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  • Discussionboard Rules

    Discussionboard Rules

    - This section of the forum is intended for serious discussion and debate about various subjects (including, but not limited to: Politics, History, Science, Philosophy, Religion and Current Events)

    Basic Rules:

    - Don't start short inane threads
    - Try keeping your spelling and grammar accurate
    - Keep the swearing to a minimum
    - Don't write in other peoples quote boxes
    - Don't write spam/postcount posts
    - Be prepared to back up claims you make whilst debating
    - The prefixes should be used and adhered to

    Let me start of by saying that the board rules weren’t written to cover every eventuality that might occur on the forum as they couldn’t possible account for every situation that will transpire. As such, when a post is reported it is up to the discretion of the moderator to decide what to do, taking all factors into account before making a judgement call.
    So the “Show me where it says that in the rules!” excuse won’t work.
    When you see a violation of any of these rules use the report button on that post and be sure to fill in the reason and send it to any of the mods for this section. This is the most efficient way for you to help mods keep this section clean and have it run effectively.

    If you do feel you have been unfairly warned then contact the moderator that gave you the warning (I suggest using the boards PM system). If you are not satisfied, contact the Smod who is his/hers Teamleader. If you are still not content you can contact a Board Administrator.

    As for “Free Speech”, yes, you may have a right to free speech, but not here. When you signed up for the Ogame message boards, you voluntarily gave up the right to certain kinds of speech in return for the ability to use the boards. Ogame, as well as its forums, are a private business, and as such your countries laws for "Freedom of Speech" do not apply here and the staff reserves the right to censor or delete any post they feel violates the terms of service.

    Thread Starting:

    When starting a thread be sure the topic clearly reflects the subject being discussed. Do not start threads with just a short intro sentence and/or a news link with "Discuss"/"feedback pls"/"your opinions" tagged on.
    If you really are interested in discussing a topic then your starting post should have something more substantial in it to get the discussion going. Perhaps a brief introduction into the subject to help those who aren't familiar with it, or some general information on the topic at hand and your own stance/opinions on the matter. At least something more than just a small one liner and a link.

    The Prefixes:
    - The prefix “NotD” (News of the Day) is for discussing news and news articles. The rules about thread starting, spam and ‘one thread per subject’ is relaxed, as discussion also can be updates with links or other contributions to the subject at hand. If a thread prefixed “News of the Day” change subject, they may be split and prefixed accordingly.
    - The prefix “Debate” follow the standard rules.

    Spelling and Grammar:

    When debating serious issues it is fairly important that people understand just what message you are trying to convey and proper spelling and grammar can make it easier for others to understand what you are trying to say (naturally you won’t be warned just for making a simple spelling error). Also, leet speak and excessive use of internet slang and acronyms are discouraged since they do not really serve much purpose in a serious debate.

    Harsh language:

    We realize that things can get heated and tense in a serious debate. As such you might get away with something like calling a certain countries leader an “asshole” one time when things get heated, but as a general rule I would still advise staying clear of such words because it's still be a warnable offence and as always, flaming will not be tolerated.

    Extended Flame Rules:

    Around the discussionboard we usually give a bit of leeway when it comes to criticizing countries governments. So negative comments about a country can be okay as long as they are directed to the government and not the general populous.

    Quoting Other Users:

    Do not reply to a post by responding in a different color in the quote box

    - When you use the "Originally posted by" and you write something in that section, you are falsely attributing your comments to someone else.
    - It shows a lack of common courtesy - in terms of laying out your response to points, it shows a lack of respect to other users in debating the topic at hand legibly.


    Spam maybe considered a short post that in no way relates or adds to the topic at hand please do your best to keep that in mind.
    Complementing other users’ posts is all well and good. However, posts that only contain things like "Good posting", "I agree" and "Thank you" without adding anything new to the discussion is little more than spam/posthunting and is not allowed on the board.

    Arguing and Posting in General:

    Remember that this is a Discussionboard, and not a State-your-opinion board. You are expected to support every opinion you make, even if it's not much. Failure to do so may leave your message treated as spam. Along with this, if you are challenged for further support, citations etc, and repeatedly fail to do so whilst remaining stubborn that you are correct, that will be treated as trolling and is also thus warnable. All of this is indeed at the moderator's discretion, but please keep note of this when posting in the Discussionboard.


    We strive towards having only one thread per subject, excluding archived threads. A subject can be vague or precise depending on the circumstances. If you are uncertain whether a subject warrants a new debate, please contact a moderator.