Pinned Cleaning the Space Diaries section...

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  • Cleaning the Space Diaries section...

    I decided to ask the users this, since it's you guys who post here. I want to go ahead and clean up this section, since there are 8 pages of topics, with the oldest post being on the 11th of March, 2006 >_>

    The thing is, however, these are works of fiction, made by users for the enjoyment of users. That's what's been stopping me from archiving everything from the 2nd or 3rd page back, as I don't know if you guys would prefer to keep them.

    How would you guys want to do this? We could undertake a kind of project, where every few days, a poll is brought up (by myself or GeG), and you guys can vote for the stories you want to see saved. Perhaps, at the end of the polling period, we can even do a story vote for a sort of Hall of Fame? I dunno, I was just entertaining these things, as it's Spring Cleaning time for the mods ^^
  • Space Diaries ... isn't this where we throw old stuff sometimes anyway?

    Our forum is so confusing.

    Check threads if you suspect them of being brilliant before archiving.