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  • Fan Art Rules

    Fan Art Rules

    General Rules

    • Always be respectful of other people's work.
    • Always try and stay on topic when replying in threads. Spam will not be tolerated.
    • Never take credit for something you did not do, it's rude and illegal. Using any work posted on these forums without the express consent of the original artist could lead to a ban
    • Do not post copywritten material without citing copyright/artist. Copyright infringement warrants 1 warning, repeated offences leading to a ban.
    • If a submitted image is not visible, only one user need post "I cannot see it", any after that will be given warnings for spam. You may try to assist the person though.
    • We have prefixes in every section of FA these are to help everyone, please use them correctly.
    • Art can be posted in the main FA section but for ratings/questions/requests please use the appropriate sub-forum.

    Signatures and Banners

    • All requests must be posted in this sub-forum for signatures, avatars, banners or logos.
    • Requests are welcome, although making a request does not mean it has to be filled out. Members are under no obligation to fill requests.
    • Please use the Request Template when making a request.
    • Resource payments ingame for signatures, avatars, logos or banners are NOT allowed
    • Be specific! We can please you better that way!
    • Sigs given away must be within board rules otherwise the offender can be warned.

    Ratings Rules

    Tutorials & Questions: Tutorials & Questions Rules

    • Only posts tutorials made by yourself
    • Only questions relating to 2d programs, 3d programs, digital art, photography can be asked in this section.
    • Use the search function first.

    Competitions: OGame Battle System Rules & Sig of the Week Rules & Style Gods Rules
    You may only enter entries into competitions on behalf of yourself and not for another person (whether they have a account or not).

    Tournaments: Tournaments Rules

    Skins: Skins Rules

    Tools, Scripts and Sims: Tools, Scripts and Sims Rules

    Museum of Art:

    Museum of Art is for competition winners to show off their work. Entries are decided by FA MODs when they feel they are deserved.


    Signatures may only include one image

    Signature Pictures (or emoticons / smileys used as signature) may not exceed the following measurements:
    Height: 150 px
    Width: 460 px

    Maximum datafile size: 65 KB

    Anything that is used as an exploit to circumvent the rules, means posting at the end of the post sig like pictures and other that makes the sig appear larger, is not allowed.


    1. Users are permitted to upload an avatar or to link to one of their own (subject to previous points on misuse of bandwidth). Avatars are to be no larger than 150 pixels square, contain no animation, contain no image which attempts to portray the user as having an official status here (e.g. mimicking ranks or copying avatars of team members), may not exceed (30 KB) in filesize and have a consistently high availability (i.e. links to images on slow servers or those prone to failure may be removed).

    2. Avatars are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect decency, and so forth.

    Fixed some typos -Lynbo
    12th January 2011 - Links updated - Safira
    2nd May 2011 - Max allowed sig size changed - Safira
  • General Forum Rules

    - Click here for the full Board Rules

    - The Forums language is English. No other Language is to be used anywhere on the Forums, e.g. in Posts, Signatures, Avatars etc.


    • Posting contents and links of pornographic, politically extremist, moralistic dangerously and offending applicable law nature. This includes keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez".

    • Links to inappropriate and illegal content of any nature. It is the responsibility of the user for their posts content and connected content through the use of links

    • Posting of any personal messages or discussions, without the consent of all involved parties. This clause applies to all ogame or non ogame systems of communication such as, but not limited to; private messages, MSN or IRC.

    • Contents not belonging to the Forum / Topic posted in, so called Spam/Offtopic. Included into this is Backseat Modding and Posthunting.

      Backseat Modding is when a User posts like a mod, e.g saying (when not being the Thread Starter) as the only sentence or smiley “Thread closed”.

      Posthunting is when a User posts with only the intention to get a higher postcount. Board Staff may bump topics/post closed smileys only if it is in course of their job. 'Bumping' (posting in old threads with the sole intention being to push the thread onto the first page of the board) old threads is also not allowed.

    • Picture and smiley spam is when a user posts a lot of pictures or smileys which can cause other users computers to freeze or load slowly due to their connection speed

    • Content, links, user Names etc. with the only aim to flame and insult other participants of the community. Same goes for trolling: posts solely intended to annoy other people or incite flames.

    • Contents of inappropriate language and excessive cursing.

    • Contents which advertise or link to Browsergames not owned by Gameforge. The same applies to so-called Thief Games. Those are Games which have the only Aim to get counts by clicking on a Link. This is the reason why the Gameforge Game Bite Fight cannot be linked.

    • Posting for Users banned on the Forum.

    • Impersonation of Staff Members. This includes, but not limited to: Names, Avatars, Signatures

    • Misuse of the report button. This means to click the button although it is obvious that there is no breach of Forum Rules.

    • Discussion and Requests concerning banned Users ingame/ on the Forum/ on IRC. Each Staff member has to sign a Data Protection Agreement which states no sensitive information of users and can be disclosed and can result in legal action. Please contact to the GO/SGO/GA or SMod/BA or IRC OP who banned you via PM, IRC query, the ticket system or email only.

    Forum Staff and User Responsibilities

    If you feel though to be warned unfairly, first contact the Mod who warned you first. If you are not satisfied, contact the SMod who is his/her Teamleader (Teamstructure). Then you can contact the Board Administrator. The Board Administrators word is final in such cases.