Hall of Fame Rules

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  • Hall of Fame Rules

    Hall of Fame Rules

    - Only hits that create a 20% moon chance may be posted

    - The thread has to be named: [attackers name] vs [defenders name].

    - If either of the players (Attacking or/and defending side) involved are in an alliance at the time of the attack, it should be included in the title as well.

    - You must post:
    • Only one CR per thread. All follow up attacks must be posted in shorthand form, i.e, only the outcome of the battle.
    • both fleets before and after the battle
    • both or non techs
    • both or non co-ords

    - RIP only attacks beneath 100 million Total Damage are not legal hit's, except if the RIP's got ninja'd

    - Attacks under the following categories are not allowed in the Hall of Fame: attacks against banned and inactive players, solsat-killings/grav crashes, defence structure bashes (in def to DF unis) and obvious moonchance hits.

    - Planned suicide hits are also not allowed

    - Definition of a sats crash - When the rest of the defenders losses do NOT constitute a HoF, i.e. the sats are what make the HoF. Also, when the only ships on the planet are solar sats.

    - Definition of a defence bash (Only applicable to Def to DF unis) - When the defender only has defensive structures or the fleet losses alone do NOT constitute a HoF, i.e. the defensive structures are what make the HoF.

    - Please shorten the CRs properly with the use of a converter Allowed CR Converters

    - Do not color CRs and repost for someone.

    - The 13 tags, (ACS, Advanced 20%, Basic 20%, Bounty, First HoF, Goodbye Hit, New Number One, New Top 10, Ninja, Phalanx Hit, RIP-Kill, Revenge Hit, Super Advanced 20%, War Hit) MUST be used appropriately. Falsely using the New Top 10 or New Number One tags, however, will result in an instant warning.

    - Once a new Top 10 CR is made, the poster should label it so that a mod may move it to the Top 10 section, and move the lowest one back into the normal HoF. Please note that a CR MUST have at least 100 million total damage to qualify for the Top 10. Additionally it has to be a valid HoF hit applying to the rules stated above.
    - You can PM a mod asking them to move it to the top 10

    - If your CR is a New Top 10 CR, please prefix it with the total lost units. This makes it easier for moderators to sort the Top 10.

    - Your CR is classified as an Advanced 20% if there are over 100 million total losses in the attack and it is not a New Top 10.

    - Your CR is classified as a Super Advanced 20% if there are over one Billion (read as 1,000,000,000) total losses in the attack and it is not a New Top 10.

    - If a person gets permanently banned ingame for ANYTHING within 6 months of posting the hit, the hit will be removed from the Top Ten. If you do get clarified, please contact a HoF Moderator so we can move them back into the Top Ten.

    - In the case of one of the attackers being banned and you posting the hit, you have to contribute COMBAT ships to the ACS hit (in the order of ten or more depending on their class - not just a light fighter for example)

    - If the case arises where by the defender posts a HoF before the attacker, if 48 hours have not gone past from the hit taking place, the attacker may post the thread themselves and the defenders thread will be closed. After 48 hours have passed the defender's thread will not be closed if posted before the attackers.
    The exception to this rule of course is ninja's where the defender is actually the winner of the battle.

    Posts should generally be longer than 3 words

    If you post short spamy posts then they will be warned

    For example:

    • "very nice hit"
    • "good hit :D"
    • "good hit :D good hit :D"

    -CR Converter link updated, Dec 22 2016 ~Rav3n

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  • OGame.org General Forum Rules

    - Click here for the full Board Rules

    - The Forums language is English. No other Language is to be used anywhere on the Forums, e.g. in Posts, Signatures, Avatars etc.


    • Posting contents and links of pornographic, politically extremist, moralistic dangerously and offending applicable law nature. This includes keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez".
    • Links to inappropriate and illegal content of any nature. It is the responsibility of the user for their posts content and connected content through the use of links
    • Posting of any personal messages or discussions, without the consent of all involved parties. This clause applies to all ogame or non ogame systems of communication such as, but not limited to; private messages, MSN or IRC.
    • Contents not belonging to the Forum / Topic posted in, so called Spam/Offtopic. Included into this is Backseat Modding and Posthunting.

      Backseat Modding is when a User posts like a mod, e.g saying (when not being the Thread Starter) as the only sentence or smiley “Thread closed”.

      Posthunting is when a User posts with only the intention to get a higher postcount. Board Staff may bump topics/post closed smileys only if it is in course of their job. 'Bumping' (posting in old threads with the sole intention being to push the thread onto the first page of the board) old threads is also not allowed.
    • Picture and smiley spam is when a user posts a lot of pictures or smileys which can cause other users computers to freeze or load slowly due to their connection speed
    • Content, links, user Names etc. with the only aim to flame and insult other participants of the community. Same goes for trolling: posts solely intended to annoy other people or incite flames.
    • Contents of inappropriate language and excessive cursing.
    • Contents which advertise or link to Browsergames not owned by Gameforge. The same applies to so-called Thief Games. Those are Games which have the only Aim to get counts by clicking on a Link. This is the reason why the Gameforge Game Bite Fight cannot be linked.
    • Posting for Users banned on the Forum.
    • Impersonation of Staff Members. This includes, but not limited to: Names, Avatars, Signatures
    • Misuse of the report button. This means to click the button although it is obvious that there is no breach of Forum Rules.
    • Discussion and Requests concerning banned Users ingame/ on the Forum/ on IRC. Each Staff member has to sign a Data Protection Agreement which states no sensitive information of users and can be disclosed and can result in legal action. Please contact to the GO/SGO/GA or SMod/BA or IRC OP who banned you via PM, IRC query, the ticket system or email only.

    Forum Staff and User Responsibilities

    If you feel though to be warned unfairly, first contact the Mod who warned you first. If you are not satisfied, contact the SMod who is his/her Teamleader (Teamstructure). Then you can contact the Board Administrator. The Board Administrators word is final in such cases.

    -Links Updated, Dec 22 2016 ~Rav3n

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