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  • [OUTDATED] Spamboard Rules

    Spamboard Rules

    Here on the spamboard there is more relaxed attitude to the rules, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any.

    We do not tolerate:
    • Trolling
    • Flaming
    • Vulgarity
    • Smiley spam
    • Inappropriate images
    • Pwning the front page*

    * Pwning the front page is posting in every thread you can find just for the sake of it so your name appears as the last poster.

    - We do also not want to see scrolling posts or excessive quote pyramids (5 or more quotes).

    - "Attn" threads aimed at individuals are not allowed. If you have something to say, PM them, or take it to an existing thread.

    - If you see something that is inappropriate, please just report it and it will be dealt with as soon as possible. Do not start modding people yourself, we already have mods for this.

    - Groups that call themselves "the elite" or act in a way that attacks or picks on new members will be warned. If this continues they can and will be banned from the spamboard.

    - [SERIOUS BUSINESS] <---- Is a new prefix you can use for threads that actually have a topic and would've fit into the old discuspam-forum. To prevent them from being hijacked by spam on the first page, the mods will warn off-topic-posts. Its up to them to decide what is OT and what not. Misuse of the prefix leads to a warning too.

    - Non-picture posts of yourself in the What do you look like? Pictures Only thread will result in a warning, this is to help stop spam.

    -The 'OMEET' prefix is only to be used to arrange a meet with other OGamers.
  • I'm getting a little sick and tired of opening threads and finding people trading insults. Trying to decide who started it and who is just reacting to incitement is taxing my fluffy little brain.... so from now on there's zero tolerance.

    I don't care if
    you've been here for years
    you've been here for three weeks
    you've been trying to bite your tongue but he/she wound you up
    you didn't mean anything by it
    your post has been misunderstood by someone

    There are no more notices for insults - there are only warnings

    Please think before you post!

    Originally posted by Nightingale
    Some women are worth swallowing your pride. Some are only useful if they swallow.