her via PM here at the boards

    Zeratul - ready to give advice and resources (150k metal, 75k, crystal and 50k deut) to anyonewith less than 30k points

    Defiance (help new players by using allliance games)
    SOC - help with resources
    O.F.F. - 100k met 50k crys 25k duet and advice contact hells outcast

    Uni 31
    Pyro - players below 5k points can message me for res and everyone else for advice
    Arkion - Players under 5k contact for res and advice.
    Ministry Of Darkness - Players 5k - 50k can ask for any amount of extra rez i have lying around and can ask for advice
    Parrulo - helps every1 with advice and every1 with less then 25k points with res

    Uni 32
    Mahna - offers friendly help and advice to anyone who seeks it and assorted reasonable res shipments to players who progress well
    Drainer - offering 15k metal, 15k crystal and 10k deuterium to players bellow 15k points and will advise if necessary
    Silent Storm - Giving 20 k metal, 20 k crystal, 20 k deut and whole advise to go the game with links and life experience. (to players under 20 k points). Not helping in further stage of the game

    Uni 33
    Smokey - 15K/10K/5K
    Hykage - 20K/10K/5K
    Kl0wN - will help anyone new 100k/100k/50k any galaxy

    Uni 34
    AGFS - will send ress as much as player wants until he/she reaches 100K pts

    Uni 35
    Noodles - help with advice and resources
    memo - help with game functionality and resources. Free Starter resources. Up to 25k points
    Georgije - 500k metal, 300k crystal and 200k deut for people under 1000 points, game advice for everybody
    ASCII - Resource help until within 1,000 ranks of my current rank. Tutoring up to 500 ranks of my current rank.
    Ingame nick KoshNaranek PM here or ingame; Free support for start (depends on my current abilities), much more support for those who join our academy Shadow-W. Advice anytime. Tutoring always availiable.

    Uni 36

    Uni 37

    Uni 38
    mustdash - 50k/30k/15k to any player not in an alliance
    MrPeperami - res for new players to get them started

    wonderboy - offers resources and advice

    Uni 39
    Compare The Meerkat (on board) - Long term support with resources/alliances/ingame support/questions.
    PM me on the board as this will definately be seen
    holmw13 - res/advice for anybody in noobprotection as long as they make progress
    gen_dodo - offers advise, gameplay strategies and resources to players who will seriously play this uni
    Dark - advice and small amounts of res

    Uni 40
    PJ Harvey (on board) - will help with resources and advice - please contact her via PM here at the boards

    Uni 41

    Uni 42
    Savagenights - answer questions and help with some res
    Kahless the Great - advice from 4+ years of experience and 15 - 20k deut.

    Chocolate (on board) (and his miner-alliance) - 50k metal, 20k crystal, 10k deut "i may be one of the greatest miners in the uni42
    driverjoe27 - anyone under 10k in points I'll send them 100-200k in total res, asnwers to all questions - try again if you don't get a response in a day or two

    Uni 43
    Dave - resources sent depend on points per player and dedication to the universe
    Fire_Hawk - willing to offer advice and resources to anyone below 10k points
    Doyle - will offer advice and "starter" resources for newbies. Any questions please fill free to ask
    Sprockets - will provide advice to all that ask and resources to anyone below 10k points

    Uni 44 - Andromeda
    Savagenights - answer questions and help with some res
    eViL Kl0wN - res to new/non ally only 30k/20k/10k G1/2/3

    Uni 45 - Barym
    ASCII - Resource help up to 5,000 points. Tutoring up to 100,000 points.

    Uni 46 - Capella
    godsarmory - 25k package for starters : 200k met 200k crst and 100k deut
    Serouj - 50k metal 30k crystal 15k deut to anyone under 10k points

    Uni 47 - Draco
    Dark Lightning - offers resources and advice if necessary to beginners.

    Uni 48 - Electra
    Nixian: Give enough res. to get your first colony going to all players with less than 5000 points.( 142400 metal 54600 crystal 13000 deut )
    KJoZ - Giving Res to Beginners!

    Uni 49 - Fornax

    Uni 50 - Gemini

    Uni 51 - Hydra

    Uni 52 - Io

    Thanks to digitCruncher for the first list ^^

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